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  • Journal

    Ali, S.

    Women Objectification and Advertising: An Analysis of Sexually Objectified Portrayal of Women in Television Advertising in Pakistan

    2018 - Global Media Journal

    In-text: (Ali 1,2)

    Your Bibliography: Ali, S. "Women Objectification And Advertising: An Analysis Of Sexually Objectified Portrayal Of Women In Television Advertising In Pakistan." Global Media Journal 16.31 (2018): 1,2. Print.

  • Journal

    Anderson-Fye, E. P.

    A Coca-Cola Shape: Cultural Change, Body Image, and Eating Disorders in San Andres, Belize

    2004 - Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry

    In-text: (Anderson-Fye 567)

    Your Bibliography: Anderson-Fye, Eileen P. "A Coca-Cola Shape: Cultural Change, Body Image, And Eating Disorders In San Andres, Belize." Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 28.4 (2004): 567. Web.

  • Journal

    Artz, N., Munger, J. and Purdy, W.

    Gender issues in advertising language

    1999 - Women and language

    In-text: (Artz, Munger and Purdy 20)

    Your Bibliography: Artz, Nancy, Jeanne Munger, and Warren Purdy. "Gender Issues In Advertising Language." Women and language 22.2 (1999): 20. Print.

  • Journal

    Beetles, A. C. and Harris, L. C.

    Consumer attitudes towards female nudity in advertising: An empirical study

    2005 - Marketing Theory

    In-text: (Beetles and Harris 400)

    Your Bibliography: Beetles, Andrea C., and Lloyd C. Harris. "Consumer Attitudes Towards Female Nudity In Advertising: An Empirical Study." Marketing Theory 5.4 (2005): 400. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Journal

    Cohan, J. A.

    Towards a new paradigm in the ethics of women's advertising

    2001 - Journal of Business Ethics

    In-text: (Cohan 324)

    Your Bibliography: Cohan, John Alan. "Towards A New Paradigm In The Ethics Of Women's Advertising." Journal of Business Ethics 33.4 (2001): 324. Web. 3 Feb. 2020.

  • Journal

    Dagnan, D., Trower, P. and Gilbert, P.

    Measuring vulnerability to threats to self-construction: The Self and Other Scale

    2002 - Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

    In-text: (Dagnan, Trower and Gilbert 280)

    Your Bibliography: Dagnan, Dave, Peter Trower, and Paul Gilbert. "Measuring Vulnerability To Threats To Self-Construction: The Self And Other Scale." Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 75.3 (2002): 280. Web. 3 Feb. 2020.

  • Book

    Daunton, M. J. and Hilton, M.

    The politics of consumption

    2002 - Berg - Oxford

    In-text: (Daunton and Hilton 13)

    Your Bibliography: Daunton, Martin J, and Matthew Hilton. The Politics Of Consumption. Oxford: Berg, 2002. Print.

  • Book

    Dyer, G.

    Advertising as communication

    1988 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Dyer 79)

    Your Bibliography: Dyer, Gillian. Advertising As Communication. London: Routledge, 1988. Print.

  • Dissertation

    Gusciora, L.

    Attitudes and beliefs towards pornography use and men with Learning Disabilities: A Q methodological study.


    In-text: (Gusciora)

    Your Bibliography: Gusciora, Lisa. "Attitudes And Beliefs Towards Pornography Use And Men With Learning Disabilities: A Q Methodological Study.." Ph.D. Staffordshire University, 2016. Print.

  • Journal

    Hu, M.

    The influence of a scandal on parasocial relationship, parasocial interaction, and parasocial breakup.

    2016 - Psychology of Popular Media Culture

    In-text: (Hu 217)

    Your Bibliography: Hu, Mu. "The Influence Of A Scandal On Parasocial Relationship, Parasocial Interaction, And Parasocial Breakup.." Psychology of Popular Media Culture 5.3 (2016): 217. Web. 3 Feb. 2020.

  • Book

    Kappeler, S.

    Pornography of Representation

    2013 - Wiley - Oxford

    In-text: (Kappeler 1)

    Your Bibliography: Kappeler, Susanne. Pornography Of Representation. Oxford: Wiley, 2013. Print.

  • Journal

    Keener, E.

    The Complexity of Gender: It Is All That and More….In sum, It Is Complicated

    2015 - Sex Roles

    In-text: (Keener 484)

    Your Bibliography: Keener, Emily. "The Complexity Of Gender: It Is All That And More….In Sum, It Is Complicated." Sex Roles 73.11-12 (2015): 484. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Journal

    Maguire, J. S. and Matthews, J.

    Are we all cultural intermediaries now? An introduction to cultural intermediaries in context

    2012 - European Journal of Cultural Studies

    In-text: (Maguire and Matthews 557)

    Your Bibliography: Maguire, Jennifer Smith, and Julian Matthews. "Are We All Cultural Intermediaries Now? An Introduction To Cultural Intermediaries In Context." European Journal of Cultural Studies 15.5 (2012): 557. Web. 8 Jan. 2020.

  • Journal

    Marks, L.

    Straight women, gay porn, and the scene of erotic looking

    1996 - Jump Cut

    In-text: (Marks 127)

    Your Bibliography: Marks, Laura. "Straight Women, Gay Porn, And The Scene Of Erotic Looking." Jump Cut 40 (1996): 127. Print.

  • Journal

    Mick, D. G.

    Levels of Subjective Comprehension in Advertising Processing and Their Relations to Ad Perceptions, Attitudes, and Memory

    1992 - Journal of Consumer Research

    In-text: (Mick 411,412)

    Your Bibliography: Mick, David Glen. "Levels Of Subjective Comprehension In Advertising Processing And Their Relations To Ad Perceptions, Attitudes, And Memory." Journal of Consumer Research 18.4 (1992): 411,412. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Website

    Miller-Young, M.

    Pornography Can Be Empowering to Women on Screen -

    2013 - NY Times

    In-text: (Miller-Young)

    Your Bibliography: Miller-Young, M. "Pornography Can Be Empowering To Women On Screen - Nytimes.Com." N.p., 2013. Web. 3 Feb. 2020.

  • Journal

    Ralph, S.

    Profitability, Diversity, and Disability Images in Advertising in the United States and Great Britain

    2001 - Disability Studies Quarterly

    In-text: (Ralph 1)

    Your Bibliography: Ralph, Sue. "Profitability, Diversity, And Disability Images In Advertising In The United States And Great Britain." Disability Studies Quarterly 21.2 (2001): 1. Web.

  • Journal

    Thompson, J. B.

    Mass Communication and Modern Culture: Contribution to a Critical Theory of Ideology

    1988 - Sociology

    In-text: (Thompson 359)

    Your Bibliography: Thompson, John B. "Mass Communication And Modern Culture: Contribution To A Critical Theory Of Ideology." Sociology 22.3 (1988): 359. Web.

  • Journal

    Whiting, A. and Williams, D.

    Why people use social media: a uses and gratifications approach

    2013 - Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

    In-text: (Whiting and Williams 362)

    Your Bibliography: Whiting, Anita, and David Williams. "Why People Use Social Media: A Uses And Gratifications Approach." Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal 16.4 (2013): 362. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Website

    Young, S.

    Inspiration porn and the objectification of disability: Stella Young at TEDxSydney 2014

    2014 - TEDx Talks

    In-text: (Young)

    Your Bibliography: Young, Stella. "Inspiration Porn And The Objectification Of Disability: Stella Young At Tedxsydney 2014." YouTube. N.p., 2014. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Book

    Zawisza, M. J.

    Advertising, gender and society

    2019 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Zawisza 15,20,31)

    Your Bibliography: Zawisza, Magdalena J. Advertising, Gender And Society. London: Routledge, 2019. Print.

  • Journal

    Zotos, Y. C. and Grau, S. L.

    Gender stereotypes in advertising: exploring new directions

    2016 - International Journal of Advertising

    In-text: (Zotos and Grau 759)

    Your Bibliography: Zotos, Yorgos C., and Stacy Landreth Grau. "Gender Stereotypes In Advertising: Exploring New Directions." International Journal of Advertising 35.5 (2016): 759. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

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