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  • Journal

    Baker, D. A. and Rials, T. G.

    Recent advances in low-cost carbon fiber manufacture from lignin

    2013 - Journal of Applied Polymer Science

    In-text: (Baker and Rials 713-728)

    Your Bibliography: Baker, Darren A., and Timothy G. Rials. "Recent Advances In Low-Cost Carbon Fiber Manufacture From Lignin." Journal of Applied Polymer Science 130.2 (2013): 713-728. Web.

  • Journal

    Kadla, J., Kubo, S., Venditti, R., Gilbert, R., Compere, A. and Griffith, W.

    Lignin-based carbon fibers for composite fiber applications

    2002 - Carbon

    In-text: (Kadla et al. 2913-2920)

    Your Bibliography: Kadla, J.F et al. "Lignin-Based Carbon Fibers For Composite Fiber Applications." Carbon 40.15 (2002): 2913-2920. Web.

  • Journal

    Muthuraj, R., Hajee, M., Horrocks, A. and Kandola, B.

    Biopolymer blends from hardwood lignin and bio-polyamides: Compatibility and miscibility

    2019 - International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

    In-text: (Muthuraj et al. 439-450)

    Your Bibliography: Muthuraj, R. et al. "Biopolymer Blends From Hardwood Lignin And Bio-Polyamides: Compatibility And Miscibility." International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 132 (2019): 439-450. Web.

  • Journal

    Muthuraj, R., Horrocks, A. R. and Kandola, B. K.

    Hydroxypropyl-modified and organosolv lignin/bio-based polyamide blend filaments as carbon fibre precursors’

    2020 - Journal of Materials Science

    In-text: (Muthuraj, Horrocks and Kandola)

    Your Bibliography: Muthuraj, R., A. R. Horrocks, and B. K. Kandola. "Hydroxypropyl-Modified And Organosolv Lignin/Bio-Based Polyamide Blend Filaments As Carbon Fibre Precursors’." Journal of Materials Science (2020): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal

    Pucciariello, R., Villani, V., Bonini, C., D'Auria, M. and Vetere, T.

    Physical properties of straw lignin-based polymer blends

    2004 - Polymer

    In-text: (Pucciariello et al. 4159-4169)

    Your Bibliography: Pucciariello, Rachele et al. "Physical Properties Of Straw Lignin-Based Polymer Blends." Polymer 45.12 (2004): 4159-4169. Web.

  • Journal

    Souto, F., Calado, V. and Pereira, N.

    Lignin-based carbon fiber: a current overview

    2018 - Materials Research Express

    In-text: (Souto, Calado and Pereira 072001)

    Your Bibliography: Souto, Felipe, Veronica Calado, and Nei Pereira. "Lignin-Based Carbon Fiber: A Current Overview." Materials Research Express 5.7 (2018): 072001. Web.

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