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  • Journal

    Beharie, N., Kalogerogiannis, K., McKay, M. M., Paulino, A., Miranda, A., Rivera-Rodriguez, A., Torres, E. and Ortiz, A.

    The HOPE Family Project: A Family-Based Group Intervention to Reduce the Impact of Homelessness on HIV/STI and Drug Risk Behaviors

    2010 - Social Work With Groups

    In-text: (Beharie et al. 61-78)

    Your Bibliography: Beharie, Nisha et al. "The HOPE Family Project: A Family-Based Group Intervention To Reduce The Impact Of Homelessness On HIV/STI And Drug Risk Behaviors." Social Work With Groups 34.1 (2010): 61-78. Web.

  • Journal

    Berlin, L. J., Martoccio, T. L., Bryce, C. I. and Jones Harden, B.

    Improving infants’ stress-induced cortisol regulation through attachment-based intervention: A randomized controlled trial

    2019 - Psychoneuroendocrinology

    In-text: (Berlin et al. 225-232)

    Your Bibliography: Berlin, Lisa J. et al. "Improving Infants’ Stress-Induced Cortisol Regulation Through Attachment-Based Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial." Psychoneuroendocrinology 103 (2019): 225-232. Web.

  • Journal

    Gewirtz, A. H., DeGarmo, D. S., Lee, S., Morrell, N. and August, G.

    Two-year outcomes of the Early Risers prevention trial with formerly homeless families residing in supportive housing.

    2015 - Journal of Family Psychology

    In-text: (Gewirtz et al. 242-252)

    Your Bibliography: Gewirtz, Abigail H. et al. "Two-Year Outcomes Of The Early Risers Prevention Trial With Formerly Homeless Families Residing In Supportive Housing.." Journal of Family Psychology 29.2 (2015): 242-252. Web.

  • Journal

    Haskett, M. E., Okoniewski, K. C., Armstrong, J. M., Galanti, S., Lowder, E., Loehman, J. and Lanier, P. J.

    Feasibility, acceptability, and effects of a peer support group to prevent child maltreatment among parents experiencing homelessness

    2017 - Children and Youth Services Review

    In-text: (Haskett et al. 187-196)

    Your Bibliography: Haskett, Mary E. et al. "Feasibility, Acceptability, And Effects Of A Peer Support Group To Prevent Child Maltreatment Among Parents Experiencing Homelessness." Children and Youth Services Review 73 (2017): 187-196. Web.

  • Journal

    Holtrop, K. and Holcomb, J. E.

    Adapting and Pilot Testing a Parenting Intervention for Homeless Families in Transitional Housing

    2018 - Family Process

    In-text: (Holtrop and Holcomb 884-900)

    Your Bibliography: Holtrop, Kendal, and Jamila E. Holcomb. "Adapting And Pilot Testing A Parenting Intervention For Homeless Families In Transitional Housing." Family Process 57.4 (2018): 884-900. Web.

  • Journal

    Levi, D., Ibrahim, R., Malcolm, R. and MacBeth, A.

    Mellow Babies and Mellow Toddlers: Effects on maternal mental health of a group-based parenting intervention for at-risk families with young children

    2019 - Journal of Affective Disorders

    In-text: (Levi et al. 820-827)

    Your Bibliography: Levi, Dalia et al. "Mellow Babies And Mellow Toddlers: Effects On Maternal Mental Health Of A Group-Based Parenting Intervention For At-Risk Families With Young Children." Journal of Affective Disorders 246 (2019): 820-827. Web.

  • Journal

    Mersky, J. P., Topitzes, J., Grant-Savela, S. D., Brondino, M. J. and McNeil, C. B.

    Adapting Parent–Child Interaction Therapy to Foster Care

    2014 - Research on Social Work Practice

    In-text: (Mersky et al. 157-167)

    Your Bibliography: Mersky, Joshua P. et al. "Adapting Parent–Child Interaction Therapy To Foster Care." Research on Social Work Practice 26.2 (2014): 157-167. Web.

  • Journal

    Paris, R., Herriott, A., Holt, M. and Gould, K.

    Differential responsiveness to a parenting intervention for mothers in substance abuse treatment

    2015 - Child Abuse & Neglect

    In-text: (Paris et al. 206-217)

    Your Bibliography: Paris, Ruth et al. "Differential Responsiveness To A Parenting Intervention For Mothers In Substance Abuse Treatment." Child Abuse & Neglect 50 (2015): 206-217. Web.

  • Journal

    Rosenblum, K., Lawler, J., Alfafara, E., Miller, N., Schuster, M. and Muzik, M.

    Improving Maternal Representations in High-Risk Mothers: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Mom Power Parenting Intervention

    2017 - Child Psychiatry & Human Development

    In-text: (Rosenblum et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Rosenblum, Katherine et al. "Improving Maternal Representations In High-Risk Mothers: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Of The Mom Power Parenting Intervention." Child Psychiatry & Human Development (2017): n. pag. Web.

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