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  • Website

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    In-text: (Boxer)

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  • Newspaper

    Buncombe, A.

    Standing Rock Protest: Amnesty International condemn 'excessive' force used by police

    2016 - Independent

    In-text: (Buncombe)

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  • Website

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    In-text: (Bureau)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Website

    Green, M.

    Understanding the Standoff at Standing Rock (with Lesson Plan)


    In-text: (Green)

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  • Newspaper

    Healy, J.

    From 280 Tribes, a Protest on the Plains

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    In-text: (Healy)

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  • Website

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    In-text: (Jegroo)

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  • Journal

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  • Website

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    The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Ends in Flames


    In-text: (Mallonee et al.)

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  • Journal

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    2018 - Ethnic and Racial Studies

    In-text: (Steinman 1070-1090)

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Tarrow)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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    In-text: (Van Dyke and Amos)

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