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  • Website

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    Australians to get visa free entry to Indonesia


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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Website

    Indonesia - Travel & Tourism Total Contribution to GDP - Total Contribution to GDP - % share


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  • Website

    Indonesia | Economic Indicators


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  • Website

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    Indonesian Government Prepares Seven Incentives to Spur Investments | Indonesia Investments


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  • Website

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    Concerns over impact of Bali tourism


    In-text: (Middleton)

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  • Journal

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    'The Bali Syndrome': The explosion and implosion of 'exotic' tourist spaces

    2000 - Tourism Geographies

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  • Website

    Nazeer, Z.

    Bali's rice fields being swallowed up by developers - ANN


    In-text: (Nazeer)

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  • Website

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    Benoa Bay reclamation could have grave impact | The Jakarta Post


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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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    The darker side of the servicescape: investigating the Bali Syndrome

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  • Website

    Sharp ready to start $300m solar power project in Bali


    In-text: ("Sharp Ready To Start $300M Solar Power Project In Bali")

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  • Website

    Suriyani, L.

    Bali has too many hotel rooms, says report


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  • Website

    Widiadana, R.

    Tourism industry responsible for water crisis in Bali: Expert


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  • Book

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