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  • Journal

    An, H., Jones, G. C., Kang, S., Welk, G. J. and Lee, J.

    How valid are wearable physical activity trackers for measuring steps?

    2016 - European Journal of Sport Science

    In-text: (An et al. 360-368)

    Your Bibliography: An, Hyun-Sung et al. "How Valid Are Wearable Physical Activity Trackers For Measuring Steps?." European Journal of Sport Science 17.3 (2016): 360-368. Web.

  • Journal

    Bunn, J., Navalta, J., Fountaine, C. and Reece, J.

    Current State of Commercial Wearable Technology in Physical Activity Monitoring 2015–2017

    2018 - International Journal of Exercise Science

    In-text: (Bunn et al. 503-515)

    Your Bibliography: Bunn, Jennifer et al. "Current State Of Commercial Wearable Technology In Physical Activity Monitoring 2015–2017." International Journal of Exercise Science 11.7 (2018): 503-515. Print.

  • Journal

    CHEN, M., KUO, C., PELLEGRINI, C. A. and HSU, M.

    Accuracy of Wristband Activity Monitors during Ambulation and Activities

    2016 - Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

    In-text: (CHEN et al. 1942-1949)

    Your Bibliography: CHEN, MING-DE et al. "Accuracy Of Wristband Activity Monitors During Ambulation And Activities." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 48.10 (2016): 1942-1949. Web.

  • Journal

    de Zambotti, M., Godino, J. G., Baker, F. C., Cheung, J., Patrick, K. and Colrain, I. M.

    The Boom in Wearable Technology: Cause for Alarm or Just What is Needed to Better Understand Sleep?

    2016 - Sleep

    In-text: (de Zambotti et al. 1761-1762)

    Your Bibliography: de Zambotti, Massimiliano et al. "The Boom In Wearable Technology: Cause For Alarm Or Just What Is Needed To Better Understand Sleep?." Sleep 39.9 (2016): 1761-1762. Web.

  • Journal

    Düking, P., Fuss, F. K., Holmberg, H. and Sperlich, B.

    Recommendations for Assessment of the Reliability, Sensitivity, and Validity of Data Provided by Wearable Sensors Designed for Monitoring Physical Activity

    2018 - JMIR mHealth and uHealth

    In-text: (Düking et al. e102)

    Your Bibliography: Düking, Peter et al. "Recommendations For Assessment Of The Reliability, Sensitivity, And Validity Of Data Provided By Wearable Sensors Designed For Monitoring Physical Activity." JMIR mHealth and uHealth 6.4 (2018): e102. Web.

  • Journal


    Reliability and Validity of Ten Consumer Activity Trackers Depend on Walking Speed

    2017 - Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

    In-text: (FOKKEMA et al. 793-800)

    Your Bibliography: FOKKEMA, TRYNTSJE et al. "Reliability And Validity Of Ten Consumer Activity Trackers Depend On Walking Speed." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 49.4 (2017): 793-800. Web.

  • Journal

    Kendall, B., Bellovary, B. and Gothe, N. P.

    Validity of wearable activity monitors for tracking steps and estimating energy expenditure during a graded maximal treadmill test

    2018 - Journal of Sports Sciences

    In-text: (Kendall, Bellovary and Gothe 42-49)

    Your Bibliography: Kendall, Bradley, Bryanne Bellovary, and Neha P. Gothe. "Validity Of Wearable Activity Monitors For Tracking Steps And Estimating Energy Expenditure During A Graded Maximal Treadmill Test." Journal of Sports Sciences 37.1 (2018): 42-49. Web.

  • Journal

    Koo, S. H. and Fallon, K.

    Explorations of wearable technology for tracking self and others

    2018 - Fashion and Textiles

    In-text: (Koo and Fallon)

    Your Bibliography: Koo, Sumin Helen, and Kristopher Fallon. "Explorations Of Wearable Technology For Tracking Self And Others." Fashion and Textiles 5.1 (2018): n. pag. Web.

  • Journal


    Validity of Consumer-Based Physical Activity Monitors for Specific Activity Types

    2016 - Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

    In-text: (NELSON et al. 1619-1628)

    Your Bibliography: NELSON, M. BENJAMIN et al. "Validity Of Consumer-Based Physical Activity Monitors For Specific Activity Types." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 48.8 (2016): 1619-1628. Web.

  • Journal

    Sumboja, A., Liu, J., Zheng, W. G., Zong, Y., Zhang, H. and Liu, Z.

    Electrochemical energy storage devices for wearable technology: a rationale for materials selection and cell design

    2018 - Chemical Society Reviews

    In-text: (Sumboja et al. 5919-5945)

    Your Bibliography: Sumboja, Afriyanti et al. "Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices For Wearable Technology: A Rationale For Materials Selection And Cell Design." Chemical Society Reviews 47.15 (2018): 5919-5945. Web.

  • Journal

    Wright, R. and Keith, L.

    Wearable Technology: If the Tech Fits, Wear It

    2014 - Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries

    In-text: (Wright and Keith 204-216)

    Your Bibliography: Wright, Robin, and Latrina Keith. "Wearable Technology: If The Tech Fits, Wear It." Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries 11.4 (2014): 204-216. Web.

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