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  • Journal

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    1996 - New England Journal of Medicine

    In-text: (Cameron et al. 216-220)

    Your Bibliography: Cameron, Airlie et al. "Coronary Bypass Surgery With Internal-Thoracic-Artery Grafts — Effects On Survival Over A 15-Year Period." New England Journal of Medicine 334.4 (1996): 216-220. Print.

  • Journal

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    In-text: (Canver 1150-1155)

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  • Journal

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    2004 - Journal of the American College of Cardiology

    In-text: (Goldman et al. 2149-2156)

    Your Bibliography: Goldman, Steven et al. "Long-Term Patency Of Saphenous Vein And Left Internal Mammary Artery Grafts After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery." Journal of the American College of Cardiology 44.11 (2004): 2149-2156. Print.

  • Journal

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    In-text: (Huh et al. 143-147)

    Your Bibliography: Huh, Joseph et al. "Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery." Cardiology Secrets (2010): 143-147. Web. 14 Jan. 2020.

  • Journal

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    1986 - New England Journal of Medicine

    In-text: (Loop et al. 1-6)

    Your Bibliography: Loop, Floyd D. et al. "Influence Of The Internal-Mammary-Artery Graft On 10-Year Survival And Other Cardiac Events." New England Journal of Medicine 314.1 (1986): 1-6. Print.

  • Journal

    Loop, F. D.

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    In-text: (Loop 263-265)

    Your Bibliography: Loop, Floyd D. "Internal-Thoracic-Artery Grafts — Biologically Better Coronary Arteries." New England Journal of Medicine 334.4 (1996): 263-265. Print.

  • Journal

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    Conduits Used in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Review of Morphological Studies

    2017 - Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

    In-text: (Martínez-González et al. 55-65)

    Your Bibliography: Martínez-González, Brenda et al. "Conduits Used In Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Review Of Morphological Studies." Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 23.2 (2017): 55-65. Web. 23 Jan. 2020.

  • Journal

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  • Journal

    Otsuka, F., Yahagi, K., Sakakura, K. and Virmani, R.

    Why is the mammary artery so special and what protects it from atherosclerosis?

    2013 - Annals of cardiothoracic surgery

    In-text: (Otsuka et al. 519-26)

    Your Bibliography: Otsuka, Fumiyuki et al. "Why Is The Mammary Artery So Special And What Protects It From Atherosclerosis?." Annals of cardiothoracic surgery 2.4 (2013): 519-26. Print.

  • Book

    Shahoud, J. S. and Burns, B.

    Anatomy, Thorax, Internal Mammary (Thoracic) Arteries

    2019 - StatPearls Publishing, Treasure Island (FL)

    In-text: (Shahoud and Burns)

    Your Bibliography: Shahoud, James S., and Bracken Burns. Anatomy, Thorax, Internal Mammary (Thoracic) Arteries. StatPearls Publishing, Treasure Island (FL), 2019. Print.

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