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  • Journal

    American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

    Ethical Issues in Surrogate Motherhood

    1991 - WHI

    In-text: (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:)

    Your Bibliography: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:. "Ethical Issues In Surrogate Motherhood." WHI 1.3 (1991): n. pag. Web. 3 May 2020.

  • Book

    Brazier, M. and Cave, E.

    Medicine, patients and the law

    2016 - Mancheser University Press - Manchester

    In-text: (Brazier and Cave)

    Your Bibliography: Brazier, Margaret, and Emma Cave. Medicine, Patients And The Law. 6th ed. Manchester: Mancheser University Press, 2016. Print.

  • Book

    Carr, C.

    Unlocking medical law and ethics

    2015 - Routeledge - Oxon

    In-text: (Carr 265)

    Your Bibliography: Carr, Claudia. Unlocking Medical Law And Ethics. 2nd ed. Oxon: Routeledge, 2015. Print.

  • Website

    Child Maintenance Service

    What happens when someone denies they are the parent of a child?

    2013 - Department for Work and Pensions

    In-text: (Child Maintenance Service)

    Your Bibliography: Child Maintenance Service. "What Happens When Someone Denies They Are The Parent Of A Child?." N.p., 2013. Web. 4 May 2020.

  • Journal

    Ethical Issues in Surrogate Motherhood

    1991 - whijournal

    In-text: ("Ethical Issues In Surrogate Motherhood" 130)

    Your Bibliography: "Ethical Issues In Surrogate Motherhood." whijournal WHI Vol. 1.No. 3 (1991): 130. Web. 24 Mar. 2020.

  • Newspaper

    Frazer, G.

    A baby must never become a ‘faulty product’ if surrogacy doesn’t go to plan

    2014 - The Guardian

    In-text: (Frazer)

    Your Bibliography: Frazer, Giles. "A Baby Must Never Become A ‘Faulty Product’ If Surrogacy Doesn’T Go To Plan." The Guardian 2014. Web. 3 May 2020.

  • Website

    Gordon, A.

    Transgender man loses bid to be named father on birth certificate

    2020 - Dailymail

    In-text: (Gordon)

    Your Bibliography: Gordon, Amie. "Transgender Man Loses Bid To Be Named Father On Birth Certificate." Mail Online. N.p., 2020. Web. 4 May 2020.

  • Journal

    Hasan, A.

    Surrogacy: enhancement or restriction of a woman’s autonomy?

    1999 - UCL Jurisprudence Review

    In-text: (Hasan)

    Your Bibliography: Hasan, Ayesha. "Surrogacy: Enhancement Or Restriction Of A Woman’S Autonomy?." UCL Jurisprudence Review 101-102.6 (1999): n. pag. Print.

  • Report

    Health Ethics, Population Health, Global & Public Health, cost centre 10800

    The Surrogacy Pathway

    2019 - - London

    In-text: (Health Ethics, Population Health, Global & Public Health, cost centre 10800)

    Your Bibliography: Health Ethics, Population Health, Global & Public Health, cost centre 10800. The Surrogacy Pathway. London:, 2019. Print. Surrogacy And The Legal Process For Intended Parents And Surrogates In England And Wales.

  • Newspaper

    Joseph, Y.

    U.K. Court Says Mentally Disabled Woman Must Have Abortion

    2019 - New York Times

    In-text: (Joseph)

    Your Bibliography: Joseph, Yonette. "U.K. Court Says Mentally Disabled Woman Must Have Abortion." New York Times 2019. Web. 3 May 2020.

  • DVD, video, or film

    Libman, L. and Williams, L.

    Brave New World

    1998 - Universal Pictures - Universal

    In-text: (Libman and Williams)

    Your Bibliography: Libman, Leslie, and Larry Williams. Brave New World. Universal: Universal Pictures, 1998. film.

  • Website

    McCandless, J. and Sheldon, S.

    The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (2008) and the tenacity of the sexual family form

    2010 - LSE Research Online

    In-text: (McCandless and Sheldon)

    Your Bibliography: McCandless, Julie, and Sally Sheldon. "The Human Fertilisation And Embryology Act (2008) And The Tenacity Of The Sexual Family Form." N.p., 2010. Web. 3 May 2020.

  • Website

    Morse, J. and The Christian Post, I.

    15 Reasons to Oppose Surrogacy

    2016 -

    In-text: (Morse and The Christian Post)

    Your Bibliography: Morse, Jennifer, and INC The Christian Post. "15 Reasons To Oppose Surrogacy." N.p., 2016. Web. 3 May 2020.

  • Website

    Multiple definitions of infertility


    In-text: ("Multiple Definitions Of Infertility")

    Your Bibliography: "Multiple Definitions Of Infertility." World Health Organization. Web. 24 Mar. 2020.

  • Website

    The Human Rights Campaign

    Surrogacy Laws and Legal Considerations | Human Rights Campaign

    2020 - The Human Rights Campaign

    In-text: (The Human Rights Campaign)

    Your Bibliography: The Human Rights Campaign. "Surrogacy Laws And Legal Considerations | Human Rights Campaign." Human Rights Campaign. N.p., 2020. Web. 1 May 2020.

  • Website

    UK Surrogacy Law Reform - Brilliant Beginnings

    2020 - Brilliant Beginnings

    In-text: ("UK Surrogacy Law Reform - Brilliant Beginnings")

    Your Bibliography: "UK Surrogacy Law Reform - Brilliant Beginnings." N.p., 2020. Web. 24 Mar. 2020.

  • Website

    Walker, R. and Van Zyl, L.

    Surrogate Motherhood and Abortion for Fetal Abnormality

    2015 - Bioethics

    In-text: (Walker and Van Zyl)

    Your Bibliography: Walker, Ruth, and Liezl Van Zyl. "Surrogate Motherhood And Abortion For Fetal Abnormality." Researchgate. N.p., 2015. Web. 3 May 2020.

  • Report

    Warnock, M.

    Report of The Committee of Inquiry into Human Fertilisation and Embryology

    1984 - Her Majesty's Stationary Office - London

    In-text: (Warnock pg 42)

    Your Bibliography: Warnock, Mary. Report Of The Committee Of Inquiry Into Human Fertilisation And Embryology. London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1984. Web. 8 Apr. 2020. The Warnock Report.

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