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  • Website

    Brown, N.

    Reflective model according to Kolb - Nicole Brown


    In-text: (Brown)

    Your Bibliography: Brown, Nicole. "Reflective Model According To Kolb - Nicole Brown." Nicole Brown. N.p., 2015. Web. 28 May 2019.

  • Website

    Currie, R.

    How social workers can better manage professional boundaries


    In-text: (Currie)

    Your Bibliography: Currie, Robin. "How Social Workers Can Better Manage Professional Boundaries." the Guardian. N.p., 2011. Web. 28 May 2019.

  • Book

    Dalrymple, J. and Boylan, J.

    Effective advocacy in social work

    2013 - Sage - London

    In-text: (Dalrymple and Boylan 4)

    Your Bibliography: Dalrymple, Jane, and Jane Boylan. Effective Advocacy In Social Work. London: Sage, 2013. Print.

  • Book

    Erikson, E. H.


    1963 - Basic Books - New York

    In-text: (Erikson 243)

    Your Bibliography: Erikson, Erik H. Youth. New York: Basic Books, 1963. Print.

  • Website

    Hegde, S. and Patil, V.

    Why is it so difficult to fight back oppression?


    In-text: (Hegde and Patil)

    Your Bibliography: Hegde, Sushmitha, and Vaishnavi Patil. "Why Is It So Difficult To Fight Back Oppression?." Science ABC. N.p., 2019. Web. 27 May 2019.

  • Journal

    Hughes, J. M.

    The Role of Supervision in Social Work: A critical analysis

    2010 - Critical Social Thinking: Policy and Practice

    In-text: (Hughes 3-5)

    Your Bibliography: Hughes, Jeanne Marie. "The Role Of Supervision In Social Work: A Critical Analysis." Critical Social Thinking: Policy and Practice 2 (2010): 3-5. Print.

  • Book

    Hugman, R.

    Power In Caring Professions

    1991 - Macmillan Press LTD - London

    In-text: (Hugman)

    Your Bibliography: Hugman, Richard. Power In Caring Professions. London: Macmillan Press LTD, 1991. Print.

  • Journal

    Mason, M.

    Internalized Oppression

    1990 - Disability Equality in Education

    In-text: (Mason)

    Your Bibliography: Mason, Michelle. "Internalized Oppression." Disability Equality in Education 25.5 (1990): n. pag. Print.

  • Journal

    McGinnity, F. and Gijsberts, M.

    A threat in the air? Perceptions of group discrimination in the first years after migration: Comparing Polish Migrants in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland

    2016 - Ethnicities

    In-text: (McGinnity and Gijsberts 290-315)

    Your Bibliography: McGinnity, Frances, and Mérove Gijsberts. "A Threat In The Air? Perceptions Of Group Discrimination In The First Years After Migration: Comparing Polish Migrants In Germany, The Netherlands, The UK And Ireland." Ethnicities 16.2 (2016): 290-315. Web.

  • Journal

    Reamer, F. G.

    Boundary Issues in Social Work: Managing Dual Relationships

    2003 - Social Work

    In-text: (Reamer 121-133)

    Your Bibliography: Reamer, F. G. "Boundary Issues In Social Work: Managing Dual Relationships." Social Work 48.1 (2003): 121-133. Web.

  • Journal

    Sewpaul, V.

    Emancipatory Social Work Education and Community Empowerment

    2015 - International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice

    In-text: (Sewpaul 55-62)

    Your Bibliography: Sewpaul, Vishanthie. "Emancipatory Social Work Education And Community Empowerment." International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice 13.2 (2015): 55-62. Print.

  • Newspaper

    Stack, P.

    Why Are Disabled People Oppressed?

    2007 - Socialist Worker

    In-text: (Stack 4)

    Your Bibliography: Stack, Pat. "Why Are Disabled People Oppressed?." Socialist Worker 2007: 4. Web. 27 May 2019.

  • Journal

    Weinburg, M.

    Structural Social Work: A Moral Compass for Ethics in Practice

    2008 - Critical Social Work

    In-text: (Weinburg 4-10)

    Your Bibliography: Weinburg, Merlinda. "Structural Social Work: A Moral Compass For Ethics In Practice." Critical Social Work 9.1 (2008): 4-10. Print.

  • Website

    Zeiger, S.

    Effective Communication Skills for Social Workers


    In-text: (Zeiger)

    Your Bibliography: Zeiger, Stacy. "Effective Communication Skills For Social Workers." N.p., 2017. Web. 28 May 2019.

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