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  • Journal

    Biegel, G. M., Brown, K. W., Shapiro, S. L. and Schubert, C. M.

    Mindfulness-based stress reduction for the treatment of adolescent psychiatric outpatients: A randomized clinical trial.

    2009 - Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

    In-text: (Biegel et al. 855-866)

    Your Bibliography: Biegel, Gina M. et al. "Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction For The Treatment Of Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatients: A Randomized Clinical Trial.." Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 77.5 (2009): 855-866. Web.

  • Journal

    Bögels, S., Hoogstad, B., van Dun, L., de Schutter, S. and Restifo, K.

    Mindfulness Training for Adolescents with Externalizing Disorders and their Parents

    2008 - Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy

    In-text: (Bögels et al. 193-209)

    Your Bibliography: Bögels, Susan et al. "Mindfulness Training For Adolescents With Externalizing Disorders And Their Parents." Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy 36.2 (2008): 193-209. Web.

  • Journal

    Fan, J., McCandliss, B. D., Sommer, T., Raz, A. and Posner, M. I.

    Testing the Efficiency and Independence of Attentional Networks

    2002 - Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

    In-text: (Fan et al. 340-347)

    Your Bibliography: Fan, Jin et al. "Testing The Efficiency And Independence Of Attentional Networks." Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 14.3 (2002): 340-347. Web.

  • Journal

    Leonard, N. R., Jha, A. P., Casarjian, B., Goolsarran, M., Garcia, C., Cleland, C. M., Gwadz, M. V. and Massey, Z.

    Mindfulness training improves attentional task performance in incarcerated youth: a group randomized controlled intervention trial

    2013 - Frontiers in Psychology

    In-text: (Leonard et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Leonard, Noelle R. et al. "Mindfulness Training Improves Attentional Task Performance In Incarcerated Youth: A Group Randomized Controlled Intervention Trial." Frontiers in Psychology 4 (2013): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Schmeichel, B. J., Volokhov, R. N. and Demaree, H. A.

    Working memory capacity and the self-regulation of emotional expression and experience.

    2008 - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

    In-text: (Schmeichel, Volokhov and Demaree 1526-1540)

    Your Bibliography: Schmeichel, Brandon J., Rachael N. Volokhov, and Heath A. Demaree. "Working Memory Capacity And The Self-Regulation Of Emotional Expression And Experience.." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 95.6 (2008): 1526-1540. Web.

  • Journal

    Shonin, E., Van Gordon, W., Slade, K. and Griffiths, M. D.

    Mindfulness and other Buddhist-derived interventions in correctional settings: A systematic review

    2013 - Aggression and Violent Behavior

    In-text: (Shonin et al. 365-372)

    Your Bibliography: Shonin, Edo et al. "Mindfulness And Other Buddhist-Derived Interventions In Correctional Settings: A Systematic Review." Aggression and Violent Behavior 18.3 (2013): 365-372. Web.

  • Journal

    Street, J., Hague, S. and Savigny, H.

    Playing to the Crowd: The Role of Music and Musicians in Political Participation

    2008 - The British Journal of Politics and International Relations

    In-text: (Street, Hague and Savigny 269-285)

    Your Bibliography: Street, John, Seth Hague, and Heather Savigny. "Playing To The Crowd: The Role Of Music And Musicians In Political Participation." The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 10.2 (2008): 269-285. Web.

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