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  • Journal

    Baron, M., Kudin, A. and Kunz, W.

    Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders

    2007 - Biochemical Society Transactions

    In-text: (Baron, Kudin and Kunz 1228-1231)

    Your Bibliography: Baron, M., A.P. Kudin, and W.S. Kunz. "Mitochondrial Dysfunction In Neurodegenerative Disorders." Biochemical Society Transactions 35.5 (2007): 1228-1231. Web.

  • Journal

    Chmielewski, P. P.

    Human ageing as a dynamic, emergent and malleable process: from disease-oriented to health-oriented approaches

    2019 - Biogerontology

    In-text: (Chmielewski 125-130)

    Your Bibliography: Chmielewski, Piotr Paweł. "Human Ageing As A Dynamic, Emergent And Malleable Process: From Disease-Oriented To Health-Oriented Approaches." Biogerontology 21.1 (2019): 125-130. Web.

  • Journal

    Cohen, S., Nathan, J. A. and Goldberg, A. L.

    Muscle wasting in disease: molecular mechanisms and promising therapies

    2014 - Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

    In-text: (Cohen, Nathan and Goldberg 58-74)

    Your Bibliography: Cohen, Shenhav, James A. Nathan, and Alfred L. Goldberg. "Muscle Wasting In Disease: Molecular Mechanisms And Promising Therapies." Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 14.1 (2014): 58-74. Web.

  • Journal

    Cowling, B. S. and Thielemans, L.

    Translational medicine in neuromuscular disorders: from academia to industry

    2019 - Disease Models & Mechanisms

    In-text: (Cowling and Thielemans dmm041434)

    Your Bibliography: Cowling, Belinda S., and Leen Thielemans. "Translational Medicine In Neuromuscular Disorders: From Academia To Industry." Disease Models & Mechanisms 13.2 (2019): dmm041434. Web.

  • Journal

    Franceschi, C., Garagnani, P., Morsiani, C., Conte, M., Santoro, A., Grignolio, A., Monti, D., Capri, M. and Salvioli, S.

    The Continuum of Aging and Age-Related Diseases: Common Mechanisms but Different Rates

    2018 - Frontiers in Medicine

    In-text: (Franceschi et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Franceschi, Claudio et al. "The Continuum Of Aging And Age-Related Diseases: Common Mechanisms But Different Rates." Frontiers in Medicine 5 (2018): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Fu, H., Possenti, A., Freer, R., Nakano, Y., Hernandez Villegas, N. C., Tang, M., Cauhy, P. V. M., Lassus, B. A., Chen, S., Fowler, S. L., Figueroa, H. Y., Huey, E. D., Johnson, G. V. W., Vendruscolo, M. and Duff, K. E.

    A tau homeostasis signature is linked with the cellular and regional vulnerability of excitatory neurons to tau pathology

    2018 - Nature Neuroscience

    In-text: (Fu et al. 47-56)

    Your Bibliography: Fu, Hongjun et al. "A Tau Homeostasis Signature Is Linked With The Cellular And Regional Vulnerability Of Excitatory Neurons To Tau Pathology." Nature Neuroscience 22.1 (2018): 47-56. Web.

  • Journal

    Greaves, L. C., Reeve, A. K., Taylor, R. W. and Turnbull, D. M.

    Mitochondrial DNA and disease

    2011 - The Journal of Pathology

    In-text: (Greaves et al. 274-286)

    Your Bibliography: Greaves, Laura C et al. "Mitochondrial DNA And Disease." The Journal of Pathology 226.2 (2011): 274-286. Web.

  • Journal

    Hashimoto, M., Rockenstein, E., Crews, L. and Masliah, E.

    Role of Protein Aggregation in Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases

    2003 - NeuroMolecular Medicine

    In-text: (Hashimoto et al. 21-36)

    Your Bibliography: Hashimoto, Makoto et al. "Role Of Protein Aggregation In Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Neurodegeneration In Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Diseases." NeuroMolecular Medicine 4.1-2 (2003): 21-36. Web.

  • Journal

    Hiscock, A., Kuhn, I. and Barclay, S.

    Advance care discussions with young people affected by life-limiting neuromuscular diseases: A systematic literature review and narrative synthesis

    2017 - Neuromuscular Disorders

    In-text: (Hiscock, Kuhn and Barclay 115-119)

    Your Bibliography: Hiscock, Andy, Isla Kuhn, and Stephen Barclay. "Advance Care Discussions With Young People Affected By Life-Limiting Neuromuscular Diseases: A Systematic Literature Review And Narrative Synthesis." Neuromuscular Disorders 27.2 (2017): 115-119. Web.

  • Journal

    Liu, Y., Weng, W., Gao, R. and Liu, Y.

    New Insights for Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Aging and Aging-Related Diseases: Herbal Medicine as Potential Therapeutic Approach

    2019 - Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

    In-text: (Liu et al. 1-25)

    Your Bibliography: Liu, Yanfei et al. "New Insights For Cellular And Molecular Mechanisms Of Aging And Aging-Related Diseases: Herbal Medicine As Potential Therapeutic Approach." Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2019 (2019): 1-25. Web.

  • Journal

    Quinodoz, M., Royer-Bertrand, B., Cisarova, K., Di Gioia, S. A., Superti-Furga, A. and Rivolta, C.

    DOMINO: Using Machine Learning to Predict Genes Associated with Dominant Disorders

    2017 - The American Journal of Human Genetics

    In-text: (Quinodoz et al. 623-629)

    Your Bibliography: Quinodoz, Mathieu et al. "DOMINO: Using Machine Learning To Predict Genes Associated With Dominant Disorders." The American Journal of Human Genetics 101.4 (2017): 623-629. Web.

  • Journal

    Sweeney, P., Park, H., Baumann, M., Dunlop, J., Frydman, J., Kopito, R., McCampbell, A., Leblanc, G., Venkateswaran, A., Nurmi, A. and Hodgson, R.

    Protein misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases: implications and strategies

    2017 - Translational Neurodegeneration

    In-text: (Sweeney et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Sweeney, Patrick et al. "Protein Misfolding In Neurodegenerative Diseases: Implications And Strategies." Translational Neurodegeneration 6.1 (2017): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Wu, J. W., Herman, M., Liu, L., Simoes, S., Acker, C. M., Figueroa, H., Steinberg, J. I., Margittai, M., Kayed, R., Zurzolo, C., Di Paolo, G. and Duff, K. E.

    Small Misfolded Tau Species Are Internalized via Bulk Endocytosis and Anterogradely and Retrogradely Transported in Neurons

    2012 - Journal of Biological Chemistry

    In-text: (Wu et al. 1856-1870)

    Your Bibliography: Wu, Jessica W. et al. "Small Misfolded Tau Species Are Internalized Via Bulk Endocytosis And Anterogradely And Retrogradely Transported In Neurons." Journal of Biological Chemistry 288.3 (2012): 1856-1870. Web.

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