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  • Journal

    Ambrosini, G., Adida, C. and Altieri, D. C.

    A novel anti-apoptosis gene, survivin, expressed in cancer and lymphoma

    1997 - Nature Medicine

    In-text: (Ambrosini, Adida and Altieri 917-921)

    Your Bibliography: Ambrosini, Grazia, Colette Adida, and Dario C. Altieri. "A Novel Anti-Apoptosis Gene, Survivin, Expressed In Cancer And Lymphoma." Nature Medicine 3.8 (1997): 917-921. Web.

  • Journal

    Dominguez-Brauer, C., Thu, K., Mason, J., Blaser, H., Bray, M. and Mak, T.

    Targeting Mitosis in Cancer: Emerging Strategies

    2015 - Molecular Cell

    In-text: (Dominguez-Brauer et al. 524-536)

    Your Bibliography: Dominguez-Brauer, Carmen et al. "Targeting Mitosis In Cancer: Emerging Strategies." Molecular Cell 60.4 (2015): 524-536. Web.

  • Journal

    Malumbres, M. and Barbacid, M.

    Cell cycle, CDKs and cancer: a changing paradigm

    2009 - Nature Reviews Cancer

    In-text: (Malumbres and Barbacid 153-166)

    Your Bibliography: Malumbres, Marcos, and Mariano Barbacid. "Cell Cycle, Cdks And Cancer: A Changing Paradigm." Nature Reviews Cancer 9.3 (2009): 153-166. Web.

  • Journal

    Mobahat, M., Narendran, A. and Riabowol, K.

    Survivin as a Preferential Target for Cancer Therapy

    2014 - International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    In-text: (Mobahat, Narendran and Riabowol 2494-2516)

    Your Bibliography: Mobahat, Mahsa, Aru Narendran, and Karl Riabowol. "Survivin As A Preferential Target For Cancer Therapy." International Journal of Molecular Sciences 15.2 (2014): 2494-2516. Web.

  • Journal

    Musacchio, A.

    The Molecular Biology of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Signaling Dynamics

    2015 - Current Biology

    In-text: (Musacchio 3017)

    Your Bibliography: Musacchio, Andrea. "The Molecular Biology Of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Signaling Dynamics." Current Biology 25.22 (2015): 3017. Web.

  • Journal

    Ryan, B. M., O’Donovan, N. and Duffy, M. J.

    Survivin: A new target for anti-cancer therapy

    2009 - Cancer Treatment Reviews

    In-text: (Ryan, O’Donovan and Duffy 553-562)

    Your Bibliography: Ryan, Bríd M., Norma O’Donovan, and Michael J. Duffy. "Survivin: A New Target For Anti-Cancer Therapy." Cancer Treatment Reviews 35.7 (2009): 553-562. Web.

  • Journal

    Schmit, T. L. and Ahmad, N.

    Regulation of mitosis via mitotic kinases: new opportunities for cancer management

    2007 - Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

    In-text: (Schmit and Ahmad 1920-1931)

    Your Bibliography: Schmit, T. L., and N. Ahmad. "Regulation Of Mitosis Via Mitotic Kinases: New Opportunities For Cancer Management." Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 6.7 (2007): 1920-1931. Web.

  • Journal

    Sudakin, V. and Yen, T. J.

    Targeting Mitosis for Anti-Cancer Therapy

    2007 - BioDrugs

    In-text: (Sudakin and Yen 225-233)

    Your Bibliography: Sudakin, Valery, and Timothy J Yen. "Targeting Mitosis For Anti-Cancer Therapy." BioDrugs 21.4 (2007): 225-233. Web.

  • Journal

    Varetti, G. and Musacchio, A.

    The spindle assembly checkpoint

    2008 - Current Biology

    In-text: (Varetti and Musacchio 1444)

    Your Bibliography: Varetti, Gianluca, and Andrea Musacchio. "The Spindle Assembly Checkpoint." Current Biology 18.18 (2008): 1444. Web.

  • Journal

    Zhou, B. S. and Elledge, S. J.

    The DNA damage response: putting checkpoints in perspective

    2000 - Nature

    In-text: (Zhou and Elledge 433-439)

    Your Bibliography: Zhou, Bin-Bing S., and Stephen J. Elledge. "The DNA Damage Response: Putting Checkpoints In Perspective." Nature 408.6811 (2000): 433-439. Web.

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