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  • Journal

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    In-text: (Al-Janabi, Carmichael and Oyebode 157-167)

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  • Journal

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Campbell and Oliver)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Chapter of an ed. book

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Oliver)

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Priestley)

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  • Journal

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    2012 - Archives of Disease in Childhood

    In-text: (Tuffrey 93-95)

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  • Journal

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    In-text: (Yang et al. 1524-1535)

    Your Bibliography: Yang, Lawrence Hsin et al. "Culture And Stigma: Adding Moral Experience To Stigma Theory." Social Science & Medicine 64.7 (2007): 1524-1535. Web.

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