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  • Website

    Ball, K.

    US Congress to take control of greenhouse gases | Politics | The Earth Times


    In-text: (Ball)

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  • Website



    In-text: ("Break-Even")

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  • Website

    Conradt, S.

    The Quick 6: Six Unit Conversion Disasters


    In-text: (Conradt)

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  • Book

    Duin, J.

    Quitting Church

    2013 - Bondfire Books LLC, Colorado

    (4) Gallup polls have sown American Church attendance is hovering at 43% of the population, which would mean 129 million out of an estimated 300 million Americans at the end of 2007. The three fastest-growing church groups according to the 2007 Yearbook of American and Canadian churches, were Assemblies of God, Mormans and Catholics. The Southern Baptists, long a growing denomination, saw baptisms drop around 2005. The Catholic Church growth was due to immigrants

    In-text: (Duin 1-7)

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  • Website

    Hani, J.

    The Neuroscience of Behavior Change

    2019 - Health Transformer

    In-text: (Hani)

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  • Website

    Kauffman, R.

    The Universe According to Jim Gates


    In-text: (Kauffman)

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  • Book

    Kinnaman, D. and Hawkins, A.

    You Lost Me

    2011 - Baker Publishing Group - Grand Rapids Michagin

    In-text: (Kinnaman and Hawkins 19)

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  • Website

    Mae C. Jemison


    In-text: ("Mae C. Jemison")

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  • Journal

    Packard, J. and Ferguson, T. W.

    Being Done: Why People Leave the Church, But Not Their Faith

    2018 - Sociological Perspectives

    In-text: (Packard and Ferguson 499-517)

    Your Bibliography: Packard, Josh, and Todd W. Ferguson. "Being Done: Why People Leave The Church, But Not Their Faith." Sociological Perspectives 62.4 (2018): 499-517. Web.

  • Website

    Putthoff, Z. and →, V.

    Bonhoeffer on Disappointment with Church (Reprise) - ParkingSpace23


    In-text: (Putthoff and →)

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  • Website



    In-text: ("Solid")

    Your Bibliography: "Solid." Wikipedia. N.p., 2019. Web. 13 Sept. 2019.

  • Website

    State of matter


    In-text: ("State Of Matter")

    Your Bibliography: "State Of Matter." N.p., 2019. Web. 9 Sept. 2019.

  • Website

    Stroup, W. and Wilensky, U.

    Participatory Simulations: Envisioning the networked classroom as a way to support systems learning for all


    The participatory simulations project brings together three lines of research—student understanding of complex dynamic systems, the use of participatory activities to augment student experience and the use of computer-based technologies to enable exploration of and reflection upon a domain of inquiry.

    In-text: (Stroup and Wilensky)

    Your Bibliography: Stroup, Walter, and Uri Wilensky. "Participatory Simulations: Envisioning The Networked Classroom As A Way To Support Systems Learning For All." N.p., 2019. Web. 9 July 2019.

  • Journal

    Taylor, Y. and Cuthbert, K.

    Queer religious youth in faith and community schools

    2018 - Educational Review

    In-text: (Taylor and Cuthbert 382-396)

    Your Bibliography: Taylor, Yvette, and Karen Cuthbert. "Queer Religious Youth In Faith And Community Schools." Educational Review 71.3 (2018): 382-396. Web.

  • Website

    Temperature images - Google Search


    In-text: ("Temperature Images - Google Search")

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  • Website

    Understand the Difference Between Independent and Dependent Variables


    In-text: ("Understand The Difference Between Independent And Dependent Variables")

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  • Website

    What is absolute zero?


    In-text: ("What Is Absolute Zero?")

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  • Website

    Why the Periodic Table Is Organized the Way It Is


    In-text: ("Why The Periodic Table Is Organized The Way It Is")

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  • Website

    Young Christians are leaving the church – Here’s why


    In-text: ("Young Christians Are Leaving The Church – Here’S Why")

    Your Bibliography: "Young Christians Are Leaving The Church – Here’S Why." Fox News. N.p., 2019. Web. 11 July 2019.

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