These are the sources and citations used to research stigma to burnout in workers. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

  • Journal

    Amedeo Policante

    War against Biopower - Timely Reflections on an Historicist Foucault

    2010 - Theory & Event

    In-text: (Amedeo Policante)

    Your Bibliography: Amedeo Policante. "War Against Biopower - Timely Reflections On An Historicist Foucault." Theory & Event 13.1 (2010): n. pag. Web.

  • Book

    Burke, P. J. and Stets, J. E.

    Identity theory

    2009 - Oxford University Press - Oxford

    In-text: (Burke and Stets)

    Your Bibliography: Burke, Peter J, and Jan E Stets. Identity Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. Print.

  • Journal

    DeFleur, M. L.

    STIGMA: NOTES ON THE MANAGEMENT OF SPOILED IDENTITY. By Erving Goffman. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1963. 147 pp. Cloth, $4.50; paper, $1.95

    1964 - Social Forces

    In-text: (DeFleur 127-128)

    Your Bibliography: DeFleur, M. L. "STIGMA: NOTES ON THE MANAGEMENT OF SPOILED IDENTITY. By Erving Goffman. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1963. 147 Pp. Cloth, $4.50; Paper, $1.95." Social Forces 43.1 (1964): 127-128. Web.

  • Book

    Gutting, G.


    2005 - Oxford University Press - Oxford, UK

    In-text: (Gutting)

    Your Bibliography: Gutting, Gary. Foucault. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2005. Print.

  • Book

    Horwitz, A. V. and Scheid, T. L.

    A handbook for the study of mental health

    1999 - Cambridge University Press - Cambridge

    In-text: (Horwitz and Scheid)

    Your Bibliography: Horwitz, Allan V, and Teresa L Scheid. A Handbook For The Study Of Mental Health. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999. Print.

  • Journal

    Leighton, S. L. and Roye, A. K.

    Prevention and self-care for professional burnout

    1984 - Family & Community Health

    In-text: (Leighton and Roye 44-56)

    Your Bibliography: Leighton, Stephen L., and Alice K. Roye. "Prevention And Self-Care For Professional Burnout." Family & Community Health 6.4 (1984): 44-56. Web.

  • Journal

    Link, B. G., Cullen, F. T., Struening, E., Shrout, P. E. and Dohrenwend, B. P.

    A Modified Labeling Theory Approach to Mental Disorders: An Empirical Assessment

    1989 - American Sociological Review

    In-text: (Link et al. 400)

    Your Bibliography: Link, Bruce G. et al. "A Modified Labeling Theory Approach To Mental Disorders: An Empirical Assessment." American Sociological Review 54.3 (1989): 400. Web.

  • Book

    Perrewe, P. L. and Ganster, D. C.

    Exploring theoretical mechanisms and perspectives

    2001 - JAI - Amsterdam

    In-text: (Perrewe and Ganster)

    Your Bibliography: Perrewe, Pamela L, and Daniel C Ganster. Exploring Theoretical Mechanisms And Perspectives. Amsterdam: JAI, 2001. Print.

  • Journal

    Raybeck, D.

    Deviance, Labelling Theory and the Concept of Scale

    1991 - Anthropologica

    In-text: (Raybeck 17)

    Your Bibliography: Raybeck, Douglas. "Deviance, Labelling Theory And The Concept Of Scale." Anthropologica 33.1/2 (1991): 17. Web.

  • Journal

    Rosenberg, T. and Pace, M.


    2006 - Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

    In-text: (Rosenberg and Pace 87-99)

    Your Bibliography: Rosenberg, Tziporah, and Matthew Pace. "BURNOUT AMONG MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST." Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 32.1 (2006): 87-99. Web.

  • Website

    Schraer, R.

    Mental health workers must recognise they are only human to prevent burnout, finds study - Community Care


    In-text: (Schraer)

    Your Bibliography: Schraer, Rachel. "Mental Health Workers Must Recognise They Are Only Human To Prevent Burnout, Finds Study - Community Care." Community Care. N.p., 2015. Web. 17 Jan. 2015.

  • Website

    Self Care in Social Work About |


    In-text: ("Self Care In Social Work About |")

    Your Bibliography: "Self Care In Social Work About |." N.p., 2015. Web. 17 Jan. 2015.

  • Journal

    Skovholt, T. M., Grier, T. L. and Hanson, M. R.

    Career Counseling for Longevity: Self-Care and Burnout Prevention Strategies for Counselor Resilience

    2001 - Journal of Career Development

    In-text: (Skovholt, Grier and Hanson 167-176)

    Your Bibliography: Skovholt, T. M., T. L. Grier, and M. R. Hanson. "Career Counseling For Longevity: Self-Care And Burnout Prevention Strategies For Counselor Resilience." Journal of Career Development 27.3 (2001): 167-176. Web.

  • Journal

    Thoits, P. A.

    On Merging Identity Theory and Stress Research

    1991 - Social Psychology Quarterly

    In-text: (Thoits 101)

    Your Bibliography: Thoits, Peggy A. "On Merging Identity Theory And Stress Research." Social Psychology Quarterly 54.2 (1991): 101. Web.

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