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  • Journal

    Anderson, M.

    The White Reception of Jazz in America

    2004 - African American Review

    In-text: (Anderson 135)

    Your Bibliography: Anderson, Maureen. "The White Reception Of Jazz In America." African American Review 38.1 (2004): 135. Web.

  • Journal

    Arndt, M.

    Schenker and Schoenberg on the Will of the Tone

    2011 - Journal of Music Theory

    In-text: (Arndt 89-146)

    Your Bibliography: Arndt, M. "Schenker And Schoenberg On The Will Of The Tone." Journal of Music Theory 55.1 (2011): 89-146. Web.

  • Journal

    Bach, D. J.

    A Note on Arnold Schoenberg

    1936 - The Musical Quarterly

    In-text: (Bach 8-13)

    Your Bibliography: Bach, David Joseph. "A Note On Arnold Schoenberg." The Musical Quarterly XXII.1 (1936): 8-13. Web.

  • Journal

    Bailey, W. B.

    "Will Schoenberg Be a New York Fad?": The 1914 American Premiere of Schoenberg's String Quartet in D Minor

    2008 - American Music

    In-text: (Bailey 37-73)

    Your Bibliography: Bailey, Walter. B. ""Will Schoenberg Be A New York Fad?": The 1914 American Premiere Of Schoenberg's String Quartet In D Minor." American Music 26.1 (2008): 37-73. Print.

  • Journal

    Cook, S. C.

    Jazz as Deliverance: The Reception and Institution of American Jazz during the Weimar Republic

    1989 - American Music

    In-text: (Cook 30)

    Your Bibliography: Cook, Susan C. "Jazz As Deliverance: The Reception And Institution Of American Jazz During The Weimar Republic." American Music 7.1 (1989): 30. Web.

  • Journal

    Gennari, J.

    Jazz Criticism: Its Development and Ideologies

    1991 - Black American Literature Forum

    In-text: (Gennari 449)

    Your Bibliography: Gennari, John. "Jazz Criticism: Its Development And Ideologies." Black American Literature Forum 25.3 (1991): 449. Web.

  • Journal

    Goehr, A. and Schoenberg, A.

    Schoenberg Fundamentals

    1968 - The Musical Times

    In-text: (Goehr and Schoenberg 35)

    Your Bibliography: Goehr, Alexander, and Arnold Schoenberg. "Schoenberg Fundamentals." The Musical Times 109.1499 (1968): 35. Web.

  • Website

    Griffiths, P.

    Serialism | Grove Music


    In-text: (Griffiths)

    Your Bibliography: Griffiths, Paul. "Serialism | Grove Music." N.p., 2015. Web. 19 Apr. 2019.

  • Journal

    Gur, G.

    Arnold Schoenberg and the Ideology of Progress in Twentieth-Century Musical Thinking

    In-text: (Gur)

    Your Bibliography: Gur, Golan. "Arnold Schoenberg And The Ideology Of Progress In Twentieth-Century Musical Thinking." Print.

  • Journal

    Jevons, H. S.

    The Second Industrial Revolution

    1931 - The Economic Journal

    In-text: (Jevons 1-18)

    Your Bibliography: Jevons, H. Stanley. "The Second Industrial Revolution." The Economic Journal 41.161 (1931): 1-18. Web.

  • Journal


    Suffer the Little Vixens: Sex and Realist Terror in “Jazz Age” America

    2015 - Journal of Modern Literature

    In-text: (Liming 99)

    Your Bibliography: Liming. "Suffer The Little Vixens: Sex And Realist Terror In “Jazz Age” America." Journal of Modern Literature 38.3 (2015): 99. Web.

  • Journal

    Maguire, J.

    Rene Leibowitz (1913–1972)

    1979 - Tempo

    In-text: (Maguire 241-256)

    Your Bibliography: Maguire, Jan. "Rene Leibowitz (1913–1972)." Tempo -3.131 (1979): 241-256. Web.

  • Journal

    Metzer, D.

    "Spurned Love": Eroticism and Abstraction in the Early Works of Aaron Copland

    1997 - Journal of Musicology

    In-text: (Metzer 417-443)

    Your Bibliography: Metzer, David. ""Spurned Love": Eroticism And Abstraction In The Early Works Of Aaron Copland." Journal of Musicology 15.4 (1997): 417-443. Web.

  • Journal

    Moore, A. F.

    Serialism and Its Contradictions

    1995 - International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music

    In-text: (Moore 77)

    Your Bibliography: Moore, Allan F. "Serialism And Its Contradictions." International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music 26.1 (1995): 77. Web.

  • Journal

    Perry, S.

    Arnold Schoenberg, The Second String Quartet in F-sharp minor, Opus 10

    2005 - Musicology Australia

    In-text: (Perry 146-149)

    Your Bibliography: Perry, Simon. "Arnold Schoenberg, The Second String Quartet In F-Sharp Minor, Opus 10." Musicology Australia 28.1 (2005): 146-149. Web.

  • Journal

    STRAUS, J. N.

    A Revisionist History of Twelve-Tone Serialism in American Music

    2008 - Journal of the Society for American Music

    In-text: (STRAUS 355-395)

    Your Bibliography: STRAUS, JOSEPH N. "A Revisionist History Of Twelve-Tone Serialism In American Music." Journal of the Society for American Music 2.3 (2008): 355-395. Web.

  • Website

    Tommasini, A.

    Arnold Schoenberg - The 12-Tone System - Music


    In-text: (Tommasini)

    Your Bibliography: Tommasini, Anthony. "Arnold Schoenberg - The 12-Tone System - Music." N.p., 2019. Web. 29 Apr. 2019.

  • Book

    Wipplinger, J. O.

    The Jazz Republic

    2017 - University of Michigan Press - Michigan

    In-text: (Wipplinger 1-31)

    Your Bibliography: Wipplinger, Jonathan O. The Jazz Republic. Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2017. Print.

  • Journal

    Youngren, W. H.

    Schoenberg, Rosen, and the Common Listener

    1978 - The Hudson Review

    In-text: (Youngren 129)

    Your Bibliography: Youngren, William H. "Schoenberg, Rosen, And The Common Listener." The Hudson Review 31.1 (1978): 129. Web.

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