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  • Book

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  • Journal

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    High-Tech Therapy: Music Technology in Music Therapy

    2013 - The Canadian Music Educator

    In-text: (Clements-Cortès)

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  • Website

    Dr Ben Schögler - Co-Inventor of the Skoog

    2011 - IdeaMensch

    In-text: ("Dr Ben Schögler - Co-Inventor Of The Skoog")

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  • Website

    Finnerty, R.

    An Introduction to Music Therapy

    2018 - Demystifying Medicine

    In-text: (Finnerty)

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  • Website

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    In-text: (Grocke)

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  • Journal

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    1999 - Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

    In-text: (Hagiwara and Smith Myles 82-95)

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  • Website

    Oval - The First Digital HandPan

    2019 - Kickstarter PBC

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  • Journal

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    2018 - Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

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  • Website

    Skoogmusic: Accessible Musical Instrument for Everyone

    2019 - Skoogmusic

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  • Website

    The Sensel Morph

    2019 -

    In-text: ("The Sensel Morph")

    Your Bibliography: "The Sensel Morph." Sensel. N.p., 2019. Web. 7 Feb. 2019.

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