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  • Journal

    Abrahms, M.

    The Political Effectiveness of Terrorism Revisited

    2012 - Comparative Political Studies

    In-text: (Abrahms 366-393)

    Your Bibliography: Abrahms, Max. "The Political Effectiveness Of Terrorism Revisited." Comparative Political Studies 45.3 (2012): 366-393. Web. 15 Jan. 2020.

  • Journal

    Abrahms, M.

    Why Terrorism Does Not Work

    2006 - International Security

    In-text: (Abrahms 42-78)

    Your Bibliography: Abrahms, Max. "Why Terrorism Does Not Work." International Security 31.2 (2006): 42-78. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Website


    Terrorism | The Crown Prosecution Service

    The Crown Prosecution Service

    In-text: (CPS)

    Your Bibliography: CPS. "Terrorism | The Crown Prosecution Service." Web. 14 Jan. 2020.

  • Book

    Cronin, A. K.

    How terrorism ends

    2009 - Princeton University Press - Princeton

    In-text: (Cronin 73-93)

    Your Bibliography: Cronin, Audrey Kurth. How Terrorism Ends. 2nd ed. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009. Print.

  • Website


    Statement by the Department of Defense


    In-text: (DOD)

    Your Bibliography: DOD. "Statement By The Department Of Defense." U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. N.p., 2020. Web. 15 Jan. 2020.

  • Website

    Encyclopaedia Britannica

    Easter Rising | Events, Leaders, Executions, & Facts

    2020 - Encyclopaedia Britannica

    In-text: (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

    Your Bibliography: Encyclopaedia Britannica. "Easter Rising | Events, Leaders, Executions, & Facts." Encyclopedia Britannica. N.p., 2020. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Journal

    Fortna, V. P.

    Do Terrorists Win? Rebels' Use of Terrorism and Civil War Outcomes

    2015 - International Organization

    In-text: (Fortna 519-556)

    Your Bibliography: Fortna, Virginia Page. "Do Terrorists Win? Rebels' Use Of Terrorism And Civil War Outcomes." International Organization 69.3 (2015): 519-556. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Book

    Jones, S. G. and Libicki, M. C.

    How Terrorist Groups End

    2008 - Rand - Santa Monica, CA

    In-text: (Jones and Libicki 19-21)

    Your Bibliography: Jones, Seth G, and Martin C Libicki. How Terrorist Groups End. 1st ed. Santa Monica, CA: Rand, 2008. Print.

  • Journal

    Kydd, A. H. and Walter, B. F.

    The Strategies of Terrorism

    2006 - International Security

    In-text: (Kydd and Walter 49-80)

    Your Bibliography: Kydd, Andrew H., and Barbara F. Walter. "The Strategies Of Terrorism." International Security 31.1 (2006): 49-80. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Website

    Mariotti, A., Abu-Jamu, R. and Somm, M.

    Reporters - Hamas and Fatah: Palestinian brothers at war

    2019 - France 24

    In-text: (Mariotti, Abu-Jamu and Somm)

    Your Bibliography: Mariotti, Antoine, Rami Abu-Jamu, and Matthias Somm. "Reporters - Hamas And Fatah: Palestinian Brothers At War." France 24. N.p., 2019. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Website



    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    In-text: (OECD)


  • Journal

    Rose, W., Murphy, R. and Abrahms, M.

    Does Terrorism Ever Work? The 2004 Madrid Train Bombings

    2007 - International Security

    In-text: (Rose, Murphy and Abrahms 185-192)

    Your Bibliography: Rose, William, Rysia Murphy, and Max Abrahms. "Does Terrorism Ever Work? The 2004 Madrid Train Bombings." International Security 32.1 (2007): 185-192. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Journal

    Ruby, C. L.

    The Definition of Terrorism

    2002 - Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy

    In-text: (Ruby 9-14)

    Your Bibliography: Ruby, Charles L. "The Definition Of Terrorism." Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy 2.1 (2002): 9-14. Web. 15 Jan. 2020.

  • Website

    Tahhan, Z.

    Hamas and Fatah: How are the two groups different?

    2017 - Al-jazeera

    In-text: (Tahhan)

    Your Bibliography: Tahhan, Zena. "Hamas And Fatah: How Are The Two Groups Different?." N.p., 2017. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

  • Website

    Tures, J. A.

    Does Terrorism Work? A Comparison of Terror and Non-Terror Groups and Achievement of Goals

    2018 - John A. Tures

    In-text: (Tures)

    Your Bibliography: Tures, John A. "Does Terrorism Work? A Comparison Of Terror And Non-Terror Groups And Achievement Of Goals." N.p., 2018. Web. 16 Jan. 2020.

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