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  • Journal

    Barbara, G.

    Gender Differences in the Verbal Expression of Love Schema

    2008 - Sex Roles

    In-text: (Barbara 814-821)

    Your Bibliography: Barbara, Gawda. "Gender Differences In The Verbal Expression Of Love Schema." Sex Roles 58.11-12 (2008): 814-821. Web.

  • Journal

    Burns, A.

    Women in love and men at work

    2002 - Psychology, Evolution & Gender

    In-text: (Burns 149-172)

    Your Bibliography: Burns, Angie. "Women In Love And Men At Work." Psychology, Evolution & Gender 4.2 (2002): 149-172. Web.

  • Book

    Cassady, J. C. and Eissa, M. A.

    Emotional intelligence

    2008 - P. Lang - New York

    In-text: (Cassady and Eissa)

    Your Bibliography: Cassady, Jerrell C, and Mourad Ali Eissa. Emotional Intelligence. New York: P. Lang, 2008. Print.

  • Journal

    Erbert, L. A. and Floyd, K.

    Affectionate expressions as face‐threatening acts: Receiver assessments

    2004 - Communication Studies

    In-text: (Erbert and Floyd 254-270)

    Your Bibliography: Erbert, Larry A., and Kory Floyd. "Affectionate Expressions As Face‐Threatening Acts: Receiver Assessments." Communication Studies 55.2 (2004): 254-270. Web.

  • Journal

    Floyd, K. and Morman, M. T.

    Affectionate communication in nonromantic relationships: Influences of communicator, relational, and contextual factors

    1997 - Western Journal of Communication

    In-text: (Floyd and Morman 279-298)

    Your Bibliography: Floyd, Kory, and Mark T. Morman. "Affectionate Communication In Nonromantic Relationships: Influences Of Communicator, Relational, And Contextual Factors." Western Journal of Communication 61.3 (1997): 279-298. Web.

  • Journal

    Floyd, K. and Morman, M. T.

    The measurement of affectionate communication

    1998 - Communication Quarterly

    In-text: (Floyd and Morman 144-162)

    Your Bibliography: Floyd, Kory, and Mark T. Morman. "The Measurement Of Affectionate Communication." Communication Quarterly 46.2 (1998): 144-162. Web.

  • Journal

    Floyd, K. and Voloudakis, M.

    Affectionate Behavior in Adult Platonic Friendships Interpreting and Evaluating Expectancy Violations

    1999 - Human Communication Research

    In-text: (Floyd and Voloudakis 341-369)

    Your Bibliography: Floyd, Kory, and Michael Voloudakis. "Affectionate Behavior In Adult Platonic Friendships Interpreting And Evaluating Expectancy Violations." Human Communication Research 25.3 (1999): 341-369. Web.

  • Journal

    Floyd, K. and Voloudakis, M.

    Attributions for Expectancy Violating Changes in Affectionate Behavior in Platonic Friendships

    1999 - The Journal of Psychology

    In-text: (Floyd and Voloudakis 32-48)

    Your Bibliography: Floyd, Kory, and Michael Voloudakis. "Attributions For Expectancy Violating Changes In Affectionate Behavior In Platonic Friendships." The Journal of Psychology 133.1 (1999): 32-48. Web.

  • Journal

    Floyd, K.

    Communicating affection in dyadic relationships: An assessment of behavior and expectancies

    1997 - Communication Quarterly

    In-text: (Floyd 68-80)

    Your Bibliography: Floyd, Kory. "Communicating Affection In Dyadic Relationships: An Assessment Of Behavior And Expectancies." Communication Quarterly 45.1 (1997): 68-80. Web.

  • Journal

    Kashdan, T. B., Volkmann, J. R., Breen, W. E. and Han, S.

    Social anxiety and romantic relationships: The costs and benefits of negative emotion expression are context-dependent

    2007 - Journal of Anxiety Disorders

    In-text: (Kashdan et al. 475-492)

    Your Bibliography: Kashdan, Todd B. et al. "Social Anxiety And Romantic Relationships: The Costs And Benefits Of Negative Emotion Expression Are Context-Dependent." Journal of Anxiety Disorders 21.4 (2007): 475-492. Web.

  • Book

    Kelsen, H.

    Platonic love

    1942 - [Dr. Hanns Sachs] - [Boston]

    In-text: (Kelsen)

    Your Bibliography: Kelsen, Hans. Platonic Love. [Boston]: [Dr. Hanns Sachs], 1942. Print.

  • Journal

    Stanton, A. L. and Low, C. A.

    Expressing Emotions in Stressful Contexts: Benefits, Moderators and Mechanisms

    2012 - Current Directions in Psychological Science

    In-text: (Stanton and Low 124-128)

    Your Bibliography: Stanton, Annette L., and Carissa A. Low. "Expressing Emotions In Stressful Contexts: Benefits, Moderators And Mechanisms." Current Directions in Psychological Science 21.2 (2012): 124-128. Web.

  • Journal

    Stoppard, J. M. and Gunn Gruchy, C. D.

    Gender, Context, and Expression of Positive Emotion

    1993 - Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

    In-text: (Stoppard and Gunn Gruchy 143-150)

    Your Bibliography: Stoppard, Janet M., and Carla D. Gunn Gruchy. "Gender, Context, And Expression Of Positive Emotion." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 19.2 (1993): 143-150. Web.

  • Journal

    Tucker, J. S. and Friedman, H. S.

    Sex differences in nonverbal expressiveness: Emotional expression, personality, and impressions

    1993 - Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

    In-text: (Tucker and Friedman 103-117)

    Your Bibliography: Tucker, Joan S., and Howard S. Friedman. "Sex Differences In Nonverbal Expressiveness: Emotional Expression, Personality, And Impressions." Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 17.2 (1993): 103-117. Web.

  • Journal

    Vogel, D. L., Wester, S. R., Heesacker, M., Boysen, G. A. and Seeman, J.

    Gender Differences in Emotional Expression: Do Mental Health Trainees Overestimate the Magnitude?

    2006 - Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

    In-text: (Vogel et al. 305-332)

    Your Bibliography: Vogel, David L. et al. "Gender Differences In Emotional Expression: Do Mental Health Trainees Overestimate The Magnitude?." Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 25.3 (2006): 305-332. Web.

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