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  • Website

    Bellour, R.

    Why Lang Could Become Preferable to Hitchcock

    2014 - Wiley Online Library

    In-text: (Bellour)

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  • Website

    Billson, A.


    2016 - Word Press

    In-text: (Billson)

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  • Book

    Bryan, J.

    Sound and vision

    1994 - Dillon Press - New York

    In-text: (Bryan)

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  • Book

    Chion, M. and Gorbman, C.


    1990 - Columbia University Press - Boston

    In-text: (Chion and Gorbman 202)

    Your Bibliography: Chion, Michel, and Claudia Gorbman. Audio-Vision. 2nd ed. Boston: Columbia University Press, 1990. Print.

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    Music can teach us to listen carefully and without prejudice. It can also teach us to cooperate and interact with others outside preconceived goals and benefits. It can offer insights into expressions of selfhood, as a key player in the construction of subjectivity. However, on the other hand, music also plays an important role in the disciplining and controlling of human beings. In that sense, music has ‘unethical’ sides as well.”

    In-text: (Cobussen)

    Your Bibliography: Cobussen. N.p., 2012. Web. 7 Apr. 2019.

  • Website

    DiMura, D.

    5 Compositional Elements That Define the Music of Ennio Morricone – Soundfly


    In-text: (DiMura)

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  • Website

    Druker, D.

    The Sting

    2013 - Chicago Press

    In-text: (Druker)

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  • Website

    Ebert, R.

    The Sting Movie Review & Film Summary (1973) | Roger Ebert

    1973 - Ebert Publications

    In-text: (Ebert)

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  • DVD, video, or film

    Goodall, H.

    20th Century Giants: Bernard Herrmann

    2004 - Thames Television - United Kingdom

    In-text: (Goodall)

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  • Book

    Hepworth-Sawyer, R.

    Mixing music


    In-text: (Hepworth-Sawyer)

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  • Website

    JFK, M.

    The Cold War | JFK Library

    JFK Library

    In-text: (JFK)

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  • Book

    Kalinak, K.

    Film Music: The Language Of Music

    1993 - Wisconsin Sound - Wisconsin

    In-text: (Kalinak 10)

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  • Website

    Lowerson, A.

    Lalo Schifrin: The godfather of film score cool - Getintothis


    In-text: (Lowerson)

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  • Website

    Machkovech, S.

    Spatial audio is the most exciting thing to happen to pop music since stereo

    2017 - ArsTechnica

    In-text: (Machkovech)

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  • Website

    Marks, S. and Pick, D.

    Lessons from the 1950s on mind control - Sarah Marks and Daniel Pick | Institute of Psychoanalysis

    2017 - Institute of Psychoanalysis

    In-text: (Marks and Pick)

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  • Website

    Mecoy, D.

    State Refuses to Pay "Oklahoma!' Royalties

    1990 - NewsOK

    In-text: (Mecoy)

    Your Bibliography: Mecoy, Don. "State Refuses To Pay "Oklahoma!' Royalties." N.p., 1990. Web. 30 Apr. 2019.

  • Website


    Vangelis scoring Blade Runner

    NemoStudios UK

    In-text: (Nemos-Studio)

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  • Website

    Oxford, D.

    cinematic | Definition of cinematic in English by Oxford Dictionaries

    2019 - Oxford English Dictionary

    In-text: (Oxford)

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  • Website


    Pearson Herrmann


    In-text: (Pearson)

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  • Dissertation

    Pisarek, R.

    Major Project: Proposal


    In-text: (Pisarek)

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  • Website

    Pluck, T.

    Revisiting The Sting


    In-text: (Pluck)

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  • Book

    Prendergast, R. M.

    Film music

    1992 - W.W. Norton - New York

    In-text: (Prendergast)

    Your Bibliography: Prendergast, Roy M. Film Music. 2nd ed. New York: W.W. Norton, 1992. Print.

  • Website


    The Evolution of Music in Movies

    2019 - ReelRunDown

    In-text: (ReelRunDown)

    Your Bibliography: ReelRunDown. "The Evolution Of Music In Movies." ReelRundown. N.p., 2019. Web. 20 Apr. 2019.

  • Website


    Ethics in Research – What’s the Importance?


    In-text: (Resnick)

    Your Bibliography: Resnick. "Ethics In Research – What’S The Importance?." swells & sounds. N.p., 2015. Web. 7 Apr. 2019.

  • Website

    Rupprecht, K.

    Murderous Melodies: A Look At the Work of Bernard Hermann, Jerry Goldsmith and Goblin - MovieMaker Magazine


    In-text: (Rupprecht)

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  • Book

    Russ, M.

    Sound synthesis and sampling


    In-text: (Russ)

    Your Bibliography: Russ, Martin. Sound Synthesis And Sampling. 3rd ed. 2010. Print.

  • Book

    Senior, M.

    Mixing secrets in the small studio

    2013 - Focal Press - Burlington, MA

    In-text: (Senior)

    Your Bibliography: Senior, Mike. Mixing Secrets In The Small Studio. 1st ed. Burlington, MA: Focal Press, 2013. Print.

  • Book

    Sider, L.


    In-text: (Sider)

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  • Book

    Sonnenschein, D.

    Sound design

    2002 - michael wise productions

    In-text: (Sonnenschein 1-177)

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  • Website

    Spreadbury, D.

    Oscar-nominated movies scored in Sibelius - Scoring Notes

    2011 - WordPress

    In-text: (Spreadbury)

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  • Website


    Pharrell Williams, musician and producer - LifeGate


    In-text: (Watson)

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  • Website


    (Not Just) Knee Deep by Funkadelic on WhoSampled


    In-text: (WhoSampled)

    Your Bibliography: WhoSampled. "(Not Just) Knee Deep By Funkadelic On Whosampled." WhoSampled. N.p., 2019. Web. 7 Mar. 2019.

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