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  • Website

    Cardiovascular disease

    2019 - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

    In-text: ("Cardiovascular Disease")

    Your Bibliography: "Cardiovascular Disease." Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. N.p., 2019. Web. 14 Sept. 2019.

  • Journal

    Elhami, E., Channaraya, V. and Kishore, G.

    Prevalence and Association of Microalbuminuria in Hypertensive Patients with or without Type 2 Diabetes

    2016 - International Medical Journal

    In-text: (Elhami, Channaraya and Kishore 402-406)

    Your Bibliography: Elhami, Elahe, V Channaraya, and Githa Kishore. "Prevalence And Association Of Microalbuminuria In Hypertensive Patients With Or Without Type 2 Diabetes." International Medical Journal 24.5 (2016): 402-406. Print.

  • Website

    Heart Foundation, T.

    Achieve a Healthy Weight

    2019 - The Heart Foundation

    In-text: (Heart Foundation)

    Your Bibliography: Heart Foundation, The. "Achieve A Healthy Weight." The Heart Foundation. N.p., 2019. Web. 12 Sept. 2019.

  • Journal

    Johnson, D. W., Jones, G. R. D., Mathew, T. H., Ludlow, M. J., Chadban, S. J., Usherwood, T., Polkinghorne, K., Colagiuri, S., Jerums, G., MacIsaac, R. and Martin, H.

    Chronic kidney disease and measurement of albuminuria or proteinuria: a position statement

    2012 - The Medical Journal of Australia

    In-text: (Johnson et al. 224-225)

    Your Bibliography: Johnson, David W et al. "Chronic Kidney Disease And Measurement Of Albuminuria Or Proteinuria: A Position Statement." The Medical Journal of Australia 197.4 (2012): 224-225. Web.

  • Website

    Paul, M.

    Obesity and Body Shape Linked to Poorer Brain Function in Women


    In-text: (Paul)

    Your Bibliography: Paul, Marla. "Obesity And Body Shape Linked To Poorer Brain Function In Women." Women's Health Research Institute. N.p., 2010. Web. 12 Sept. 2019.

  • Journal

    Tenekecioglu, E., Yilmaz, M., Can Yontar, O., Karaagac, K., Vatansever Agca, F., Tutuncu, A. and Kuzeytemiz, M.

    Microalbuminuria in untreated prehypertension and hypertension without diabetes

    2014 - International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

    In-text: (Tenekecioglu et al. 3420-3429I)

    Your Bibliography: Tenekecioglu, Erhan et al. "Microalbuminuria In Untreated Prehypertension And Hypertension Without Diabetes." International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine 7.10 (2014): 3420-3429I. Print.

  • Journal

    van Mil, S. R., Vijgen, G. H. E. J., van Huisstede, A., Klop, B., van de Geijn, G. M., Birnie, E., Braunstahl, G., Mannaerts, G. H. H., Biter, L. U. and Castro Cabezas, M.

    Discrepancies Between BMI and Classic Cardiovascular Risk Factors

    2018 - Obesity Surgery

    In-text: (van Mil et al. 3484-3491)

    Your Bibliography: van Mil, Stefanie R. et al. "Discrepancies Between BMI And Classic Cardiovascular Risk Factors." Obesity Surgery 28.11 (2018): 3484-3491. Web.

  • Journal

    Wang, Y. and Xu, D.

    Effects of aerobic exercise on lipids and lipoproteins

    2017 - Lipids in Health and Disease

    In-text: (Wang and Xu)

    Your Bibliography: Wang, Yating, and Danyan Xu. "Effects Of Aerobic Exercise On Lipids And Lipoproteins." Lipids in Health and Disease 16.1 (2017): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Witter, T., Poudevigne, M., Lambrick, D. M., Faulkner, J., Lucero, A. A., Page, R., Perry, L. G., Tarrant, M. A. and Stoner, L.

    A conceptual framework for managing modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in Fiji

    2013 - Perspectives in Public Health

    In-text: (Witter et al. 75-84)

    Your Bibliography: Witter, Trevor et al. "A Conceptual Framework For Managing Modifiable Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Diseases In Fiji." Perspectives in Public Health 135.2 (2013): 75-84. Web.

  • Journal

    Yusuf, S., Bosch, J. and Dagenais, G.

    Cholesterol Lowering in Intermediate-Risk Persons Without Cardiovascular Disease

    2016 - Journal of Vascular Surgery

    In-text: (Yusuf, Bosch and Dagenais 827)

    Your Bibliography: Yusuf, S., J. Bosch, and G. Dagenais. "Cholesterol Lowering In Intermediate-Risk Persons Without Cardiovascular Disease." Journal of Vascular Surgery 64.3 (2016): 827. Web.

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