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  • Book

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    In-text: (Bachtin and Izvolʹskaja 38)

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  • Website

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    In-text: (Bjerre)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Website

    James, C.

    'Blood Meridian,' by Cormac McCarthy

    1985 - New York Times

    In-text: (James)

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  • Journal

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  • Book

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  • Website

    L., R.

    Topic: New historical notes on Judge Holden, Glanton, Tobin, and the rest |


    In-text: (L.)

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  • Website

    Mclachlin, P.

    harold bloom on the visionary in cormac mccarthy's blood meridian and all the pretty horses


    In-text: (Mclachlin)

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  • Website

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    The Monster Who was Real: Judge Holden of Texas, Scalp-hunting Giant


    In-text: (McNabb)

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  • Journal

    Phillips, D.

    History and the Ugly Facts of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian

    1996 - American Literature

    In-text: (Phillips 433)

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  • Journal

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  • Website

    Turner, E.

    My Confession: The Recollections of a Rogue – Biblioklept


    In-text: (Turner)

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