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    2010 to 2015 government policy: compassionate care in the NHS


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  • Book

    Charlton, R.


    2015 - The Royal College Of General Practitioners - London

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    Professional moral courage in nurse executive leadership

    2019 - Springer Publishing Company

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    Consent | RCN


    In-text: ("Consent | RCN")

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    Consent to treatment


    In-text: ("Consent To Treatment")

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    Nursing research using historical methods


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    Core Curriculum for holistic nursing

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    Human Rights Act 1998


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  • Website

    Legal basis of registration


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  • Book

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    Role development in professional nursing practice

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  • Website

    Mental Capacity Act: deprivation of liberty safeguards


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    Nightingale, F.

    Florence Nightingale

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    In-text: (Nightingale)

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  • Website

    Nurses and midwives whistleblowing to the NMC


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  • Website

    Nursing Definitions


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    The essential guide to becoming a staff nurse

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  • Website

    Professionalism in practice


    In-text: ("Professionalism In Practice")

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  • Book

    Shea, S., Wynyard, R. and Lionis, C.

    Providing Compasionate Healthcare: Challenges in Policy and Practice

    2014 - Routledge - Abingdon, Oxon

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  • Website

    Standards for Competencies


    In-text: ("Standards For Competencies")

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  • Book

    Standing, M.

    Clinical Judgement and Decision Making in Nursing. Transforming Nursing Practice Series

    2017 - Learning Matters

    In-text: (Standing)

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    Clinical Judgment and Decision Making in Nursing

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    In-text: (Standing)

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  • Book

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    Public health nursing; Population Centered Healtcare

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    Principles and practice of nursing research

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  • Book

    The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health

    2011 - National Academies Press,

    In-text: (The Future Of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health)

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  • Website

    The Public Interest Disclosure Act


    In-text: ("The Public Interest Disclosure Act")

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  • Website

    Winterbourne View failures lead to care system review


    In-text: ("Winterbourne View Failures Lead To Care System Review")

    Your Bibliography: "Winterbourne View Failures Lead To Care System Review." N.p., 2012. Web. 30 Dec. 2019.

  • Book

    Yeo, M., Moorehouse, A., Khan, P. and Rodney, P.

    Concepts and cases in nursing ethics

    2010 - Broadview Press, 2010

    In-text: (Yeo et al.)

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  • Book

    Zander, K.

    Primary Nursing, Development and Management

    1980 - Aspen Systems Corporation - Michigan

    In-text: (Zander)

    Your Bibliography: Zander, Karen. Primary Nursing, Development And Management. Michigan: Aspen Systems Corporation, 1980. Print.

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