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  • Online image or video



    Your Bibliography: 2020. Web. 27 June 2020.

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    Your Bibliography: 2020. Web. 27 June 2020.

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    Your Bibliography: 2020. Web. 27 June 2020.

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    Your Bibliography: 2020. Web. 27 June 2020.

  • Book

    Covey, S. M. R. and Merrill, R. R.

    The speed of trust

    2008 - Simon and Schuster - New York

    In-text: (Covey and Merrill)

    Your Bibliography: Covey, Stephen M. R, and Rebecca R Merrill. The Speed Of Trust. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2008. Print.

  • Book

    Covey, S. R.

    The 7 habits of highly effective people

    2004 - Franklin Covey Co. - [Salt Lake City]

    In-text: (Covey 91)

    Your Bibliography: Covey, Stephen R. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. [Salt Lake City]: Franklin Covey Co., 2004. Print.

  • Book

    Dweck, C.

    Mindset - updated edition - changing the way you think to fulfil your poten

    2017 - Robinson - Great Britain

    In-text: (Dweck)

    Your Bibliography: Dweck, Carol. Mindset - Updated Edition - Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Poten. Great Britain: Robinson, 2017. Print.

  • Website

    Figure 2. Gibbs reflective cycle (Gibbs, 1988)


    In-text: ("Figure 2. Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988)")

    Your Bibliography: "Figure 2. Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988)." ResearchGate. N.p., 2020. Web. 27 June 2020.

  • Website

    Finlay, L.



    In-text: (Finlay)

    Your Bibliography: Finlay, Linda. "2." N.p., 2008. Web. 27 June 2020.

  • Journal

    IXER, G.

    There's No Such Thing As Reflection

    1999 - British Journal of Social Work

    In-text: (IXER 513-527)

    Your Bibliography: IXER, G. "There's No Such Thing As Reflection." British Journal of Social Work 29.4 (1999): 513-527. Web. 3 July 2020.

  • Book

    Kolb, D. A.

    Experiential learning

    2015 - Pearson Education - Upper Saddle River, NJ

    In-text: (Kolb)

    Your Bibliography: Kolb, David A. Experiential Learning. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2015. Print.

  • Book

    Moon, J. A.

    A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning

    2013 - Taylor and Francis - Hoboken

    In-text: (Moon)

    Your Bibliography: Moon, Jennifer A. A Handbook Of Reflective And Experiential Learning. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis, 2013. Print.

  • Book

    Redmond, B.

    Reflection in action

    2006 - Ashgate - Aldershot

    In-text: (Redmond)

    Your Bibliography: Redmond, Bairbre. Reflection In Action. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006. Print.

  • Book

    Rogers, C. R., Rogers, C. and Yalom, I. D.

    Way of Being

    1995 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Boston

    In-text: (Rogers, Rogers and Yalom)

    Your Bibliography: Rogers, Carl Ransom, Carl Rogers, and Irvin D Yalom. Way Of Being. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1995. Print.

  • Book

    Thompson, S. and Thompson, N.

    The critically reflective practitioner

    2018 - Macmillan International Higher Education

    In-text: (Thompson and Thompson)

    Your Bibliography: Thompson, Sue, and Neil Thompson. The Critically Reflective Practitioner. Macmillan International Higher Education, 2018. Print.

  • Legislation

    working together to safeguard children

    2018 - HM Government

    In-text: (Working Together To Safeguard Children)

    Your Bibliography: Working Together To Safeguard Children. chapter 1 section 9. HM Government, 2018. Print.

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