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  • Journal

    Ashton, H.

    Whitebeams, Rowans and Service Trees of Britain and Ireland: A Monograph of British and Irish Sorbus L.201231T.C.G. Rich and others. Whitebeams, Rowans and Service Trees of Britain and Ireland: A Monograph of British and Irish Sorbus L.. London: Botanical Society of the British Isles (in association with the National Museum Wales) 2010. vi + 223 pp., ISBN: 978 0 901158 43 7 £30 BSBI Handbook No. 14

    2012 - Reference Reviews

    In-text: (Ashton 40-41)

    Your Bibliography: Ashton, Helen. "Whitebeams, Rowans And Service Trees Of Britain And Ireland: A Monograph Of British And Irish Sorbus L.201231T.C.G. Rich And Others. Whitebeams, Rowans And Service Trees Of Britain And Ireland: A Monograph Of British And Irish Sorbus L.. London: Botanical Society Of The British Isles (In Association With The National Museum Wales) 2010. Vi + 223 Pp., ISBN: 978 0 901158 43 7 £30 BSBI Handbook No. 14." Reference Reviews 26.1 (2012): 40-41. Web.

  • Journal

    Barbosa, O., Tratalos, J. A., Armsworth, P. R., Davies, R. G., Fuller, R. A., Johnson, P. and Gaston, K. J.

    Who benefits from access to green space? A case study from Sheffield, UK

    2007 - Landscape and Urban Planning

    In-text: (Barbosa et al. 187-195)

    Your Bibliography: Barbosa, Olga et al. "Who Benefits From Access To Green Space? A Case Study From Sheffield, UK." Landscape and Urban Planning 83.2-3 (2007): 187-195. Web.

  • Journal

    Beckerman, A. P., Boots, M. and Gaston, K. J.

    Urban bird declines and the fear of cats

    2007 - Animal Conservation

    In-text: (Beckerman, Boots and Gaston 320-325)

    Your Bibliography: Beckerman, A. P., M. Boots, and K. J. Gaston. "Urban Bird Declines And The Fear Of Cats." Animal Conservation 10.3 (2007): 320-325. Web.

  • Journal

    Houston, L., Robertson, A., Jones, K., Smith, S. and Hiscock, S.

    An account of the Whitebeams (Sorbus L., Rosaceae) of Cheddar Gorge, England, with description of three new species

    2009 - Watsonia

    In-text: (Houston et al. 283-300)

    Your Bibliography: Houston, L et al. "An Account Of The Whitebeams (Sorbus L., Rosaceae) Of Cheddar Gorge, England, With Description Of Three New Species." Watsonia 27 (2009): 283-300. Print.

  • Website

    IUCN Red List of Threatened Species


    In-text: ("IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species")

    Your Bibliography: "IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species." N.p., 2020. Web. 6 Mar. 2020.

  • Journal

    Perdan, S., Jones, C. R. and Azapagic, A.

    Public awareness and acceptance of carbon capture and utilisation in the UK

    2017 - Sustainable Production and Consumption

    In-text: (Perdan, Jones and Azapagic 74-84)

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  • Journal

    Rich, T. C. G. and Houston, L.

    The distribution and population sizes of the rare English endemic Sorbus wilmottiana E. F. Warburg, Wilmott’s Whitebeam (Rosaceae)

    2014 - Watsonia

    In-text: (Rich and Houston 185-191)

    Your Bibliography: Rich, T. C. G., and L Houston. "The Distribution And Population Sizes Of The Rare English Endemic Sorbus Wilmottiana E. F. Warburg, Wilmott’S Whitebeam (Rosaceae)." Watsonia 25 (2014): 185-191. Print.

  • Journal

    Rich, T., Houston, L., Bird, S., Morgan, V., Stockdale, R., Jones, R., Goodwin, A., May, R. and Sheil, D.

    Conservation status of Sorbus cuneifolia (Rosaceae), Llangollen whitebeam

    2019 - British & Irish Botany

    In-text: (Rich et al. 231-242)

    Your Bibliography: Rich, Tim et al. "Conservation Status Of Sorbus Cuneifolia (Rosaceae), Llangollen Whitebeam." British & Irish Botany 1.3 (2019): 231-242. Web.

  • Website

    Sorbus aria | common whitebeam/RHS Gardening

    In-text: ("Sorbus Aria | Common Whitebeam/RHS Gardening")

    Your Bibliography: "Sorbus Aria | Common Whitebeam/RHS Gardening." Web. 6 Mar. 2020.

  • Journal

    Welk, E., de Rigo, D. and Caudullo, G.

    Sorbus aria in Europe: distribution, habitat, usage and threats

    2016 - European Atlas of Forest Tree Species

    In-text: (Welk, de Rigo and Caudullo e01-e816)

    Your Bibliography: Welk, E, D de Rigo, and G Caudullo. "Sorbus Aria In Europe: Distribution, Habitat, Usage And Threats." European Atlas of Forest Tree Species (2016): e01-e816. Print.

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