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  • Website

    Banfield, A.

    Re: Bodhran on Josie McDermott's "Darby's Farewell"?


    In-text: (Banfield)

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  • Book

    Carson, C.

    Last night's fun

    1996 - J. Cape - London

    In-text: (Carson)

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  • Broadcast

    Cérbh É, Josie McDermott


    In-text: ("Cérbh É, Josie Mcdermott")

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  • Website

    Fred, P.

    In The Taproom-Irish Reel Of Blues Harp


    In-text: (Fred)

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  • Book

    Fuchs, C.

    Mel Bay's Irish session tune book

    1997 - Mel Bay Publications - Pacific, Mo.

    In-text: (Fuchs)

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  • DVD, video, or film

    Josie McDermott

    2009 - Cérbh É - Nothern Ireland

    In-text: (Josie Mcdermott)

    Your Bibliography: Josie Mcdermott. Nothern Ireland: Cérbh É, 2009. DVD.

  • Website

    Kuntz, A.

    Mc - MEN


    In-text: (Kuntz)

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  • Book

    Larsen, G.

    The essential guide to Irish flute and tin whistle

    2003 - Mel Bay Publications - Pacific, MO

    In-text: (Larsen)

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  • Website

    McAllister, C.

    Living Tradition CD review of Josie McDermott - Darby's Farewell


    In-text: (McAllister)

    Your Bibliography: McAllister, Colin. "Living Tradition CD Review Of Josie Mcdermott - Darby's Farewell." N.p., 2015. Web. 15 Jan. 2015.

  • Music or recording

    McDermott, J.

    Darby's Farewell

    1977 - Topic - Northern Ireland

    In-text: (McDermott)

    Your Bibliography: McDermott, Josie. Darby's Farewell. Northern Ireland: Topic, 1977. Audio Recording.

  • Website

    McDermott, J.

    Darby's Farewell by Josie McDermott on The Session


    In-text: (McDermott)

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  • Website

    O'Donahue, B.

    Tradional Irish tin whistle music from County Clare


    In-text: (O'Donahue)

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  • Book

    O'Neill, F. and O'Neill, J.

    The dance music of Ireland

    2011 - Waltons - Dublin

    In-text: (O'Neill and O'Neill)

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  • Website

    Tap Room (Reel) - fiddle practice


    In-text: ("Tap Room (Reel) - Fiddle Practice")

    Your Bibliography: "Tap Room (Reel) - Fiddle Practice." YouTube. N.p., 2015. Web. 15 Jan. 2015.

  • Website

    Topic Records » JOSIE McDERMOTT Darby’s Farewell TSDL325


    In-text: ("Topic Records » JOSIE Mcdermott Darby’S Farewell TSDL325")

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  • Website

    Traditional Records Discography - file 2


    In-text: ("Traditional Records Discography - File 2")

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  • Book

    Vallely, F.

    The companion to Irish traditional music

    1999 - New York University Press - New York

    In-text: (Vallely)

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  • Website

    Varlet, P.

    LISTSERV 15.5 - IRTRAD-L Archives


    In-text: (Varlet)

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  • Website

    Walsch, T.

    Josie McDermott


    In-text: (Walsch)

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  • Website

    Zierk, R.

    Josie McDermott


    In-text: (Zierk)

    Your Bibliography: Zierk, Reinhard. "Josie Mcdermott." N.p., 2014. Web. 15 Jan. 2015.

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