These are the sources and citations used to research therapeutic engagement skills. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

  • Journal

    Acford, E. and Davies, J.

    Exploring therapeutic engagement with individuals with a diagnosis of personality disorder in acute psychiatric inpatient settings: A nursing team perspective

    2019 - International Journal of Mental Health Nursing

    In-text: (Acford and Davies 1176-1185)

    Your Bibliography: Acford, Emma, and Jason Davies. "Exploring Therapeutic Engagement With Individuals With A Diagnosis Of Personality Disorder In Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Settings: A Nursing Team Perspective." International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 28.5 (2019): 1176-1185. Web.

  • Journal

    Audet, C. T. and Everall, R. D.

    Therapist self-disclosure and the therapeutic relationship: a phenomenological study from the client perspective

    2010 - British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

    In-text: (Audet and Everall 327-342)

    Your Bibliography: Audet, Cristelle T., and Robin D. Everall. "Therapist Self-Disclosure And The Therapeutic Relationship: A Phenomenological Study From The Client Perspective." British Journal of Guidance & Counselling 38.3 (2010): 327-342. Web.

  • Book

    bikker, A. P., cotton, P. and mercer, S. W.

    embracing empathy in healthcare

    2014 - radcliffe publishing ltd - london

    In-text: (bikker, cotton and mercer 13)

    Your Bibliography: bikker, annemieke p, philip cotton, and stewart w mercer. Embracing Empathy In Healthcare. london: radcliffe publishing ltd, 2014. Print.

  • Book

    Birnbaum, S.

    Therapeutic communication in mental health nursing : aesthetic and metaphoric processes in the engagement with challenging patients


    In-text: (Birnbaum pg 56)

    Your Bibliography: Birnbaum, Shira. Therapeutic Communication In Mental Health Nursing : Aesthetic And Metaphoric Processes In The Engagement With Challenging Patients. 2017. Print.

  • Journal

    Blanner Kristiansen, C., Juel, A., Vinther Hansen, M., Hansen, A. M., Kilian, R. and Hjorth, P.

    Promoting physical health in severe mental illness: patient and staff perspective

    2015 - Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica

    In-text: (Blanner Kristiansen et al. 470-478)

    Your Bibliography: Blanner Kristiansen, C. et al. "Promoting Physical Health In Severe Mental Illness: Patient And Staff Perspective." Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 132.6 (2015): 470-478. Web.

  • Journal

    Brooks, H., Lovell, K., Bee, P., Fraser, C., Molloy, C. and Rogers, A.

    Implementing an intervention designed to enhance service user involvement in mental health care planning: a qualitative process evaluation

    2018 - Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology

    In-text: (Brooks et al. 221-233)

    Your Bibliography: Brooks, Helen et al. "Implementing An Intervention Designed To Enhance Service User Involvement In Mental Health Care Planning: A Qualitative Process Evaluation." Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 54.2 (2018): 221-233. Web.

  • Journal

    Buckingham, S. L., Brandt, N. E., Becker, K. D., Gordon, D. and Cammack, N.

    Collaboration, Empowerment, and Advocacy: Consumer Perspectives about Treatment Engagement

    2016 - Journal of Child and Family Studies

    In-text: (Buckingham et al. 3702-3715)

    Your Bibliography: Buckingham, Sara L. et al. "Collaboration, Empowerment, And Advocacy: Consumer Perspectives About Treatment Engagement." Journal of Child and Family Studies 25.12 (2016): 3702-3715. Web.

  • Journal

    Conner, K. O., McKinnon, S. A., Ward, C. J., Reynolds, C. F. and Brown, C.

    Peer education as a strategy for reducing internalized stigma among depressed older adults.

    2015 - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

    In-text: (Conner et al. 186-193)

    Your Bibliography: Conner, Kyaien O. et al. "Peer Education As A Strategy For Reducing Internalized Stigma Among Depressed Older Adults.." Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 38.2 (2015): 186-193. Web.

  • Journal

    Curreri, A. J., Farchione, T. J. and Wang, M.

    Fostering engagement in early sessions of transdiagnostic cognitive-behavioral therapy.

    2019 - Psychotherapy

    In-text: (Curreri, Farchione and Wang 41-47)

    Your Bibliography: Curreri, Andrew J., Todd J. Farchione, and Mengxing Wang. "Fostering Engagement In Early Sessions Of Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.." Psychotherapy 56.1 (2019): 41-47. Web.

  • Journal

    Cushman, G. K., Eaton, C. K., Gutierrez-Colina, A. M., Quast, L. F., Lee, J. L., Reed-Knight, B., Mee, L. L., George, R. and Blount, R. L.

    Looking beyond the individual: How family demands and capabilities affect family adjustment following pediatric solid organ transplant.

    2019 - Families, Systems, & Health

    In-text: (Cushman et al. 291-301)

    Your Bibliography: Cushman, Grace K. et al. "Looking Beyond The Individual: How Family Demands And Capabilities Affect Family Adjustment Following Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant.." Families, Systems, & Health 37.4 (2019): 291-301. Web.

  • Journal

    D’Cruz, K., Unsworth, C., Roberts, K., Morarty, J., Turner-Stokes, L., Wellington-Boyd, A., Matchado, J. and Lannin, N. A.

    Engaging patients with moderate to severe acquired brain injury in goal setting

    2016 - International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

    In-text: (D’Cruz et al. 20-31)

    Your Bibliography: D’Cruz, Kate et al. "Engaging Patients With Moderate To Severe Acquired Brain Injury In Goal Setting." International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation 23.1 (2016): 20-31. Web.

  • Journal

    David, F.

    Mental Health 2017: Implementing the Five Year Forward View

    2017 - Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry

    In-text: (David 27-29)

    Your Bibliography: David, Felix. "Mental Health 2017: Implementing The Five Year Forward View." Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry 21.4 (2017): 27-29. Web.

  • Journal

    Farber, E. W., Shahane, A. A., Brown, J. L. and Campos, P. E.

    Perceived stigma reductions following participation in mental health services integrated within community-based HIV primary care

    2013 - AIDS Care

    In-text: (Farber et al. 750-753)

    Your Bibliography: Farber, Eugene W. et al. "Perceived Stigma Reductions Following Participation In Mental Health Services Integrated Within Community-Based HIV Primary Care." AIDS Care 26.6 (2013): 750-753. Web.

  • Journal

    Foye, U., Simpson, A. and Reynolds, L.

    “Somebody else’s business”: The challenge of caring for patients with mental health problems on medical and surgical wards

    2020 - Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

    In-text: (Foye, Simpson and Reynolds)

    Your Bibliography: Foye, Una, Alan Simpson, and Lisa Reynolds. "“Somebody Else’S Business”: The Challenge Of Caring For Patients With Mental Health Problems On Medical And Surgical Wards." Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (2020): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Gillard, A.

    Outcomes of a hospital-based recreation program

    2019 - Children and Youth Services Review

    In-text: (Gillard 79-83)

    Your Bibliography: Gillard, Ann. "Outcomes Of A Hospital-Based Recreation Program." Children and Youth Services Review 96 (2019): 79-83. Web.

  • Journal

    Glebova, T., Bartle-Haring, S., Gangamma, R., Knerr, M., Delaney, R. O., Meyer, K., McDowell, T., Adkins, K. and Grafsky, E.

    Therapeutic alliance and progress in couple therapy: multiple perspectives

    2010 - Journal of Family Therapy

    In-text: (Glebova et al. 42-65)

    Your Bibliography: Glebova, Tatiana et al. "Therapeutic Alliance And Progress In Couple Therapy: Multiple Perspectives." Journal of Family Therapy 33.1 (2010): 42-65. Web.

  • Journal

    Grey, J. M., Totsika, V. and Hastings, R. P.

    Physical and psychological health of family carers co-residing with an adult relative with an intellectual disability

    2017 - Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

    In-text: (Grey, Totsika and Hastings 191-202)

    Your Bibliography: Grey, Jillian M., Vasiliki Totsika, and Richard P. Hastings. "Physical And Psychological Health Of Family Carers Co-Residing With An Adult Relative With An Intellectual Disability." Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities 31 (2017): 191-202. Web.

  • Journal

    Haarhoff, B., Thwaites, R. and Bennett-Levy, J.

    Engagement With Self-Practice/Self-Reflection as a Professional Development Activity: The Role of Therapist Beliefs

    2015 - Australian Psychologist

    In-text: (Haarhoff, Thwaites and Bennett-Levy 322-328)

    Your Bibliography: Haarhoff, Beverly, Richard Thwaites, and James Bennett-Levy. "Engagement With Self-Practice/Self-Reflection As A Professional Development Activity: The Role Of Therapist Beliefs." Australian Psychologist 50.5 (2015): 322-328. Web.

  • Journal

    Haley, B., Heo, S., Wright, P., Barone, C., Rao Rettiganti, M. and Anders, M.

    Relationships among active listening, self-awareness, empathy, and patient-centered care in associate and baccalaureate degree nursing students

    2017 - NursingPlus Open

    In-text: (Haley et al. 11-16)

    Your Bibliography: Haley, Brandy et al. "Relationships Among Active Listening, Self-Awareness, Empathy, And Patient-Centered Care In Associate And Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Students." NursingPlus Open 3 (2017): 11-16. Web.

  • Journal

    Haugan, G., Innstrand, S. T. and Moksnes, U. K.

    The effect of nurse-patient interaction on anxiety and depression in cognitively intact nursing home patients

    2013 - Journal of Clinical Nursing

    In-text: (Haugan, Innstrand and Moksnes 2192-2205)

    Your Bibliography: Haugan, Gørill, Siw T Innstrand, and Unni K Moksnes. "The Effect Of Nurse-Patient Interaction On Anxiety And Depression In Cognitively Intact Nursing Home Patients." Journal of Clinical Nursing 22.15-16 (2013): 2192-2205. Web.

  • Journal

    Hurley, J., Hutchinson, M., Kozlowski, D., Gadd, M. and Vorst, S.

    Emotional intelligence as a mechanism to build resilience and non‐technical skills in undergraduate nurses undertaking clinical placement

    2019 - International Journal of Mental Health Nursing

    In-text: (Hurley et al. 47-55)

    Your Bibliography: Hurley, John et al. "Emotional Intelligence As A Mechanism To Build Resilience And Non‐Technical Skills In Undergraduate Nurses Undertaking Clinical Placement." International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 29.1 (2019): 47-55. Web.

  • Journal

    Jennissen, S., Nikendei, C., Ehrenthal, J. C., Schauenburg, H. and Dinger, U.

    Influence of patient and therapist agreement and disagreement about their alliance on symptom severity over the course of treatment: A response surface analysis.

    2019 - Journal of Counseling Psychology

    In-text: (Jennissen et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Jennissen, Simone et al. "Influence Of Patient And Therapist Agreement And Disagreement About Their Alliance On Symptom Severity Over The Course Of Treatment: A Response Surface Analysis.." Journal of Counseling Psychology (2019): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Johnson, K. and Heiderscheit, A.

    A Survey of Music Therapy Methods on Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Units

    2018 - Journal of Music Therapy

    In-text: (Johnson and Heiderscheit 463-488)

    Your Bibliography: Johnson, Kaylie, and Annie Heiderscheit. "A Survey Of Music Therapy Methods On Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Units." Journal of Music Therapy 55.4 (2018): 463-488. Web.

  • Journal

    Jørgensen, K. and Rendtorff, J. D.

    Patient participation in mental health care - perspectives of healthcare professionals: an integrative review

    2017 - Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

    In-text: (Jørgensen and Rendtorff 490-501)

    Your Bibliography: Jørgensen, Kim, and Jacob Dahl Rendtorff. "Patient Participation In Mental Health Care - Perspectives Of Healthcare Professionals: An Integrative Review." Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 32.2 (2017): 490-501. Web.

  • Journal

    Joseph, S.

    Why we need a more humanistic positive organizational scholarship: Carl Rogers’ person-centered approach as a challenge to neoliberalism.

    2019 - The Humanistic Psychologist

    In-text: (Joseph)

    Your Bibliography: Joseph, Stephen. "Why We Need A More Humanistic Positive Organizational Scholarship: Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered Approach As A Challenge To Neoliberalism.." The Humanistic Psychologist (2019): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Kang, Y., Moyle, W., Cooke, M. and O'Dwyer, S. T.

    An educational programme to improve acute care nurses' knowledge, attitudes and family caregiver involvement in care of people with cognitive impairment

    2016 - Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

    In-text: (Kang et al. 631-640)

    Your Bibliography: Kang, Yun et al. "An Educational Programme To Improve Acute Care Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes And Family Caregiver Involvement In Care Of People With Cognitive Impairment." Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 31.3 (2016): 631-640. Web.

  • Journal

    Kelly, F., Reidy, M., Denieffe, S. and Madden, C.

    Older adults' views on their person-centred care needs in a long-term care setting in Ireland

    2019 - British Journal of Nursing

    In-text: (Kelly et al. 552-557)

    Your Bibliography: Kelly, Fiona et al. "Older Adults' Views On Their Person-Centred Care Needs In A Long-Term Care Setting In Ireland." British Journal of Nursing 28.9 (2019): 552-557. Web.

  • Journal

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    Cost effectiveness of a manual based coping strategy programme in promoting the mental health of family carers of people with dementia (the START (STrAtegies for RelaTives) study): a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

    2013 - BMJ

    In-text: (Knapp et al. f6342-f6342)

    Your Bibliography: Knapp, M. et al. "Cost Effectiveness Of A Manual Based Coping Strategy Programme In Promoting The Mental Health Of Family Carers Of People With Dementia (The START (Strategies For Relatives) Study): A Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial." BMJ 347.oct25 2 (2013): f6342-f6342. Web.

  • Journal

    Levine, J.

    Primary care for deaf people with mental health problems

    2014 - British Journal of Mental Health Nursing

    In-text: (Levine 105-109)

    Your Bibliography: Levine, Jack. "Primary Care For Deaf People With Mental Health Problems." British Journal of Mental Health Nursing 3.3 (2014): 105-109. Web.

  • Journal

    Marino, C. “., Child, B. and Campbell Krasinski, V.

    Sharing Experience Learned Firsthand (SELF): Self-disclosure of lived experience in mental health services and supports.

    2016 - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

    In-text: (Marino, Child and Campbell Krasinski 154-160)

    Your Bibliography: Marino, Casadi “Khaki”, Beckie Child, and Vanessa Campbell Krasinski. "Sharing Experience Learned Firsthand (SELF): Self-Disclosure Of Lived Experience In Mental Health Services And Supports.." Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 39.2 (2016): 154-160. Web.

  • Journal

    McAllister, S., Robert, G., Tsianakas, V. and McCrae, N.

    Conceptualising nurse-patient therapeutic engagement on acute mental health wards: An integrative review

    2019 - International Journal of Nursing Studies

    In-text: (McAllister et al. 106-118)

    Your Bibliography: McAllister, Sarah et al. "Conceptualising Nurse-Patient Therapeutic Engagement On Acute Mental Health Wards: An Integrative Review." International Journal of Nursing Studies 93 (2019): 106-118. Web.

  • Journal

    Miller nee Johnston, E. and McNaught, A.

    Exploring Decision Making Around Therapist Self-Disclosure in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    2016 - Australian Psychologist

    In-text: (Miller nee Johnston and McNaught 33-39)

    Your Bibliography: Miller nee Johnston, Emma, and Angela McNaught. "Exploring Decision Making Around Therapist Self-Disclosure In Cognitive Behavioural Therapy." Australian Psychologist 53.1 (2016): 33-39. Web.

  • Journal

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    Readiness for Change: Involving the Family with Adolescents in Residential Settings

    2016 - Contemporary Family Therapy

    In-text: (Miller et al. 86-96)

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  • Journal

    Miller, W. R. and Moyers, T. B.

    Motivational interviewing and the clinical science of Carl Rogers.

    2017 - Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

    In-text: (Miller and Moyers 757-766)

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  • Journal

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    Implementing illness management and recovery within assertive community treatment teams: A qualitative study.

    2019 - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

    In-text: (Morse et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Morse, Gary et al. "Implementing Illness Management And Recovery Within Assertive Community Treatment Teams: A Qualitative Study.." Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (2019): n. pag. Web.

  • Book

    Moss, B.

    Communication skills for health and social care

    2017 - sage publications ltd - london

    In-text: (Moss 23, 60)

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  • Journal

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    The effect of alliance-focused training on a cognitive-behavioral therapy for personality disorders.

    2018 - Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

    In-text: (Muran et al. 384-397)

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  • Journal

    Nanapragasam, A., Lim, C. and Maskell, G.

    Patient involvement and shared decision-making in the management of back pain: a proposed multidisciplinary team model

    2019 - Clinical Radiology

    In-text: (Nanapragasam, Lim and Maskell 76-77)

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  • Journal

    Ottewell, N.

    Stigma against mental illness: Perspectives of mental health service users

    2016 - Mental Health & Prevention

    In-text: (Ottewell 115-123)

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  • Journal

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    How to achieve a collaborative approach in health promotion: preferences and ideas of users of mental health services

    2018 - Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

    In-text: (Pals and Hempler 1188-1196)

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  • Journal

    Picco, L., Pang, S., Lau, Y. W., Jeyagurunathan, A., Satghare, P., Abdin, E., Vaingankar, J. A., Lim, S., Poh, C. L., Chong, S. A. and Subramaniam, M.

    Internalized stigma among psychiatric outpatients: Associations with quality of life, functioning, hope and self-esteem

    2016 - Psychiatry Research

    In-text: (Picco et al. 500-506)

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  • Journal

    Prasad, G. R.

    Metabolic syndrome and chronic kidney disease: Current status and future directions

    2014 - World Journal of Nephrology

    In-text: (Prasad 210)

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  • Journal

    Reid, R., Escott, P. and Isobel, S.

    Collaboration as a process and an outcome: Consumer experiences of collaborating with nurses in care planning in an acute inpatient mental health unit

    2018 - International Journal of Mental Health Nursing

    In-text: (Reid, Escott and Isobel 1204-1211)

    Your Bibliography: Reid, Rebecca, Phil Escott, and Sophie Isobel. "Collaboration As A Process And An Outcome: Consumer Experiences Of Collaborating With Nurses In Care Planning In An Acute Inpatient Mental Health Unit." International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 27.4 (2018): 1204-1211. Web.

  • Journal

    Rossetto, A., Robinson, E. J., Reavley, N. J. and Henderson, C.

    Perceptions of positive treatment and discrimination towards people with mental health problems: Findings from the 2017 Attitudes to Mental Illness survey

    2019 - Psychiatry Research

    In-text: (Rossetto et al. 141-148)

    Your Bibliography: Rossetto, Alyssia et al. "Perceptions Of Positive Treatment And Discrimination Towards People With Mental Health Problems: Findings From The 2017 Attitudes To Mental Illness Survey." Psychiatry Research 273 (2019): 141-148. Web.

  • Book

    saks, M. and Allsop, J.

    health researching qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods

    2007 - sage - london

    In-text: (saks and Allsop 34 and 35)

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  • Journal

    Tang, I. and Wu, H.

    Quality of Life and Self-Stigma in Individuals with Schizophrenia

    2012 - Psychiatric Quarterly

    In-text: (Tang and Wu 497-507)

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  • Journal

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    A systematic review on the factors affecting effective communication between registered nurses and oncology adult patients in an inpatient setting

    2010 - JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports

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  • Journal

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    Social Work, Animal-Assisted Therapies and Ethical Considerations: A Programme Example from Central Queensland, Australia

    2014 - British Journal of Social Work

    In-text: (Taylor et al. 135-152)

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  • Journal

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    Evidence for effective interventions to reduce mental-health-related stigma and discrimination

    2016 - The Lancet

    In-text: (Thornicroft et al. 1123-1132)

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  • Journal

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    Transforming nurse-patient relationships-A qualitative study of nurse self-disclosure in mental health care

    2018 - Journal of Clinical Nursing

    In-text: (Unhjem, Vatne and Hem e798-e807)

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  • Journal

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    Improving relationship–based practice, practitioner confidence and family engagement skills through restorative approach training

    2018 - Children and Youth Services Review

    In-text: (Williams et al. 170-177)

    Your Bibliography: Williams, Annie et al. "Improving Relationship–Based Practice, Practitioner Confidence And Family Engagement Skills Through Restorative Approach Training." Children and Youth Services Review 93 (2018): 170-177. Web.

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