These are the sources and citations used to research How has technology affected the share economy in relation to service design?. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

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  • Blog

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    Five key sharing economy sectors could generate £9 billion of UK revenues by 2025

    2014 - PwC Press Room

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  • Website


    CES 2015: news and reviews from the biggest tech show of the year


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  • Journal

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  • Website

    Dykstra, J. A.

    Why Millennials Don't Want To Buy Stuff


    Even in this strange new world, the economic laws of scarcity apply, and they are precisely what’s shifting. To ‘own something’ in the traditional sense is becoming less important, because what’s scarce has changed ... We can now find and own practically anything we want, at any time, through the unending flea market of the Internet. Because of this, the balance between supply and demand has been altered, and the value has moved elsewhere.

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Newspaper

    Geron, T.

    AirBnb and the Unstoppable Rise of the Share Economy

    2013 - Forbes

    Just as YouTube did with TV and the blogosphere did to mainstream media, the share economy blows up the industrial model of companies owning and people consuming, and allows everyone to be both consumer and producer, along with the potential for cash that the latter provides.

    In-text: (Geron)

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  • Website

    Great Pacific Garbage Patch


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  • Newspaper

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    The sharing economy is not as open as you might think

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  • Website

    Kamenetz, A.

    Does The Sharing Economy Have a Shadow Side?


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  • E-book or PDF

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    2012 -

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  • Website

    Lush, E.

    Uber will survive black cab strikes and the odd complaint


    “What is more fundamentally challenging is what Uber is doing to change our attitudes towards transportation. From my perspective, what Uber does is bring back the joy of getting a ride somewhere.”

    In-text: (Lush)

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  • Website

    Madslien, J.

    Avis to buy Zipcar vehicle sharing firm for $500m


    “Avis Budget Group's acquisition should be seen as strategic; it is based on a prediction that people will increasingly want to buy ways to get around, referred to as mobility solutions, rather than buying cars.”

    In-text: (Madslien)

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  • Report


    Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy

    2014 - Nesta - London

    In-text: (Nesta)

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  • Online image or video


    Patagonia + eBay Common Threads Partnership


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  • Website

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  • Journal

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  • Website

    Shankland, S.

    Airbnb founder: Banning private rentals as silly as banning cars - CNET


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  • Website

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  • Website

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  • Website



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  • Website

    Sustainable Economies Law Center


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  • Website

    Taxi History - London Vintage Taxi Association


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  • Newspaper

    The Economist

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    2014 - The Economist

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  • Newspaper

    The Economist

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  • Newspaper

    The Economist

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    2014 - The Economist

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  • Report

    The Radicati Group, Inc.

    E-mail Statistics Report, 2014-2018

    2014 - The Radicati Group - Palo Alto, CA

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  • Journal

    Ulieru, M.

    Book Review: Wired for Innovation: How Information Technology is Reshaping the Economy

    2010 - The Computer Journal

    “With the weaving of communication networks into our lives, linking organisations and infrastructures at a global scale across regions, countries and continents, the market economy on which we have built all our social constructs of wealth in the industrial age does not function anymore as we thought it.”

    In-text: (Ulieru 304-305)

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  • Journal

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  • Blog


    A brief history of mobile data: The road to the next generation…

    2013 - Official Vodafone UK Blog

    In-text: (Vodafone)

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