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  • Journal

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    1996 - Annual Reviews

    In-text: (Allan 459-487)

    Your Bibliography: Allan, E. "GENDER AND CRIME: Toward A Gendered Theory Of Female Offending." Annual Reviews 22 (1996): 459-487. Print.

  • Website

    Arenare, T.

    Similarity bias – Open Thinking

    2012 -

    In-text: (Arenare)

    Your Bibliography: Arenare, Tommaso. "Similarity Bias – Open Thinking." Open Thinking. N.p., 2012. Web. 31 Oct. 2019.

  • Journal

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    2002 - Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment

    In-text: (Beech et al. 155-167)

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  • Journal

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    The Construction and Interpretation of Risk Management Technologies in Contemporary Probation Practice

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    In-text: (Bullock 120-135)

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  • Journal

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    In-text: (Hannah-Moffat, Maurutto and Turnbull 391-409)

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  • Journal

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    2006 - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

    In-text: (HARRIS and RICE 198-210)

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  • Report

    House of Commons

    Transforming rehabilitation: progress review

    2019 - House of Commons - London

    In-text: (House of Commons)

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  • Journal

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    Action steps using ACEs and trauma-informed care: a resilience model

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    In-text: (Leitch 1-10)

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  • Book

    Moyers, T. and Ernst, D.

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    2015 - University of New Mexico - New Mexico

    In-text: (Moyers and Ernst)

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  • Report

    National Offender Management Service

    A Distinct Approach: A guide to working with women offenders

    2012 - Ministry of Justice - London

    In-text: (National Offender Management Service)

    Your Bibliography: National Offender Management Service. A Distinct Approach: A Guide To Working With Women Offenders. London: Ministry of Justice, 2012. Print.

  • Report

    Nicholls, C.

    Examining implementation of the Stable and Acute dynamic risk assessment tool pilot in England and Wales

    2010 - Ministry of Justice - London

    In-text: (Nicholls)

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  • Journal

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    Dynamic risk and protective factors

    2015 - Psychology, Crime & Law

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  • Journal

    Vitopoulos, N. A., Peterson-Badali, M., Brown, S. and Skilling, T. A.

    The Relationship Between Trauma, Recidivism Risk, and Reoffending in Male and Female Juvenile Offenders

    2018 - Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma

    In-text: (Vitopoulos et al. 351-364)

    Your Bibliography: Vitopoulos, Nina A. et al. "The Relationship Between Trauma, Recidivism Risk, And Reoffending In Male And Female Juvenile Offenders." Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma 12.3 (2018): 351-364. Print.

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