These are the sources and citations used to research Web 2.0 Proposal. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

  • Journal

    Abbott, W., Donaghey, J., Hare, J. and Hopkins, P.

    An Instagram is worth a thousand words: an industry panel and audience Q&A

    2013 - Library Hi Tech News

    In-text: (Abbott et al. 1-6)

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  • Journal

    Anttiroiko, A. and Savolainen, R.

    Towards Library 2.0: The Adoption of Web 2.0 Technologies in Public Libraries

    2011 - Libri

    In-text: (Anttiroiko and Savolainen)

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  • Journal

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    A study of Web 2.0 applications in library websites

    2010 - Library & Information Science Research

    In-text: (Chua and Goh 203-211)

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  • Website

    Cowling, D.

    Social Media Statistics Australia – September 2014


    In-text: (Cowling)

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  • Website

    Cruz, J.

    ALIA Sydney: The Social Media Presence of Australian Public Libraries


    In-text: (Cruz)

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  • Website

    FAQ • Instagram


    In-text: ("FAQ • Instagram")

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  • Website

    Fitzgerald, L.

    Module 2: Web 2.0, Social networking and the social life of information


    In-text: (Fitzgerald)

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  • Journal

    Garoufallou, E. and Charitopoulou, V.

    The use and awareness of Web 2.0 tools by Greek LIS students

    2011 - New Library World

    In-text: (Garoufallou and Charitopoulou 490-498)

    Your Bibliography: Garoufallou, Emmanouel, and Vassiliki Charitopoulou. "The Use And Awareness Of Web 2.0 Tools By Greek LIS Students." New Library World 112.11/12 (2011): 490-498. Web.

  • Website

    Iconosquare - Key metrics for your Instagram account


    In-text: ("Iconosquare - Key Metrics For Your Instagram Account")

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  • Book

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    More than MySpace

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    In-text: (Lupa 39)

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  • Journal

    McAndrew, F. T. and Jeong, H. S.

    Who does what on Facebook? Age, sex, and relationship status as predictors of Facebook use

    2012 - Computers in Human Behavior

    In-text: (McAndrew and Jeong 2359)

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  • Journal

    McCarthy, J.

    Planning a future workforce: An australian perspective

    2005 - New Review of Academic Librarianship

    In-text: (McCarthy 41-56)

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  • Website

    Moreton Bay Region Libraries


    In-text: ("Moreton Bay Region Libraries")

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  • Website

    Services | National Library of Australia


    In-text: ("Services | National Library Of Australia")

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  • Journal

    Sewell, R. R.

    Who is following us? Data mining a library's Twitter followers

    2013 - Library Hi Tech

    In-text: (Sewell 160-170)

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  • Website

    The New York Public Library


    In-text: ("The New York Public Library")

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  • Website

    What is my profile? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook


    In-text: ("What Is My Profile? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook")

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  • E-book or PDF

    Wollongong City Libraries Strategy 2012-15

    2012 - Wollongong City Council - Wollongong

    In-text: (Wollongong City Libraries Strategy 2012-15 2-6)

    Your Bibliography: Wollongong City Libraries Strategy 2012-15. 1st ed. Wollongong: Wollongong City Council, 2012. Web. 25 Sept. 2014.

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