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  • Journal

    Cheung, C. and Chan, R. K.

    Social Capital as Exchange: Its Contribution to Morale

    2010 - Social Indicators Research

    In-text: (Cheung and Chan 205-227)

    Your Bibliography: Cheung, Chau-kiu, and Raymond Kwok-hong Chan. "Social Capital As Exchange: Its Contribution To Morale." Social Indicators Research 96.2 (2010): 205-227. Web.

  • Journal

    Daly, M. and Silver, H.

    Social exclusion and social capital: A comparison and critique

    2008 - Theory and Society

    In-text: (Daly and Silver 537-566)

    Your Bibliography: Daly, Mary, and Hilary Silver. "Social Exclusion And Social Capital: A Comparison And Critique." Theory and Society 37.6 (2008): 537-566. Web.

  • Journal

    Fine, B.

    Social capital

    2007 - Development in Practice

    In-text: (Fine 566-574)

    Your Bibliography: Fine, Ben. "Social Capital." Development in Practice 17.4-5 (2007): 566-574. Web.

  • Journal

    Fine, B.

    Social capital versus social history

    2008 - Social History

    In-text: (Fine 442-467)

    Your Bibliography: Fine, Ben. "Social Capital Versus Social History." Social History 33.4 (2008): 442-467. Web.

  • Book

    Lancee, B.

    Immigrant performance in the labour market

    2012 - Amsterdam University Press - Amsterdam

    In-text: (Lancee)

    Your Bibliography: Lancee, Bram. Immigrant Performance In The Labour Market. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2012. Print.

  • Journal

    Li, Y.

    Social Capital and Social Trust in Britain

    2005 - European Sociological Review

    In-text: (Li 109-123)

    Your Bibliography: Li, Y. "Social Capital And Social Trust In Britain." European Sociological Review 21.2 (2005): 109-123. Web.

  • Journal

    Lin, N.

    Inequality in Social Capital

    2000 - Contemporary Sociology

    In-text: (Lin 785 - 795)

    Your Bibliography: Lin, Nan. "Inequality In Social Capital." Contemporary Sociology 29.6 (2000): 785 - 795. Web.

  • Website

    Morrison, K.

    Social capital in the UK - Office for National Statistics

    2019 - Office for National Statistics

    In-text: (Morrison)

    Your Bibliography: Morrison, Katrina. "Social Capital In The UK - Office For National Statistics." N.p., 2019. Web. 12 Dec. 2019.

  • Journal

    Solomon, L.

    Understanding Social Capital

    2013 - American Libraries, Vol. 44, No. 5 (MAY 2013), pp. 34-37

    In-text: (Solomon 34-37)

    Your Bibliography: Solomon, Laura. "Understanding Social Capital." American Libraries, Vol. 44, No. 5 (MAY 2013), pp. 34-37 44.5 (2013): 34-37. Print.

  • Journal

    Song, L.

    Social Capital and Psychological Distress

    2011 - Journal of Health and Social Behavior

    In-text: (Song 478-492)

    Your Bibliography: Song, Lijun. "Social Capital And Psychological Distress." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 52.4 (2011): 478-492. Web.

  • Journal

    Tzanakis, M.

    Social capital in Bourdieu’s, Coleman’s and Putnam’s theory: empirical evidence and emergent measurement issues

    2013 - Educate

    In-text: (Tzanakis 2-23)

    Your Bibliography: Tzanakis, Michael. "Social Capital In Bourdieu’S, Coleman’S And Putnam’S Theory: Empirical Evidence And Emergent Measurement Issues." Educate 13.2 (2013): 2-23. Print.

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