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  • Journal

    Bhalerao, D. and Kamble, B. V.

    Online Marketing Strategy of Lady n Baby Retail-A Case Study

    2015 - Chanakya International Journal of Business Research

    In-text: (Bhalerao and Kamble 19)

    Your Bibliography: Bhalerao, Dipanjay, and B. V. Kamble. "Online Marketing Strategy Of Lady N Baby Retail-A Case Study." Chanakya International Journal of Business Research 1.1 (2015): 19. Web.

  • Journal

    Brotspies, H. and Weinstein, A.

    Rethinking business segmentation: a conceptual model and strategic insights

    2017 - Journal of Strategic Marketing

    In-text: (Brotspies and Weinstein 164-176)

    Your Bibliography: Brotspies, Herbert, and Art Weinstein. "Rethinking Business Segmentation: A Conceptual Model And Strategic Insights." Journal of Strategic Marketing 27.2 (2017): 164-176. Web.

  • Journal

    Fontana, E.

    Strategic CSR: a panacea for profit and altruism?

    2017 - European Business Review

    In-text: (Fontana 304-319)

    Your Bibliography: Fontana, Enrico. "Strategic CSR: A Panacea For Profit And Altruism?." European Business Review 29.3 (2017): 304-319. Web.

  • Book

    Hollensen, S.

    Marketing Management

    2019 - Pearson Education Canada - Harlow, United Kingdom

    In-text: (Hollensen)

    Your Bibliography: Hollensen, Svend. Marketing Management. Harlow, United Kingdom: Pearson Education Canada, 2019. Print.

  • Book

    Hundekar, S. G.

    Principles of marketing

    2010 - Himalaya Pub. House - Mumbai

    In-text: (Hundekar)

    Your Bibliography: Hundekar, S. G. Principles Of Marketing. Mumbai: Himalaya Pub. House, 2010. Print.

  • Journal

    Kennedy, A., Kapitan, S. and Soo, S.

    Eco-warriors: Shifting sustainable retail strategy via authentic retail brand image

    2016 - Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ)

    In-text: (Kennedy, Kapitan and Soo 125-134)

    Your Bibliography: Kennedy, Ann-Marie, Sommer Kapitan, and Samuel Soo. "Eco-Warriors: Shifting Sustainable Retail Strategy Via Authentic Retail Brand Image." Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) 24.2 (2016): 125-134. Web.

  • Book

    Meiners, R. E., Ringleb, A. H. and Edwards, F. L.

    Legal environment of business

    2018 - Cengage Learning - Boston, MA, USA

    In-text: (Meiners, Ringleb and Edwards)

    Your Bibliography: Meiners, Roger E, Al H Ringleb, and Frances L Edwards. Legal Environment Of Business. Boston, MA, USA: Cengage Learning, 2018. Print.

  • Book

    Mooradian, T., Matzler, K. and Ring, L.

    Strategic Marketing

    2013 - Pearson Education Canada - Harlow, United Kingdom

    In-text: (Mooradian, Matzler and Ring)

    Your Bibliography: Mooradian, Todd, Kurt Matzler, and Larry Ring. Strategic Marketing. Harlow, United Kingdom: Pearson Education Canada, 2013. Print.

  • Journal

    Rhee, Y. P., Park, C. and Petersen, B.

    The Effect of Local Stakeholder Pressures on Responsive and Strategic CSR Activities

    2018 - Business & Society

    In-text: (Rhee, Park and Petersen 000765031881645)

    Your Bibliography: Rhee, Yang Pok, Chansoo Park, and Bui Petersen. "The Effect Of Local Stakeholder Pressures On Responsive And Strategic CSR Activities." Business & Society (2018): 000765031881645. Web.

  • Journal

    Schmid, S., Grosche, P. and Mayrhofer, U.

    Configuration and coordination of international marketing activities

    2016 - International Business Review

    In-text: (Schmid, Grosche and Mayrhofer 535-547)

    Your Bibliography: Schmid, Stefan, Philipp Grosche, and Ulrike Mayrhofer. "Configuration And Coordination Of International Marketing Activities." International Business Review 25.2 (2016): 535-547. Web.

  • Book

    Sheehan, B.

    Marketing management

    2018 - AVA Publishing SA - Lausanne

    In-text: (Sheehan)

    Your Bibliography: Sheehan, Brian. Marketing Management. Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA, 2018. Print.

  • Journal

    Simbolon, F. P.

    The Impact of Relationship Marketing Strategy in Indonesia Retail Industries

    2016 - Binus Business Review

    In-text: (Simbolon 143)

    Your Bibliography: Simbolon, Freddy Pandapotan. "The Impact Of Relationship Marketing Strategy In Indonesia Retail Industries." Binus Business Review 7.2 (2016): 143. Web.

  • Journal

    Turner, C.

    Strategic flexibility and the emergence of virtual global strategies

    2012 - European Business Review

    In-text: (Turner 272-286)

    Your Bibliography: Turner, Colin. "Strategic Flexibility And The Emergence Of Virtual Global Strategies." European Business Review 24.3 (2012): 272-286. Web.

  • Journal

    Yang, M.

    International entrepreneurial marketing strategies of MNCs: Bricolage as practiced by marketing managers

    2018 - International Business Review

    In-text: (Yang 1045-1056)

    Your Bibliography: Yang, Man. "International Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies Of Mncs: Bricolage As Practiced By Marketing Managers." International Business Review 27.5 (2018): 1045-1056. Web.

  • Journal

    Zhu, G.

    Precision Retail Marketing Strategy Based on Digital Marketing Model

    2019 - Science Journal of Business and Management

    In-text: (Zhu 33)

    Your Bibliography: Zhu, Guoan. "Precision Retail Marketing Strategy Based On Digital Marketing Model." Science Journal of Business and Management 7.1 (2019): 33. Web.

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