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  • Website


    BBC NEWS | Technology | Call for blogging code of conduct


    In-text: (BBC)

    Your Bibliography: BBC. "BBC NEWS | Technology | Call For Blogging Code Of Conduct." N.p., 2007. Web. 8 Jan. 2015.

  • Journal

    Goode, L.

    Social news, citizen journalism and democracy

    2009 - New Media & Society

    In-text: (Goode 1287-1305)

    Your Bibliography: Goode, L. "Social News, Citizen Journalism And Democracy." New Media & Society 11.8 (2009): 1287-1305. Web.

  • Newspaper


    Time to get a life -- pioneer blogger Justin Hall bows out at 31

    2005 - San Francisco Gate

    In-text: (Harmanci)

    Your Bibliography: Harmanci. "Time To Get A Life -- Pioneer Blogger Justin Hall Bows Out At 31." San Francisco Gate 2005: n. pag. Print.

  • Journal

    Johnson, T. J. and Kaye, B. K.

    Wag the Blog: How Reliance on Traditional Media and the Internet Influence Credibility Perceptions of Weblogs Among Blog Users

    2004 - Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

    In-text: (Johnson and Kaye 622-642)

    Your Bibliography: Johnson, T. J., and B. K. Kaye. "Wag The Blog: How Reliance On Traditional Media And The Internet Influence Credibility Perceptions Of Weblogs Among Blog Users." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 81.3 (2004): 622-642. Web.

  • Book

    Kovach, B. and Rosenstiel, T.

    The elements of journalism

    2001 - Crown Publishers - New York

    In-text: (Kovach and Rosenstiel)

    Your Bibliography: Kovach, Bill, and Tom Rosenstiel. The Elements Of Journalism. New York: Crown Publishers, 2001. Print.

  • Book

    Lima, P.

    Fundamentals of writing

    2013 - Paul Lima - [S.l.]

    In-text: (Lima)

    Your Bibliography: Lima, Paul. Fundamentals Of Writing. [S.l.]: Paul Lima, 2013. Print.

  • Journal

    Morse, J. M.

    Determining Sample Size

    2000 - Qualitative Health Research

    In-text: (Morse 3-5)

    Your Bibliography: Morse, J. M. "Determining Sample Size." Qualitative Health Research 10.1 (2000): 3-5. Web.

  • Website


    NYU Journalism Handbook: Ethics, Law & Good Practice


    In-text: (Penenberg)

    Your Bibliography: Penenberg. "NYU Journalism Handbook: Ethics, Law & Good Practice." N.p., 2014. Web. 8 Jan. 2015.

  • Book

    Robinson, P., Annison, L. and Newton, J.

    Search engine optimisation

    2010 - ClickThrough Marketing - Lichfield

    In-text: (Robinson, Annison and Newton)

    Your Bibliography: Robinson, Phil, Lindsey Annison, and John Newton. Search Engine Optimisation. Lichfield: ClickThrough Marketing, 2010. Print.

  • Book

    Sabin-Wilson, L.

    WordPress all-in-one for dummies

    2013 - John Wiley & Sons - Hoboken, N.J.

    In-text: (Sabin-Wilson)

    Your Bibliography: Sabin-Wilson, Lisa. Wordpress All-In-One For Dummies. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, 2013. Print.

  • Journal

    Schudson, M.

    The objectivity norm in American journalism

    2001 - Journalism

    In-text: (Schudson 149-170)

    Your Bibliography: Schudson, M. "The Objectivity Norm In American Journalism." Journalism 2.2 (2001): 149-170. Web.

  • Journal

    Segel, E. and Heer, J.

    Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data

    2010 - IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

    In-text: (Segel and Heer 1139-1148)

    Your Bibliography: Segel, E, and J Heer. "Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories With Data." IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 16.6 (2010): 1139-1148. Web.

  • Journal


    Data blogging: a new implication for science impact

    2014 - Center for Ecology and Hydrology

    In-text: (Weigang)

    Your Bibliography: Weigang. "Data Blogging: A New Implication For Science Impact." Center for Ecology and Hydrology (2014): n. pag. Print.

  • Journal

    Yates, Orlikowski and Jackson

    Corporate Blogging: Building community through persistent digital talk

    2007 - IEEE Computer Society

    In-text: (Yates, Orlikowski and Jackson)

    Your Bibliography: Yates, Orlikowski, and Jackson. "Corporate Blogging: Building Community Through Persistent Digital Talk." IEEE Computer Society (2007): n. pag. Print.

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