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  • Book

    Berle, A. A. and Means, G. C.

    The modern corporation and private property

    1933 - Macmillan Co. - New York

    In-text: (Berle and Means)

    Your Bibliography: Berle, Adolf A, and Gardiner C Means. The Modern Corporation And Private Property. New York: Macmillan Co., 1933. Print.

  • Book

    Boubaker, S. and Nguyen, D. K.

    Board directors and corporate social responsibility

    2012 - Palgrave Macmillan - Basingstoke

    In-text: (Boubaker and Nguyen)

    Your Bibliography: Boubaker, Sabri, and Duc Khuong Nguyen. Board Directors And Corporate Social Responsibility. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. Print.

  • Book

    Cadbury, A.

    Report of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance

    1992 - Gee - London

    In-text: (Cadbury)

    Your Bibliography: Cadbury, Adrian. Report Of The Committee On The Financial Aspects Of Corporate Governance. London: Gee, 1992. Print.

  • Book

    Chitty, D.

    Corporate governence - the revised Combined Code

    2007 - Wolters Kluwer (UK) Ltd. - Kingston upon Thames

    In-text: (Chitty)

    Your Bibliography: Chitty, David. Corporate Governence - The Revised Combined Code. Kingston upon Thames: Wolters Kluwer (UK) Ltd., 2007. Print.

  • Website

    effectiveness: definition of effectiveness in Oxford dictionary (British & World English)


    In-text: ("Effectiveness: Definition Of Effectiveness In Oxford Dictionary (British & World English)")

    Your Bibliography: "Effectiveness: Definition Of Effectiveness In Oxford Dictionary (British & World English)." N.p., 2015. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.

  • Report

    Financial Reporting Council

    The UK Corporate Governance Code

    2014 - The Financial Reporting Council Limited - London

    In-text: (Financial Reporting Council)

    Your Bibliography: Financial Reporting Council. The UK Corporate Governance Code. London: The Financial Reporting Council Limited, 2014. Print.

  • Journal

    Hermalin, B. E. and Weisbach, M. S.

    The Effects of Board Composition and Direct Incentives on Firm Performance

    1991 - Financial Management

    In-text: (Hermalin and Weisbach 101)

    Your Bibliography: Hermalin, Benjamin E., and Michael S. Weisbach. "The Effects Of Board Composition And Direct Incentives On Firm Performance." Financial Management 20.4 (1991): 101. Web.

  • Book

    Higgs, D.

    Review of the role and effectiveness of non-executive directors

    2003 - DTI - London

    In-text: (Higgs)

    Your Bibliography: Higgs, Derek. Review Of The Role And Effectiveness Of Non-Executive Directors. London: DTI, 2003. Print.

  • Report

    International Finance Corporation

    List of Key Corporate Governance Terms

    2010 - International Finance Corporation

    In-text: (International Finance Corporation)

    Your Bibliography: International Finance Corporation. List Of Key Corporate Governance Terms. International Finance Corporation, 2010. Print.

  • Journal

    John, K. and Senbet, L.

    Corporate governance and board e􏰂ffectiveness

    1998 - Journal of Banking & Finance

    In-text: (John and Senbet)

    Your Bibliography: John, Kose, and Lemma Senbet. "Corporate Governance And Board E􏰂ffectiveness." Journal of Banking & Finance 22 (1998): n. pag. Print.

  • Report


    Achieving Effective Boards: A comparative study of corporate governance frameworks and board practices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru

    2011 - OECD

    In-text: (OECD)

    Your Bibliography: OECD. Achieving Effective Boards: A Comparative Study Of Corporate Governance Frameworks And Board Practices In Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama And Peru. OECD, 2011. Print.

  • Journal

    Roberts, J., McNulty, T. and Stiles, P.

    Beyond Agency Conceptions of the Work of the Non-Executive Director: Creating Accountability in the Boardroom

    2005 - British Journal of Management

    In-text: (Roberts, McNulty and Stiles S5-S26)

    Your Bibliography: Roberts, John, Terry McNulty, and Philip Stiles. "Beyond Agency Conceptions Of The Work Of The Non-Executive Director: Creating Accountability In The Boardroom." British Journal of Management 16.s1 (2005): S5-S26. Web.

  • Journal

    Seidl, D.

    Standard Setting and Following in Corporate Governance: An Observation-Theoretical Study of the Effectiveness of Governance Codes

    2007 - Organization

    In-text: (Seidl 705-727)

    Your Bibliography: Seidl, D. "Standard Setting And Following In Corporate Governance: An Observation-Theoretical Study Of The Effectiveness Of Governance Codes." Organization 14.5 (2007): 705-727. Web.

  • Book

    Tricker, R. I.

    Corporate governance

    2009 - Oxford University Press - Oxford

    In-text: (Tricker)

    Your Bibliography: Tricker, R. Ian. Corporate Governance. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. Print.

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