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  • Journal

    Almalki, M., Gray, K. and Sanchez, F. M.

    The use of self-quantification systems for personal health information: big data management activities and prospects

    2015 - Health Information Science and Systems

    In-text: (Almalki, Gray and Sanchez)

    Your Bibliography: Almalki, Manal, Kathleen Gray, and Fernando Martin Sanchez. "The Use Of Self-Quantification Systems For Personal Health Information: Big Data Management Activities And Prospects." Health Information Science and Systems 3.1 (2015): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Benedetto, S., Caldato, C., Bazzan, E., Greenwood, D. C., Pensabene, V. and Actis, P.

    Assessment of the Fitbit Charge 2 for monitoring heart rate

    2018 - PLOS ONE

    In-text: (Benedetto et al. e0192691)

    Your Bibliography: Benedetto, Simone et al. "Assessment Of The Fitbit Charge 2 For Monitoring Heart Rate." PLOS ONE 13.2 (2018): e0192691. Web.

  • Journal

    Dhillon, R. J. and Hasni, S.

    Pathogenesis and Management of Sarcopenia

    2017 - Clinics in Geriatric Medicine

    In-text: (Dhillon and Hasni 17-26)

    Your Bibliography: Dhillon, Robinder J.S., and Sarfaraz Hasni. "Pathogenesis And Management Of Sarcopenia." Clinics in Geriatric Medicine 33.1 (2017): 17-26. Web.

  • Journal

    Feehan, L. M., Geldman, J., Sayre, E. C., Park, C., Ezzat, A. M., Yoo, J. Y., Hamilton, C. B. and Li, L. C.

    Accuracy of Fitbit Devices: Systematic Review and Narrative Syntheses of Quantitative Data

    2018 - JMIR mHealth and uHealth

    In-text: (Feehan et al. e10527)

    Your Bibliography: Feehan, Lynne M et al. "Accuracy Of Fitbit Devices: Systematic Review And Narrative Syntheses Of Quantitative Data." JMIR mHealth and uHealth 6.8 (2018): e10527. Web.

  • Journal

    Ferlinc, A., Fabiani, E., Velnar, T. and Gradisnik, L.

    The Importance and Role of Proprioception in the Elderly: a Short Review

    2019 - Materia Socio Medica

    In-text: (Ferlinc et al. 219)

    Your Bibliography: Ferlinc, Ana et al. "The Importance And Role Of Proprioception In The Elderly: A Short Review." Materia Socio Medica 31.3 (2019): 219. Web.

  • Journal

    Ferrucci, L. and Fabbri, E.

    Inflammageing: chronic inflammation in ageing, cardiovascular disease, and frailty

    2018 - Nature Reviews Cardiology

    In-text: (Ferrucci and Fabbri 505-522)

    Your Bibliography: Ferrucci, Luigi, and Elisa Fabbri. "Inflammageing: Chronic Inflammation In Ageing, Cardiovascular Disease, And Frailty." Nature Reviews Cardiology 15.9 (2018): 505-522. Web.

  • Journal

    Laurence, B. D. and Michel, L.

    The Fall in Older Adults: Physical and Cognitive Problems

    2017 - Current Aging Science

    In-text: (Laurence and Michel 185-200)

    Your Bibliography: Laurence, Bernard Demanze, and Lacour Michel. "The Fall In Older Adults: Physical And Cognitive Problems." Current Aging Science 10.3 (2017): 185-200. Web.

  • Website

    NHS England

    NHS England » Digital to support personalised care

    2020 - NHS England

    In-text: (NHS England)

    Your Bibliography: NHS England. "NHS England » Digital To Support Personalised Care." N.p., 2020. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Website

    NHS England

    NHS England » What is personalised care?

    2019 - NHS England

    In-text: (NHS England)

    Your Bibliography: NHS England. "NHS England » What Is Personalised Care?." N.p., 2019. Web. 2 Feb. 2020.

  • Journal

    Takacs, J., Pollock, C. L., Guenther, J. R., Bahar, M., Napier, C. and Hunt, M. A.

    Validation of the Fitbit One activity monitor device during treadmill walking

    2014 - Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

    In-text: (Takacs et al. 496-500)

    Your Bibliography: Takacs, Judit et al. "Validation Of The Fitbit One Activity Monitor Device During Treadmill Walking." Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 17.5 (2014): 496-500. Web.

  • Journal

    Vooijs, M., Alpay, L. L., Snoeck-Stroband, J. B., Beerthuizen, T., Siemonsma, P. C., Abbink, J. J., Sont, J. K. and Rövekamp, T. A.

    Validity and Usability of Low-Cost Accelerometers for Internet-Based Self-Monitoring of Physical Activity in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    2014 - interactive Journal of Medical Research

    In-text: (Vooijs et al. e14)

    Your Bibliography: Vooijs, Martijn et al. "Validity And Usability Of Low-Cost Accelerometers For Internet-Based Self-Monitoring Of Physical Activity In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease." interactive Journal of Medical Research 3.4 (2014): e14. Web.

  • Journal

    Wallen, M. P., Gomersall, S. R., Keating, S. E., Wisløff, U. and Coombes, J. S.

    Accuracy of Heart Rate Watches: Implications for Weight Management

    2016 - PLOS ONE

    In-text: (Wallen et al. e0154420)

    Your Bibliography: Wallen, Matthew P. et al. "Accuracy Of Heart Rate Watches: Implications For Weight Management." PLOS ONE 11.5 (2016): e0154420. Web.

  • Journal

    Wong, C. K., Mentis, H. M. and Kuber, R.

    The bit doesn’t fit: Evaluation of a commercial activity-tracker at slower walking speeds

    2018 - Gait & Posture

    In-text: (Wong, Mentis and Kuber 177-181)

    Your Bibliography: Wong, Christopher K., Helena M. Mentis, and Ravi Kuber. "The Bit Doesn’T Fit: Evaluation Of A Commercial Activity-Tracker At Slower Walking Speeds." Gait & Posture 59.1 (2018): 177-181. Web.

  • Website

    World Health Organisation

    Mental health of older adults

    2017 - World Health Organisation

    In-text: (World Health Organisation)

    Your Bibliography: World Health Organisation. "Mental Health Of Older Adults." WHO Fact Sheets. N.p., 2017. Web. 3 Feb. 2020.

  • Website

    World Health Organisation


    2020 - World Health Organisation

    In-text: (World Health Organisation)

    Your Bibliography: World Health Organisation. "Telehealth." World Health Organisation: Health and Sustainable Development. N.p., 2020. Web. 3 Feb. 2020.

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