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  • Website

    6 Benefits of Online Video Conferencing


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  • Journal

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    Virtual team meetings: An analysis of communication and context

    2007 - Computers in Human Behavior

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  • Website

    Axelrod, J.

    The 5 Stages of Grief & Loss


    In-text: (Axelrod)

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  • Journal

    Bugen, L. A.

    Human grief: A model for prediction and intervention.

    1977 - American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

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  • Journal

    Cascio, W. F.

    Managing a virtual workplace

    2000 - Academy of Management Perspectives

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  • Book

    Cialdini, R. B.

    Influence : the psychology of persuasion

    2007 - Collins - New York

    In-text: (Cialdini)

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  • Book

    Cialdini, R. and Rhoades, M.

    Human Behavior and the market place

    2001 - Sage Publications - Thousand Oaks, CA

    In-text: (Cialdini and Rhoades)

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  • Journal

    Corr, C. A.

    Coping with dying: Lessons that we should and should not learn from the work of elisabeth Kübler-Ross

    1993 - Death Studies

    In-text: (Corr 69-83)

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  • Journal

    Corr, C. A.

    The ‘five stages’ in coping with dying and bereavement: strengths, weaknesses and some alternatives

    2018 - Mortality

    In-text: (Corr 405-417)

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  • Journal

    Davies, N.

    A crash course in grief

    2015 - Nursing Standard

    In-text: (Davies 72-72)

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  • Journal

    Denstadli, J. M.

    Impacts of videoconferencing on business travel: the Norwegian experience

    2004 - Journal of Air Transport Management

    In-text: (Denstadli 371-376)

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  • Journal

    Dyregrov, K., Dyregrov, A. and Johnsen, I.

    Positive and Negative Experiences from Grief Group Participation: A Qualitative Study

    2014 - OMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying

    In-text: (Dyregrov, Dyregrov and Johnsen 45-62)

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  • Journal

    Goldsworthy, K. K.

    Grief and loss theory in social work practice: All changes involve loss, just as all losses require change

    2005 - Australian Social Work

    In-text: (Goldsworthy 167-178)

    Your Bibliography: Goldsworthy, K. Kellie. "Grief And Loss Theory In Social Work Practice: All Changes Involve Loss, Just As All Losses Require Change." Australian Social Work 58.2 (2005): 167-178. Web.

  • Journal


    Videoconferencing in the Business Curriculum

    1995 - Journal of Business and Technical Communication

    In-text: (HILDEBRAND 228-240)

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  • Website

    Hirsch, M.

    What are some positive outcomes of grief? | Grief & Emotional Health


    In-text: (Hirsch)

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  • Journal

    Ihrmark, C., Hansen, E. M., Eklund, J. and Stödberg, R.

    “You are Weeping for That Which Has Been Your Delight”: To Experience and Recover from Grief

    2012 - OMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying

    In-text: (Ihrmark et al. 223-239)

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  • Journal

    Jorm, A. F., Kelly, C. M., Wright, A., Parslow, R. A., Harris, M. G. and McGorry, P. D.

    Belief in dealing with depression alone: Results from community surveys of adolescents and adults

    2006 - Journal of Affective Disorders

    In-text: (Jorm et al. 59-65)

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  • Journal

    Julsrud, T. E., Hjorthol, R. and Denstadli, J. M.

    Business meetings: do new videoconferencing technologies change communication patterns?

    2012 - Journal of Transport Geography

    In-text: (Julsrud, Hjorthol and Denstadli 396-403)

    Your Bibliography: Julsrud, Tom Erik, Randi Hjorthol, and Jon Martin Denstadli. "Business Meetings: Do New Videoconferencing Technologies Change Communication Patterns?." Journal of Transport Geography 24 (2012): 396-403. Web. 22 Mar. 2020.

  • Journal

    Kafetz, K.

    What happens when elderly people die?

    2002 - JRSM

    In-text: (Kafetz 536-538)

    Your Bibliography: Kafetz, K. "What Happens When Elderly People Die?." JRSM 95.11 (2002): 536-538. Web.

  • Journal

    Köbberling, V. and Wakker, P. P.

    An index of loss aversion

    2005 - Journal of Economic Theory

    In-text: (Köbberling and Wakker 119-131)

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  • Journal

    Lochman, J. E., Palardy, N. R., McElroy, H. K., Phillips, N. and Holmes, K. J.

    Anger management interventions.

    2004 - Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention

    In-text: (Lochman et al. 47-56)

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  • Journal

    Lockwood, J.

    Virtual team management: what is causing communication breakdown?

    2015 - Language and Intercultural Communication

    In-text: (Lockwood 125-140)

    Your Bibliography: Lockwood, Jane. "Virtual Team Management: What Is Causing Communication Breakdown?." Language and Intercultural Communication 15.1 (2015): 125-140. Web. 22 Mar. 2020.

  • Journal

    Lu, J. and Peeta, S.

    Analysis of the factors that influence the relationship between business air travel and videoconferencing

    2009 - Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

    In-text: (Lu and Peeta 709-721)

    Your Bibliography: Lu, Jin-Long, and Srinivas Peeta. "Analysis Of The Factors That Influence The Relationship Between Business Air Travel And Videoconferencing." Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 43.8 (2009): 709-721. Web. 22 Mar. 2020.

  • Journal

    Panteli, N. and Dawson, P.

    Video conferencing meetings: Changing patterns of business communication

    2001 - New Technology, Work and Employment

    In-text: (Panteli and Dawson 88-99)

    Your Bibliography: Panteli, Niki, and Patrick Dawson. "Video Conferencing Meetings: Changing Patterns Of Business Communication." New Technology, Work and Employment 16.2 (2001): 88-99. Web. 22 Mar. 2020.

  • Journal

    Simmons, J. P. and Novemsky, N.

    From Loss Aversion to Loss Acceptance: Context Effects on Loss Aversion in Risky Choice

    2009 - SSRN Electronic Journal

    In-text: (Simmons and Novemsky)

    Your Bibliography: Simmons, Joseph P., and Nathan Novemsky. "From Loss Aversion To Loss Acceptance: Context Effects On Loss Aversion In Risky Choice." SSRN Electronic Journal (2009): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Wickens, P.


    2013 - Management Development Review

    In-text: (Wickens)

    Your Bibliography: Wickens, Peter. "MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT IS DEAD!." Management Development Review 5.5 (2013): n. pag. Web.

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