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    Your Bibliography: N.p., 2020. Web. 21 Jan. 2020.

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    2015, P.

    Primary Angle Closure PPP - 2015


    In-text: (2015)

    Your Bibliography: 2015, Primary. "Primary Angle Closure PPP - 2015." American Academy of Ophthalmology. N.p., 2020. Web. 21 Jan. 2020.

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    Azuara-Blanco, A., Burr, J. M., Cochran, C., Ramsay, C., Vale, L., Foster, P., Friedman, D., Quayyum, Z., Lai, J., Nolan, W., Aung, T., Chew, P., McPherson, G., McDonald, A. and Norrie, J.

    The effectiveness of early lens extraction with intraocular lens implantation for the treatment of primary angle-closure glaucoma (EAGLE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

    2011 - Trials

    In-text: (Azuara-Blanco et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Azuara-Blanco, Augusto et al. "The Effectiveness Of Early Lens Extraction With Intraocular Lens Implantation For The Treatment Of Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma (EAGLE): Study Protocol For A Randomized Controlled Trial." Trials 12.1 (2011): n. pag. Web.

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    Cioboata, M., Anghelie, A., Chiotan, C., Liora, R., Serban, R. and Cornacel, C.

    Benefits of anterior chamber paracentesis in the management of glaucomatous emergencies

    2014 - J Med Life

    In-text: (Cioboata et al. 5-6)

    Your Bibliography: Cioboata, M et al. "Benefits Of Anterior Chamber Paracentesis In The Management Of Glaucomatous Emergencies." J Med Life 7.2 (2014): 5-6. Print.

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    Fleck, B. W.

    How large must an iridotomy be?

    1990 - British Journal of Ophthalmology

    In-text: (Fleck 583-588)

    Your Bibliography: Fleck, B. W. "How Large Must An Iridotomy Be?." British Journal of Ophthalmology 74.10 (1990): 583-588. Web.

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    In-text: ("Guidelines")

    Your Bibliography: "Guidelines." N.p., 2020. Web. 19 Jan. 2020.

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    Lam, D. S., Leung, D. Y., Tham, C. C., Li, F. C., Kwong, Y. Y., Chiu, T. Y. and Fan, D. S.

    Randomized Trial of Early Phacoemulsification versus Peripheral Iridotomy to Prevent Intraocular Pressure Rise after Acute Primary Angle Closure

    2008 - Ophthalmology

    In-text: (Lam et al. 1134-1140)

    Your Bibliography: Lam, Dennis S.C. et al. "Randomized Trial Of Early Phacoemulsification Versus Peripheral Iridotomy To Prevent Intraocular Pressure Rise After Acute Primary Angle Closure." Ophthalmology 115.7 (2008): 1134-1140. Web.

  • Journal

    Lowe, R. F.

    Aetiology of the anatomical basis for primary angle-closure glaucoma. Biometrical comparisons between normal eyes and eyes with primary angle-closure glaucoma.

    1970 - British Journal of Ophthalmology

    In-text: (Lowe 161-169)

    Your Bibliography: Lowe, R F. "Aetiology Of The Anatomical Basis For Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma. Biometrical Comparisons Between Normal Eyes And Eyes With Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma.." British Journal of Ophthalmology 54.3 (1970): 161-169. Web.

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    Lowe, R. F.


    1964 - British Journal of Ophthalmology

    In-text: (Lowe 191-195)

    Your Bibliography: Lowe, R. F. "PRIMARY ANGLE-CLOSURE GLAUCOMA: FAMILY HISTORIES AND ANTERIOR CHAMBER DEPTHS." British Journal of Ophthalmology 48.4 (1964): 191-195. Web.

  • Journal

    Seah, S. K. L.

    Incidence of Acute Primary Angle-closure Glaucoma in Singapore

    1997 - Archives of Ophthalmology

    In-text: (Seah 1436)

    Your Bibliography: Seah, Steve K. L. "Incidence Of Acute Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma In Singapore." Archives of Ophthalmology 115.11 (1997): 1436. Web.

  • Journal

    Subak-Sharpe, I., Low, S., Nolan, W. and Foster, P. J.

    Pharmacological and environmental factors in primary angle-closure glaucoma

    2009 - British Medical Bulletin

    In-text: (Subak-Sharpe et al. 125-143)

    Your Bibliography: Subak-Sharpe, I. et al. "Pharmacological And Environmental Factors In Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma." British Medical Bulletin 93.1 (2009): 125-143. Web.

  • Journal

    Talluto, D., Feitl, M. and Allee, S.

    Simultaneous Angle Closure in Twins

    1998 - Journal of Glaucoma

    In-text: (Talluto, Feitl and Allee 68???69)

    Your Bibliography: Talluto, Donna, Marianne Feitl, and Steven Allee. "Simultaneous Angle Closure In Twins." Journal of Glaucoma 7.1 (1998): 68???69. Web.

  • Journal

    van Herick, W., Shaffer, R. N. and Schwartz, A.

    Estimation of Width of Angle of Anterior Chamber

    1969 - American Journal of Ophthalmology

    In-text: (van Herick, Shaffer and Schwartz 626-629)

    Your Bibliography: van Herick, William, Robert N. Shaffer, and Ariah Schwartz. "Estimation Of Width Of Angle Of Anterior Chamber." American Journal of Ophthalmology 68.4 (1969): 626-629. Web.

  • Journal

    Zimmerman, T. J. and Zalta, A. H.

    Facilitating patient compliance in glaucoma therapy

    1983 - Survey of Ophthalmology

    In-text: (Zimmerman and Zalta 252-257)

    Your Bibliography: Zimmerman, Thom J., and Alan H. Zalta. "Facilitating Patient Compliance In Glaucoma Therapy." Survey of Ophthalmology 28 (1983): 252-257. Web.

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