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  • Journal

    Clegg, J. R. and Diller, K. R.

    Challenge-based instruction promotes students’ development of transferable frameworks and confidence for engineering problem solving

    2018 - European Journal of Engineering Education

    In-text: (Clegg and Diller 398-416)

    Your Bibliography: Clegg, John R., and Kenneth R. Diller. "Challenge-Based Instruction Promotes Students’ Development Of Transferable Frameworks And Confidence For Engineering Problem Solving." European Journal of Engineering Education 44.3 (2018): 398-416. Web.

  • Journal

    Dianovsky, M. T. and Wink, D. J.

    Student learning through journal writing in a general education chemistry course for pre-elementary education majors

    2012 - Science Education

    In-text: (Dianovsky and Wink 543-565)

    Your Bibliography: Dianovsky, Michael T., and Donald J. Wink. "Student Learning Through Journal Writing In A General Education Chemistry Course For Pre-Elementary Education Majors." Science Education 96.3 (2012): 543-565. Web.

  • Journal

    Hawe, E., Lightfoot, U. and Dixon, H.

    First-year students working with exemplars: promoting self-efficacy, self-monitoring and self-regulation

    2017 - Journal of Further and Higher Education

    In-text: (Hawe, Lightfoot and Dixon 1-15)

    Your Bibliography: Hawe, E., U. Lightfoot, and H. Dixon. "First-Year Students Working With Exemplars: Promoting Self-Efficacy, Self-Monitoring And Self-Regulation." Journal of Further and Higher Education (2017): 1-15. Web.

  • Journal

    He, W., Holton, A., Farkas, G. and Warschauer, M.

    The effects of flipped instruction on out-of-class study time, exam performance, and student perceptions

    2016 - Learning and Instruction

    In-text: (He et al. 61-71)

    Your Bibliography: He, Wenliang et al. "The Effects Of Flipped Instruction On Out-Of-Class Study Time, Exam Performance, And Student Perceptions." Learning and Instruction 45 (2016): 61-71. Web.

  • Book


    Journal of community engagement and scholarship

    2009 - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

    In-text: (JIS)

    Your Bibliography: JIS. Journal Of Community Engagement And Scholarship. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama, 2009. Print.

  • Journal

    Kim, S.

    A Study on Pre-Class and In-Class Learning Activity Satisfaction in Flipped Learning

    2018 - Estudios Hispánicos

    In-text: (Kim 37-59)

    Your Bibliography: Kim, Sujin. "A Study On Pre-Class And In-Class Learning Activity Satisfaction In Flipped Learning." Estudios Hispánicos 87 (2018): 37-59. Web.

  • Journal

    Long, T., Logan, J. and Waugh, M.

    Students’ Perceptions of the Value of Using Videos as a Pre-class Learning Experience in the Flipped Classroom

    2016 - TechTrends

    In-text: (Long, Logan and Waugh 245-252)

    Your Bibliography: Long, Taotao, Joanne Logan, and Michael Waugh. "Students’ Perceptions Of The Value Of Using Videos As A Pre-Class Learning Experience In The Flipped Classroom." TechTrends 60.3 (2016): 245-252. Web.

  • Journal

    Oblakova, A., Al Hanbali, A., Boucherie, R. J., van Ommeren, J. C. W. and Zijm, W. H. M.

    An exact root-free method for the expected queue length for a class of discrete-time queueing systems

    2019 - Queueing Systems

    In-text: (Oblakova et al. 257-292)

    Your Bibliography: Oblakova, A. et al. "An Exact Root-Free Method For The Expected Queue Length For A Class Of Discrete-Time Queueing Systems." Queueing Systems 92.3-4 (2019): 257-292. Web.

  • Journal

    Rivkin, S. G. and Schiman, J. C.

    Instruction time, Classroom Quality, and Academic Achievement

    2015 - The Economic Journal

    In-text: (Rivkin and Schiman F425-F448)

    Your Bibliography: Rivkin, Steven G., and Jeffrey C. Schiman. "Instruction Time, Classroom Quality, And Academic Achievement." The Economic Journal 125.588 (2015): F425-F448. Web.

  • Journal

    Sisak, K., Darch, R., Burgess, L., Middleton, R. and Wainwright, T.

    A preoperative education class reduces length of stay for total knee replacement patients identified at risk of an extended length of stay

    2019 - Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine

    In-text: (Sisak et al. 788-796)

    Your Bibliography: Sisak, K et al. "A Preoperative Education Class Reduces Length Of Stay For Total Knee Replacement Patients Identified At Risk Of An Extended Length Of Stay." Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 51.10 (2019): 788-796. Web.

  • Journal

    Stewart, J., Stewart, G. and Taylor, J.

    Using time-on-task measurements to understand student performance in a physics class: A four-year study

    2012 - Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research

    In-text: (Stewart, Stewart and Taylor)

    Your Bibliography: Stewart, John, Gay Stewart, and Jennifer Taylor. "Using Time-On-Task Measurements To Understand Student Performance In A Physics Class: A Four-Year Study." Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research 8.1 (2012): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Teasdale, R., Selkin, P. and Goodell, L.

    Evaluation of student learning, self-efficacy, and perception of the value of geologic monitoring from Living on the Edge, an InTeGrate curriculum module

    2018 - Journal of Geoscience Education

    In-text: (Teasdale, Selkin and Goodell 186-204)

    Your Bibliography: Teasdale, Rachel, Peter Selkin, and Laurel Goodell. "Evaluation Of Student Learning, Self-Efficacy, And Perception Of The Value Of Geologic Monitoring From Living On The Edge, An Integrate Curriculum Module." Journal of Geoscience Education 66.3 (2018): 186-204. Web.

  • Journal

    Trout, B.

    The effect of class session length on student performance, homework, and instructor evaluations in an introductory accounting course

    2018 - Journal of Education for Business

    In-text: (Trout 16-22)

    Your Bibliography: Trout, Brian. "The Effect Of Class Session Length On Student Performance, Homework, And Instructor Evaluations In An Introductory Accounting Course." Journal of Education for Business 93.1 (2018): 16-22. Web.

  • Journal

    Wojcik, J. R., Bell, T., Center, D. and McAden, N.

    Development of outdoor learning environments at elementary and middle schools in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA

    2019 - Cities & Health

    In-text: (Wojcik et al. 46-52)

    Your Bibliography: Wojcik, Janet R. et al. "Development Of Outdoor Learning Environments At Elementary And Middle Schools In Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA." Cities & Health 3.1-2 (2019): 46-52. Web.

  • Journal

    Zainuddin, Z., Habiburrahim, H., Muluk, S. and Keumala, C. M.

    How do students become self-directed learners in the EFL flipped-class pedagogy? A study in higher education

    2019 - Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics

    In-text: (Zainuddin et al. 678)

    Your Bibliography: Zainuddin, Zamzami et al. "How Do Students Become Self-Directed Learners In The EFL Flipped-Class Pedagogy? A Study In Higher Education." Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics 8.3 (2019): 678. Web.

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