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  • Book

    Calvino, I. and Weaver, W.

    Invisible cities

    1997 - Vintage - London

    In-text: (Calvino and Weaver)

    Your Bibliography: Calvino, Italo, and William Weaver. Invisible Cities. London: Vintage, 1997. Print.

  • Journal

    Cavaliere, F.


    2010 - European Journal of English Studies

    In-text: (Cavaliere 173-188)

    Your Bibliography: Cavaliere, Flavia. "Gomorrah." European Journal of English Studies 14.2 (2010): 173-188. Web. 28 Apr. 2018.

  • Presentation or lecture

    Ceremonia, D.

    Calvino’s Invisible Cities

    2018 - Royal Holloway University of London

    In-text: (Ceremonia)

    Your Bibliography: Ceremonia, Daniella. "Calvino’S Invisible Cities." 2018. Presentation.

  • Newspaper

    Dickie, J.

    Roberto Saviano's Gomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia is a brave and passionate denunciation of the Neapolitan mafia.

    2008 - The Gurdian online

    In-text: (Dickie)

    Your Bibliography: Dickie, John. "Roberto Saviano's Gomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia Is A Brave And Passionate Denunciation Of The Neapolitan Mafia.." The Gurdian online 2008. Web. 30 Apr. 2018.

  • Book

    Foucault, M.

    The order of things

    1994 - Vintage Books - New York

    In-text: (Foucault)

    Your Bibliography: Foucault, Michel. The Order Of Things. New York: Vintage Books, 1994. Print.

  • Journal

    Gadavanij, S.


    School of Language and Communication

    In-text: (Gadavanij)

    Your Bibliography: Gadavanij, Savitri. "INTERTEXTUALITY AS DISCOURSE STRATEGY: THE CASE OF NO-CONFIDENCE DEBATES IN THAILAND." School of Language and Communication n. pag. Print.

  • Book

    Lyotard, J. and Bennington, G.

    The postmodern condition

    1984 - Univ. of Minnesota Press - Minneapolis, Minn

    In-text: (Lyotard and Bennington)

    Your Bibliography: Lyotard, Jean-François, and Geoff Bennington. The Postmodern Condition. Minneapolis, Minn: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 1984. Print.

  • Online image or video


    Singapore River 1961


    In-text: (moteeb/GuardianWitness)

    Your Bibliography: moteeb/GuardianWitness. Singapore River 1961. 1961. Web. 29 Apr. 2018.

  • Online image or video

    National Archives of Singapore

    Singapore River, Boat quay, Banking District


    In-text: (National Archives of Singapore)

    Your Bibliography: National Archives of Singapore. Singapore River, Boat Quay, Banking District. 1980. Web. 29 Apr. 2018.

  • Journal

    Pilz,, K.

    Reconceptualising Thought and Space: Labyrinths and Cities in Calvino’s Fictions.

    2015 - Italica

    In-text: (Pilz, 1)

    Your Bibliography: Pilz,, Kerstin. "Reconceptualising Thought And Space: Labyrinths And Cities In Calvino’S Fictions.." Italica 80.2 (2015): 1. Print.

  • Journal

    Pocci, L.

    ``Io So'': A Reading Of Roberto Saviano's "Gomorra"

    2011 - The Johns Hopkins University Press

    In-text: (Pocci 5)

    Your Bibliography: Pocci, Luca. "``Io So'': A Reading Of Roberto Saviano's "Gomorra"." The Johns Hopkins University Press 126.1 (2011): 5. Print.

  • Book

    Polo, M., da Pisa, R. and Colbert, B.

    The travels of Marco Polo

    1997 - Wordsworth Classics - Ware, Hertfordshire

    In-text: (Polo, da Pisa and Colbert)

    Your Bibliography: Polo, Marco, Rustichello da Pisa, and Benjamin Colbert. The Travels Of Marco Polo. Ware, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Classics, 1997. Print.

  • Website

    Review: Gomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia by Roberto Saviano

    The Gurdian Online

    In-text: ("Review: Gomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia By Roberto Saviano")

    Your Bibliography: "Review: Gomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia By Roberto Saviano." the Guardian. Web. 25 Apr. 2018.

  • Book

    Saviano, R.


    2008 - Macmillan - London

    In-text: (Saviano)

    Your Bibliography: Saviano, Roberto. Gomorrah. London: Macmillan, 2008. Print.

  • Book

    Scott, D. and Usher, R.

    Understanding educational research

    1996 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Scott and Usher)

    Your Bibliography: Scott, David, and Robin Usher. Understanding Educational Research. London: Routledge, 1996. Print.

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