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  • Book

    Bachelard, G.

    La poétique de l'espace

    1994 - Quadrige / Presses Universitaires de France - Paris

    In-text: (Bachelard)

    Your Bibliography: Bachelard, Gaston. La Poétique De L'espace. Paris: Quadrige / Presses Universitaires de France, 1994. Print.

  • Book

    Barthes, R.

    Le degre zero de l'ecriture

    1972 - Éditions du Seuil - Paris

    In-text: (Barthes 37)

    Your Bibliography: Barthes, Roland. Le Degre Zero De L'ecriture. Paris: Éditions du Seuil, 1972. Print.

  • Book

    Bateson, G.

    Steps to an Ecology of Mind

    1973 - Paladin

    In-text: (Bateson)

    Your Bibliography: Bateson, Gregory. Steps To An Ecology Of Mind. Paladin, 1973. Print.

  • Website

    Bellot, M.

    Alain Suberchicot. Littérature Américaine et Ecologie


    In-text: (Bellot)

    Your Bibliography: Bellot, Marc. "Alain Suberchicot. Littérature Américaine Et Ecologie." Transatlantica. N.p., 2003. Web.

  • Website

    Berger, P. L. and Luckmann, T.

    The Social Construction of Reality -- A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge


    In-text: (Berger and Luckmann)

    Your Bibliography: Berger, Peter L., and Thomas Luckmann. "The Social Construction Of Reality -- A Treatise In The Sociology Of Knowledge." N.p., 2017. Web.

  • Journal

    Buell, L.

    Ecocriticism: Some Emerging Trends

    2011 - Qui Parle

    In-text: (Buell 87)

    Your Bibliography: Buell, Lawrence. "Ecocriticism: Some Emerging Trends." Qui Parle 19.2 (2011): 87. Web. 23 Aug. 2017.

  • Book

    Buell, L.

    The environmental imagination

    1995 - Harvard University Press - Cambridge, Mass

    In-text: (Buell)

    Your Bibliography: Buell, Lawrence. The Environmental Imagination. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1995. Print.

  • Journal

    Buell, L.

    Toxic Discourse

    1998 - Critical Inquiry

    In-text: (Buell 639-665)

    Your Bibliography: Buell, Lawrence. "Toxic Discourse." Critical Inquiry 24.3 (1998): 639-665. Web.

  • Book

    Buell, L.

    Writing for an Endangered World: Literature, Culture, and Environment in the U.S. and Beyond

    2001 - Harvard University Press

    In-text: (Buell)

    Your Bibliography: Buell, Lawrence. Writing For An Endangered World: Literature, Culture, And Environment In The U.S. And Beyond. Harvard University Press, 2001. Print.

  • Book

    Camps, W. A.

    An introduction to Virgil's 'Aeneid'

    1969 - Oxford University Press - London

    In-text: (Camps)

    Your Bibliography: Camps, W. A. An Introduction To Virgil's 'Aeneid'. London: Oxford University Press, 1969. Print.

  • Book

    Chadderton, H.

    Marie Darrieussecq's textual worlds

    2012 - Peter Lang - Oxford

    In-text: (Chadderton)

    Your Bibliography: Chadderton, Helena. Marie Darrieussecq's Textual Worlds. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012. Print.

  • Website

    Chisholm, D.

    Rhizome, Ecology, Geophilosophy

    2007 - Rhyzomes

    In-text: (Chisholm)

    Your Bibliography: Chisholm, Dianne. "Rhizome, Ecology, Geophilosophy." N.p., 2007. Web.

  • Book

    Clark, T.

    The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment

    2011 - Cambridge University Press

    In-text: (Clark)

    Your Bibliography: Clark, Timothy. The Cambridge Introduction To Literature And The Environment. 3rd ed. Cambridge University Press, 2011. Print.

  • Website

    "Comptes rendus", Roman 20-50, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 171-175.


    In-text: (""Comptes Rendus", Roman 20-50, Vol. 57, No. 1, Pp. 171-175.")

    Your Bibliography: ""Comptes Rendus", Roman 20-50, Vol. 57, No. 1, Pp. 171-175.." N.p., 2014. Web.

  • E-book or PDF

    Conley, V. A.

    Ecopolitics: The environment in poststructuralist thought

    1997 - Routledge - USA / Canada

    In-text: (Conley 98-99)

    Your Bibliography: Conley, Verena Andermatt. Ecopolitics: The Environment In Poststructuralist Thought. USA / Canada: Routledge, 1997. Print.

  • Book

    Cox, F.

    Sibylline sisters

    2011 - Oxford University Press - Oxford [etc.]

    In-text: (Cox)

    Your Bibliography: Cox, Fiona. Sibylline Sisters. Oxford [etc.]: Oxford University Press, 2011. Print.

  • Book

    Darrieussecq, M.

    Le pays

    2006 - POL ed - Paris

    In-text: (Darrieussecq)

    Your Bibliography: Darrieussecq, Marie. Le Pays. Paris: POL ed, 2006. Print.

  • Book

    Darrieussecq, M.


    2003 - POL - Paris

    In-text: (Darrieussecq)

    Your Bibliography: Darrieussecq, Marie. White. Paris: POL, 2003. Print.

  • Book

    Derrida, J. and Mallet, M.

    L'animal que donc je suis

    2006 - Galilée - Paris

    In-text: (Derrida and Mallet)

    Your Bibliography: Derrida, Jacques, and Marie-Louise Mallet. L'animal Que Donc Je Suis. Paris: Galilée, 2006. Print.

  • Book

    Drabble, M.

    The seven sisters

    2011 - Penguin - London

    In-text: (Drabble)

    Your Bibliography: Drabble, Margaret. The Seven Sisters. London: Penguin, 2011. Print.

  • Book

    Finch-Race, D. A. and Posthumus, S.

    French ecocriticism: From the Early Modern Period to the Twenty-First Century

    2017 - Peter Lang

    In-text: (Finch-Race and Posthumus)

    Your Bibliography: Finch-Race, Daniel A, and Stephanie Posthumus. French Ecocriticism: From The Early Modern Period To The Twenty-First Century. Peter Lang, 2017. Print.

  • Book

    Foucault, M.

    Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique

    2010 - Gallimard - [Paris]

    In-text: (Foucault)

    Your Bibliography: Foucault, Michel. Histoire De La Folie À L'âge Classique. [Paris]: Gallimard, 2010. Print.

  • Website

    Future Library, 2014 - 2114

    In-text: ("Future Library, 2014 - 2114")

    Your Bibliography: "Future Library, 2014 - 2114." Web.

  • Journal

    Garvey, B.

    Embodied Spaces and Out-of-Body Experiences in "Le Pays"

    2012 - Dalhousie French Studies

    In-text: (Garvey 39-47)

    Your Bibliography: Garvey, Brenda. "Embodied Spaces And Out-Of-Body Experiences In "Le Pays"." Dalhousie French Studies 98 (2012): 39-47. Print.

  • Book

    Guattari, F.

    Les trois écologies

    2011 - Galilée - Paris

    In-text: (Guattari)

    Your Bibliography: Guattari, Félix. Les Trois Écologies. Paris: Galilée, 2011. Print.

  • Book

    Harrison, R. P.

    Forests: The Shadow of Civilization

    1993 - University of Chicago Press

    In-text: (Harrison)

    Your Bibliography: Harrison, Robert Pogue. Forests: The Shadow Of Civilization. University of Chicago Press, 1993. Print.

  • Website

    Hogan, L.

    Depth Linda Hogan, Jul 3 2011 | Video |


    In-text: (Hogan)

    Your Bibliography: Hogan, Linda. "Depth Linda Hogan, Jul 3 2011 | Video |." N.p., 2011. Web.

  • Book

    Hogan, L.

    People of the whale

    2009 - Norton - New York

    In-text: (Hogan)

    Your Bibliography: Hogan, Linda. People Of The Whale. New York: Norton, 2009. Print.

  • Book

    Hogan, L.

    The woman who watches over the world

    2002 - Norton - New York

    In-text: (Hogan 15)

    Your Bibliography: Hogan, Linda. The Woman Who Watches Over The World. New York: Norton, 2002. Print.

  • Book

    Jackson, R.

    Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion

    1981 - Methuen - London and New York

    In-text: (Jackson)

    Your Bibliography: Jackson, Rosemary. Fantasy: The Literature Of Subversion. London and New York: Methuen, 1981. Print.

  • Book

    Jonas, H.

    The imperative of responsibility

    2000 - The University of Chicago Press - Chicago (Ill.)

    In-text: (Jonas)

    Your Bibliography: Jonas, Hans. The Imperative Of Responsibility. Chicago (Ill.): The University of Chicago Press, 2000. Print.

  • Journal

    Kemp, S.

    Darrieussecq's Mind

    2008 - French Studies

    In-text: (Kemp 429-441)

    Your Bibliography: Kemp, S. "Darrieussecq's Mind." French Studies 62.4 (2008): 429-441. Web. 12 Sept. 2017.

  • Book

    Larrère, C.

    Les philosophies de l'environnement

    1997 - Presses universitaires de France - Paris

    In-text: (Larrère)

    Your Bibliography: Larrère, Catherine. Les Philosophies De L'environnement. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1997. Print.

  • Book

    Leopold, A., Schwartz, C. W., Finch, R. and Leopold, A.

    Sand County Almanac ; and Sketches Here and There.

    1992 - Oxf. U.P. (N.Y.)

    In-text: (Leopold et al. 130, 132)

    Your Bibliography: Leopold, Aldo et al. Sand County Almanac ; And Sketches Here And There.. Oxf. U.P. (N.Y.), 1992. Print.

  • Website

    Lyotard, J.


    2017 - Presses Universitaires de France

    In-text: (Lyotard)

    Your Bibliography: Lyotard, Jean-François. "JACQUES DERRIDA : ÉPREUVES D'écriture On JSTOR." N.p., 2017. Web. 31 July 2017.

  • Website

    Marie Darrieussecq : une écriture géographique ?


    In-text: ("Marie Darrieussecq : Une Écriture Géographique ?")

    Your Bibliography: "Marie Darrieussecq : Une Écriture Géographique ?." N.p., 2016. Web.

  • Journal

    Posthumus, S.

    Écocritique et "ecocriticism". Repenser le personnage écologique.

    2014 - Figura

    In-text: (Posthumus)

    Your Bibliography: Posthumus, Stéphanie. "Écocritique Et "Ecocriticism". Repenser Le Personnage Écologique.." Figura 36 (2014): n. pag. Print.

  • Journal

    Posthumus, S.

    Les Enjeux des animaux (humains), du darwinisme au post-humanisme

    2014 - French Studies: A Quarterly Review

    In-text: (Posthumus 359-376)

    Your Bibliography: Posthumus, Stephanie. "Les Enjeux Des Animaux (Humains), Du Darwinisme Au Post-Humanisme." French Studies: A Quarterly Review 68.3 (2014): 359-376. Print.

  • Journal

    Posthumus, S.

    Penser l’imagination environnementale française sous le signe de la différence

    2012 - Raison publique

    In-text: (Posthumus 15-31)

    Your Bibliography: Posthumus, Stéphanie. "Penser L’Imagination Environnementale Française Sous Le Signe De La Différence." Raison publique 17.2 (2012): 15-31. Print.

  • Journal

    Posthumus, S.

    Writing the Land/scape: Marie Darrieussecq's Le Pays

    2012 - French Literature Series

    In-text: (Posthumus 103-117)

    Your Bibliography: Posthumus, Stéphanie. "Writing The Land/Scape: Marie Darrieussecq's Le Pays." French Literature Series 30 (2012): 103-117. Print.

  • Journal

    Rubenstein, R.

    Fragmented Bodies/Selves/Narratives: Margaret Drabble's Postmodern Turn

    1994 - Contemporary Literature

    In-text: (Rubenstein 136)

    Your Bibliography: Rubenstein, Roberta. "Fragmented Bodies/Selves/Narratives: Margaret Drabble's Postmodern Turn." Contemporary Literature 35.1 (1994): 136. Print.

  • Journal

    Santone, L.

    Du sacré au fantastique

    2005 - Lignes

    In-text: (Santone 228)

    Your Bibliography: Santone, Laura. "Du Sacré Au Fantastique." Lignes 17.2 (2005): 228. Print.

  • Book

    Schoentjes, P.

    Ce qui a lieu

    2015 - Wildproject - Marseille

    In-text: (Schoentjes)

    Your Bibliography: Schoentjes, Pierre. Ce Qui A Lieu. Marseille: Wildproject, 2015. Print.

  • Website

    Sichère, B.

    « A quoi bon des poètes en temps de détresse ? »


    In-text: (Sichère)

    Your Bibliography: Sichère, Bernard. "« A Quoi Bon Des Poètes En Temps De Détresse ? »." N.p., 2017. Web.

  • Website

    Simon, A. and Tellier, H.

    In-text: (Simon and Tellier)

    Your Bibliography: Simon, Anne, and Honorine Tellier. Animots. Web.

  • Website


    The Dawn of the Anthropocene Era: 'We Are the Top Predator on Earth' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International


    In-text: (SPIEGEL ONLINE)

    Your Bibliography: SPIEGEL ONLINE, Germany. "The Dawn Of The Anthropocene Era: 'We Are The Top Predator On Earth' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International." SPIEGEL ONLINE. N.p., 2011. Web.

  • Website

    Thibault, B.

    Écrire la crise: L’esthétique postmoderne by Marc Gontard


    In-text: (Thibault)

    Your Bibliography: Thibault, Bruno. "Écrire La Crise: L’Esthétique Postmoderne By Marc Gontard." N.p., 2017. Print.

  • Book

    Trexler, A.

    Anthropocene fictions

    2015 - University of Virginia Press - Charlottesville

    In-text: (Trexler)

    Your Bibliography: Trexler, Adam. Anthropocene Fictions. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2015. Print.

  • Book

    Trout, C.

    Marie Darrieussecq ou voir le monde à neuf

    2016 - Koninklijke Brill NV

    In-text: (Trout)

    Your Bibliography: Trout, Colette. Marie Darrieussecq Ou Voir Le Monde À Neuf. Koninklijke Brill NV, 2016. Print.

  • Website

    Writers Talk : Linda Hogan | The Ohio Channel


    In-text: ("Writers Talk : Linda Hogan | The Ohio Channel")

    Your Bibliography: "Writers Talk : Linda Hogan | The Ohio Channel." N.p., 2017. Web. 7 July 2017.

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