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  • Journal

    Alberini, C. M.

    Mechanisms of memory stabilization: are consolidation and reconsolidation similar or distinct processes?

    2005 - Trends in Neurosciences

    In-text: (Alberini 51-56)

    Your Bibliography: Alberini, Cristina M. "Mechanisms Of Memory Stabilization: Are Consolidation And Reconsolidation Similar Or Distinct Processes?." Trends in Neurosciences 28.1 (2005): 51-56. Web.

  • Journal

    Barnes, J. M. and Underwood, B. J.

    "Fate" of first-list associations in transfer theory.

    1959 - Journal of Experimental Psychology

    In-text: (Barnes and Underwood 97-105)

    Your Bibliography: Barnes, Jean M., and Benton J. Underwood. ""Fate" Of First-List Associations In Transfer Theory.." Journal of Experimental Psychology 58.2 (1959): 97-105. Web.

  • Journal

    Davis, R. L. and Zhong, Y.

    The Biology of Forgetting—A Perspective

    2017 - Neuron

    In-text: (Davis and Zhong 490-503)

    Your Bibliography: Davis, Ronald L., and Yi Zhong. "The Biology Of Forgetting—A Perspective." Neuron 95.3 (2017): 490-503. Web.

  • Journal

    Dudai, Y.

    The Restless Engram: Consolidations Never End

    2012 - Annual Review of Neuroscience

    In-text: (Dudai 227-247)

    Your Bibliography: Dudai, Yadin. "The Restless Engram: Consolidations Never End." Annual Review of Neuroscience 35.1 (2012): 227-247. Web.

  • Journal

    Loftus, E. F. and Palmer, J. C.

    Reconstruction of automobile destruction: An example of the interaction between language and memory

    1974 - Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior

    In-text: (Loftus and Palmer 585-589)

    Your Bibliography: Loftus, Elizabeth F., and John C. Palmer. "Reconstruction Of Automobile Destruction: An Example Of The Interaction Between Language And Memory." Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 13.5 (1974): 585-589. Web.

  • Journal

    McClelland, J. L.

    Incorporating rapid neocortical learning of new schema-consistent information into complementary learning systems theory.

    2013 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

    In-text: (McClelland 1190-1210)

    Your Bibliography: McClelland, James L. "Incorporating Rapid Neocortical Learning Of New Schema-Consistent Information Into Complementary Learning Systems Theory.." Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 142.4 (2013): 1190-1210. Web.

  • Journal

    Nader, K., Schafe, G. E. and Le Doux, J. E.

    Fear memories require protein synthesis in the amygdala for reconsolidation after retrieval

    2000 - Nature

    In-text: (Nader, Schafe and Le Doux 722-726)

    Your Bibliography: Nader, Karim, Glenn E. Schafe, and Joseph E. Le Doux. "Fear Memories Require Protein Synthesis In The Amygdala For Reconsolidation After Retrieval." Nature 406.6797 (2000): 722-726. Web.

  • Journal

    Nyberg, L., Mclntosh, A. R., Houle, S., Nilsson, L. and Tulving, E.

    Activation of medial temporal structures during episodic memory retrieval

    1996 - Nature

    In-text: (Nyberg et al. 715-717)

    Your Bibliography: Nyberg, L. et al. "Activation Of Medial Temporal Structures During Episodic Memory Retrieval." Nature 380.6576 (1996): 715-717. Web.

  • Journal

    Peigneux, P., Laureys, S., Fuchs, S., Collette, F., Perrin, F., Reggers, J., Phillips, C., Degueldre, C., Del Fiore, G., Aerts, J., Luxen, A. and Maquet, P.

    Are Spatial Memories Strengthened in the Human Hippocampus during Slow Wave Sleep?

    2004 - Neuron

    In-text: (Peigneux et al. 535-545)

    Your Bibliography: Peigneux, Philippe et al. "Are Spatial Memories Strengthened In The Human Hippocampus During Slow Wave Sleep?." Neuron 44.3 (2004): 535-545. Web.

  • Journal

    Race, E., Keane, M. M. and Verfaellie, M.

    Medial Temporal Lobe Damage Causes Deficits in Episodic Memory and Episodic Future Thinking Not Attributable to Deficits in Narrative Construction

    2011 - Journal of Neuroscience

    In-text: (Race, Keane and Verfaellie 10262-10269)

    Your Bibliography: Race, E., M. M. Keane, and M. Verfaellie. "Medial Temporal Lobe Damage Causes Deficits In Episodic Memory And Episodic Future Thinking Not Attributable To Deficits In Narrative Construction." Journal of Neuroscience 31.28 (2011): 10262-10269. Web.

  • Journal

    Schacter, D. L. and Dodson, C. S.

    Misattribution, false recognition and the sins of memory

    2001 - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences

    In-text: (Schacter and Dodson 1385-1393)

    Your Bibliography: Schacter, Daniel L., and Chad S. Dodson. "Misattribution, False Recognition And The Sins Of Memory." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences 356.1413 (2001): 1385-1393. Web.

  • Journal

    Tulving, E., Markowitsch, H. J., Craik, F. I. M., Habib, R. and Houle, S.

    Novelty and Familiarity Activations in PET Studies of Memory Encoding and Retrieval

    1996 - Cerebral Cortex

    In-text: (Tulving et al. 71-79)

    Your Bibliography: Tulving, E. et al. "Novelty And Familiarity Activations In PET Studies Of Memory Encoding And Retrieval." Cerebral Cortex 6.1 (1996): 71-79. Web.

  • Journal

    Tulving, E.

    Memory and consciousness.

    1985 - Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne

    In-text: (Tulving 1-12)

    Your Bibliography: Tulving, Endel. "Memory And Consciousness.." Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne 26.1 (1985): 1-12. Web.

  • Journal

    Vinogradova, O.

    Hippocampus as comparator: Role of the two input and two output systems of the hippocampus in selection and registration of information

    2001 - Hippocampus

    In-text: (Vinogradova 578-598)

    Your Bibliography: Vinogradova, O.S. "Hippocampus As Comparator: Role Of The Two Input And Two Output Systems Of The Hippocampus In Selection And Registration Of Information." Hippocampus 11.5 (2001): 578-598. Web.

  • Journal

    Wittmann, B. C., Schott, B. H., Guderian, S., Frey, J. U., Heinze, H. J. and Düzel, E.

    Reward-related fMRI activation of dopaminergic midbrain is associated with enhanced hippocampus-dependent long-term memory formation

    2005 - e-Neuroforum

    In-text: (Wittmann et al.)

    Your Bibliography: Wittmann, B. C. et al. "Reward-Related Fmri Activation Of Dopaminergic Midbrain Is Associated With Enhanced Hippocampus-Dependent Long-Term Memory Formation." e-Neuroforum 11.2 (2005): n. pag. Web.

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