These are the sources and citations used to research Learning and learning environments. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

  • E-book or PDF

    Abbot, S.

    The glossary of education reform.


    In-text: (Abbot)

    Your Bibliography: Abbot, S. The Glossary Of Education Reform.. 2014. Web. 18 Aug. 2017.

  • Book

    apple, M. W.

    The politics of official knowledge: does a national curriculum make sense? ideology and curriculum.

    1993 - Routledge - new york

    In-text: (apple)

    Your Bibliography: apple, m w. The Politics Of Official Knowledge: Does A National Curriculum Make Sense? Ideology And Curriculum.. 2nd ed. new york: Routledge, 1993. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Bailey, D.

    Is anybody out there listening

    2000 - Quest

    In-text: (Bailey 344-350)

    Your Bibliography: Bailey, D. Is Anybody Out There Listening. Quest, 2000. Web. 8 Aug. 2017.

  • E-book or PDF

    Berkley, R. A. and Edgar, L.

    The importances of outdoor play and it's impact on the brain development in children

    2014 - University of Missouri-Kansas city - missouri-Kansas

    In-text: (Berkley and Edgar)

    Your Bibliography: Berkley, Reta, A, and L Edgar. The Importances Of Outdoor Play And It's Impact On The Brain Development In Children. missouri-Kansas: University of Missouri-Kansas city, 2014. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Bjorklund, D. and Bering, J.

    The evolved child applying evolutionary developmental psychology to modern schooling-learning and individual differences.


    In-text: (Bjorklund and Bering 347-373)

    Your Bibliography: Bjorklund, D,f, and J,M Bering. The Evolved Child Applying Evolutionary Developmental Psychology To Modern Schooling-Learning And Individual Differences.. 2000. Web. 23 Sept. 2017.

  • E-book or PDF

    Bonva, B., KrautRobert, R. and Frohlich, D.

    Using e-mail for personal relationships. The difference Gender makes.

    2001 - online - Carnegie mellon University

    In-text: (Bonva, KrautRobert and Frohlich)

    Your Bibliography: Bonva, Bonka, Robert KrautRobert, and David Frohlich. Using E-Mail For Personal Relationships. The Difference Gender Makes.. Carnegie mellon University: online, 2001. Print.

  • Book

    Bruce, T.

    Early Childhood: A guide for students

    2010 - Sage - India

    In-text: (Bruce)

    Your Bibliography: Bruce, T. Early Childhood: A Guide For Students. India: Sage, 2010. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Bruff, D., Claiborne, L., Bandy, J. and Morrell, J.

    Teaching outside the classroom|centre for teaching|Vanderbuilt...

    2010 - Vanderbuilt University - online

    teaching and learning can become inherently spontaneous and students-centered when moved from the confines of the classroom

    In-text: (Bruff et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Bruff, Derek et al. Teaching Outside The Classroom|Centre For Teaching|Vanderbuilt.... 1st ed. online: Vanderbuilt University, 2010. Web. 14 Sept. 2017.

  • Website

    Carey, W.

    Temperament issues in the school aged child.

    1992 - Pediatr. Clin. North America

    In-text: (Carey)

    Your Bibliography: Carey, W,B. "Temperament Issues In The School Aged Child.." Google. N.p., 1992. Web. 15 Sept. 2017.

  • Journal

    Clark, V. L. P.

    Mixed method approach in family science research

    2008 - international journal 01 social research. annals 01 family medicine.

    In-text: (Clark 7-12)

    Your Bibliography: Clark, V L Plano. "Mixed Method Approach In Family Science Research." international journal 01 social research. annals 01 family medicine. 2.1 (2008): 7-12. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Cresswell, J.

    Third edition. Research Design. Qualitative, Quantitative and mixed method approaches

    2017 - Sage - Los Angeles

    In-text: (Cresswell)

    Your Bibliography: Cresswell, John. Third Edition. Research Design. Qualitative, Quantitative And Mixed Method Approaches. 1st ed. Los Angeles: Sage, 2017. Print.

  • Journal

    Dhanpal, S.


    2013 - Asian-Pacific Forum on Science learning and teaching.

    In-text: (Dhanpal 2)

    Your Bibliography: Dhanpal, Saroja. "2." Asian-Pacific Forum on Science learning and teaching. 14.2 (2013): 2. Print.

  • Journal

    fisher, D. and waldrip, B.

    cultural factors of science classroom learning environment

    2006 - research in science & technological education

    In-text: (fisher and waldrip)

    Your Bibliography: fisher, d,l, and b waldrip. "Cultural Factors Of Science Classroom Learning Environment." research in science & technological education 17.1 (2006): n. pag. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Fiskum, T. and Jacobsen, K.

    Individual Differences and possible Effects from outdoor education,

    2012 - Nord-Trondelag University College - Norway

    In-text: (Fiskum and Jacobsen)

    Your Bibliography: Fiskum, T,A, and K Jacobsen. Individual Differences And Possible Effects From Outdoor Education,. Norway: Nord-Trondelag University College, 2012. Web. 15 Aug. 2017.

  • Book

    Frost, J. and Sutterby, J.

    Making playgrounds fit for children and children fit for the play ground


    In-text: (Frost and Sutterby 36-41)

    Your Bibliography: Frost, J,C, and J,a Sutterby. Making Playgrounds Fit For Children And Children Fit For The Play Ground. 2002. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Grassroots Post-modernism: Remaking the soil of culture, Esteva...

    1988 - Zed books - Chicago

    In-text: (Grassroots Post-Modernism: Remaking The Soil Of Culture, Esteva...)

    Your Bibliography: Grassroots Post-Modernism: Remaking The Soil Of Culture, Esteva.... Chicago: Zed books, 1988. Web. 4 Oct. 2017.

  • Edited book

    Outdoor Education in Aotearoa New Zealand

    2012 - CPIT - Chrischurch

    In-text: (Hill, Starker and Irwin 4-5)

    Your Bibliography: Hill, Allen, Jo Starker, and David Irwin. Outdoor Education In Aotearoa New Zealand. Chrischurch: CPIT, 2012. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Hofstein, A. and Rosenfled, S.

    Bridging the gap between formal and informal science learning


    In-text: (Hofstein and Rosenfled 87-112)

    Your Bibliography: Hofstein, A, and S Rosenfled. Bridging The Gap Between Formal And Informal Science Learning. 1st ed. 1996. Web. 20 Oct. 2017.

  • Book

    Jackman, H.

    Early education Curriculum, United Kingdom

    2011 - Cengage learning - United kingdom

    In-text: (Jackman)

    Your Bibliography: Jackman, H. Early Education Curriculum, United Kingdom. United kingdom: Cengage learning, 2011. Print.

  • Journal

    Janz, N., Wren, P. A., Israel, B. A., fredenberg, N. and Carter, R. J.

    Evaluation of 37 Aids Prevention projects

    1996 - Sage Journal

    In-text: (Janz et al. 80-97)

    Your Bibliography: Janz, Nancy et al. "Evaluation Of 37 Aids Prevention Projects." Sage Journal 23.1 (1996): 80-97. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Khine, S. and Goh, S.

    Studies in Educational Learning Environments: An International...

    2002 - World scientific Publishing co. Pte - Singapore

    In-text: (Khine and Goh 29-30)

    Your Bibliography: Khine, S, and S Goh. Studies In Educational Learning Environments: An International.... 1st ed. Singapore: World scientific Publishing co. Pte, 2002. Web. 10 Oct. 2017.

  • E-book or PDF

    kluchohn, C.

    The study of culture

    1951 - standford university press - standford

    In-text: (kluchohn 395)

    Your Bibliography: kluchohn, c. The Study Of Culture. 1st ed. standford: standford university press, 1951. Print.

  • Journal

    Levkoff, S. and Weitzman, P.

    Combining Qualitative and Quantitative methods in...-sage journals

    2000 - Journal ofGerontological Social work

    In-text: (Levkoff and Weitzman 29-38)

    Your Bibliography: Levkoff, S, and P.F Weitzman. "Combining Qualitative And Quantitative Methods In...-Sage Journals." Journal ofGerontological Social work 6.1 (2000): 29-38. Print.

  • Journal

    Lim, C. and Danapal, S.

    A comparative study of the impacts and students perception's of indoor and out door learning in science classrooms.

    2013 - Asian-pacific Forum on science learning an teaching

    In-text: (Lim and Danapal)

    Your Bibliography: Lim, C, and Saroja Danapal. "A Comparative Study Of The Impacts And Students Perception's Of Indoor And Out Door Learning In Science Classrooms.." Asian-pacific Forum on science learning an teaching 14.2 (2013): n. pag. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Loynes, C. and Higgins, P.

    Safety and risk in the outdoor education. University of Edinburgh.

    Whenever safety is in the spotlight reaction's can be extreme.

    In-text: (Loynes and Higgins)

    Your Bibliography: Loynes, C, and Peter Higgins. Safety And Risk In The Outdoor Education. University Of Edinburgh.. Web. 20 Oct. 2017.

  • Journal

    lysack, C. and krefting, L.

    qualitative methods in field research: an indonesian... research gate

    1994 - international journal

    In-text: (lysack and krefting)

    Your Bibliography: lysack, c, and l krefting. "Qualitative Methods In Field Research: An Indonesian... Research Gate." international journal 12.2 (1994): n. pag. Print.

  • E-book or PDF


    Experience: do learner's get in touch with the outdoor settings?

    2014 - Seattle University - Seattle

    In-text: (Marrone)

    Your Bibliography: Marrone. Experience: Do Learner's Get In Touch With The Outdoor Settings?. Seattle: Seattle University, 2014. Web. 22 Aug. 2017.

  • E-book or PDF


    Effective, Efficiency & sufficiency: An OECD Framework for physical Learning Environment Module

    2013 - Paris - Paris

    In-text: (McGregor 7)

    Your Bibliography: McGregor. Effective, Efficiency & Sufficiency: An OECD Framework For Physical Learning Environment Module. 1st ed. Paris: Paris, 2013. Web. 6 Oct. 2017.

  • Journal


    "Spatiality & the place of the material in schools" Pedagogy & culture, and society.

    2004 - international Journal

    In-text: (Mcgregor 347-372)

    Your Bibliography: Mcgregor. ""Spatiality & The Place Of The Material In Schools" Pedagogy & Culture, And Society.." international Journal 12.3 (2004): 347-372. Print.

  • Book

    Mclnerney, D. M. and Liem, A.

    Teaching and learning: international Best Practice

    2008 - information age publishing

    In-text: (Mclnerney and Liem 3-21)

    Your Bibliography: Mclnerney, D, M, and A,D Liem. Teaching And Learning: International Best Practice. information age publishing, 2008. Print.

  • Book

    Nelson, E.

    Cultivating outdoor classroom: Designing and implementing childcentered learning environment

    2012 - Red leaf Press. - Menesota, St Paul.

    In-text: (Nelson)

    Your Bibliography: Nelson, Eric. Cultivating Outdoor Classroom: Designing And Implementing Childcentered Learning Environment. Menesota, St Paul.: Red leaf Press., 2012. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Patients understanding and participation in a trial designed to...NCBI

    2003 - online - Manchester, Oxford.

    In-text: (Patients Understanding And Participation In A Trial Designed To...NCBI)

    Your Bibliography: Patients Understanding And Participation In A Trial Designed To...NCBI. Manchester, Oxford.: online, 2003. Web. 1 Oct. 2017.

  • Website

    Punkoney, S.

    Play and how it impacts early brain development


    In-text: (Punkoney)

    Your Bibliography: Punkoney, sarah. "Play And How It Impacts Early Brain Development." Google. N.p., 2017. Web. 2 Sept. 2017.

  • Website

    Rae, 2. P.

    2014 - Redleaf Press

    In-text: (Rae)

    Your Bibliography: Rae, 2 Pica. "Communityplaythings.Com/Resources/Articles/.../Whatis-The-Outdoor-Classroom.." Google. N.p., 2014. Web. 26 Sept. 2017.

  • Book

    Reid, G.

    Motivating learner's in the classroom: Ideas and strategies

    2007 - Sage - California

    In-text: (Reid 99-100)

    Your Bibliography: Reid, G. Motivating Learner's In The Classroom: Ideas And Strategies. California: Sage, 2007. Print.

  • Book

    seaman, J. and Quay, J.

    John Dewey & Education outdoors, making sense of the "Educational Situation" through more than a Century of progressive reforms.

    2013 - Sense Publishers. - Roterdam/Boston/Taipei.

    In-text: (seaman and Quay)

    Your Bibliography: seaman, J, and J Quay. John Dewey & Education Outdoors, Making Sense Of The "Educational Situation" Through More Than A Century Of Progressive Reforms.. 1st ed. Roterdam/Boston/Taipei.: Sense Publishers., 2013. Print.

  • Book

    Spodek, B. and Sarachol, O.

    Handbook for research on the education of young cildren

    2006 - Routlegde - New Jersey

    In-text: (Spodek and Sarachol 34)

    Your Bibliography: Spodek, B, and O,N Sarachol. Handbook For Research On The Education Of Young Cildren. New Jersey: Routlegde, 2006. Print.

  • Website

    steinberg, D.

    real world learning netwok


    In-text: (steinberg)

    Your Bibliography: steinberg, D. "Real World Learning Netwok." Google. N.p., 2015. Web. 1 Aug. 2017.

  • E-book or PDF

    swiderski, M.

    Soft and conceptual skills: the often overlooked components of outdoor leadership

    1987 - Bradford woods centre for outdoor education. - Martinville

    Overlooked soft skills and conceptual skills which are essential skills for effective leadership in the outdoor education.

    In-text: (swiderski 30)

    Your Bibliography: swiderski, M. Soft And Conceptual Skills: The Often Overlooked Components Of Outdoor Leadership. Martinville: Bradford woods centre for outdoor education., 1987. Web. 9 Oct. 2017.

  • Website

    The world watch Institute.

    EarthEd (state of the world): Rethinking education on a changing planet.


    In-text: (The world watch Institute.)

    Your Bibliography: The world watch Institute. "Earthed (State Of The World): Rethinking Education On A Changing Planet.." google. N.p., 2017. Web. 7 July 2017.

  • E-book or PDF

    Thoreau, H. D. and Sanborne, F.

    The life of Henry David Thoreau

    2001 - houghton Mifflin company - Boston

    In-text: (Thoreau and Sanborne 260)

    Your Bibliography: Thoreau, H, D, and F,B Sanborne. The Life Of Henry David Thoreau. Boston: houghton Mifflin company, 2001. Print.

  • Website

    Tomporoski, P.

    The benefits of exercise on kid's brain: Raise smart kids


    In-text: (Tomporoski)

    Your Bibliography: Tomporoski, Phill. "The Benefits Of Exercise On Kid's Brain: Raise Smart Kids." Google. N.p., 2017. Web. 4 Sept. 2017.

  • Website

    Wardle, F.

    Play development and early education

    2010 - Allen and Bacon

    In-text: (Wardle)

    Your Bibliography: Wardle, F. "Play Development And Early Education." play development and early education. N.p., 2010. Print.

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