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  • Journal

    Ágoston, C., Urbán, R., Király, O., Griffiths, M. D., Rogers, P. J. and Demetrovics, Z.

    Why Do You Drink Caffeine? The Development of the Motives for Caffeine Consumption Questionnaire (MCCQ) and Its Relationship with Gender, Age and the Types of Caffeinated Beverages

    2017 - International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction

    In-text: (Ágoston et al. 981-999)

    Your Bibliography: Ágoston, Csilla et al. "Why Do You Drink Caffeine? The Development Of The Motives For Caffeine Consumption Questionnaire (MCCQ) And Its Relationship With Gender, Age And The Types Of Caffeinated Beverages." International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 16.4 (2017): 981-999. Web.

  • Journal

    Aguirre, J.

    Culture, health, gender and coffee drinking: a Costa Rican perspective

    2016 - British Food Journal

    In-text: (Aguirre 150-163)

    Your Bibliography: Aguirre, Juan. "Culture, Health, Gender And Coffee Drinking: A Costa Rican Perspective." British Food Journal 118.1 (2016): 150-163. Web.

  • Journal

    Chen, M. and Lee, C.

    The impacts of green claims on coffee consumers’ purchase intention

    2015 - British Food Journal

    In-text: (Chen and Lee 195-209)

    Your Bibliography: Chen, Mei-Fang, and Chia-Lin Lee. "The Impacts Of Green Claims On Coffee Consumers’ Purchase Intention." British Food Journal 117.1 (2015): 195-209. Web.

  • Journal

    Consonni, R., Polla, D. and Cagliani, L.

    Organic and conventional coffee differentiation by NMR spectroscopy

    2018 - Food Control

    In-text: (Consonni, Polla and Cagliani 284-288)

    Your Bibliography: Consonni, R., D. Polla, and L.R. Cagliani. "Organic And Conventional Coffee Differentiation By NMR Spectroscopy." Food Control 94 (2018): 284-288. Web.

  • Journal

    Klimas, C. A. and Webb, E.

    Comparing stated and realized preferences for shade-grown vs. conventionally grown coffee

    2017 - International Journal of Consumer Studies

    In-text: (Klimas and Webb 76-92)

    Your Bibliography: Klimas, Christie A., and Ellen Webb. "Comparing Stated And Realized Preferences For Shade-Grown Vs. Conventionally Grown Coffee." International Journal of Consumer Studies 42.1 (2017): 76-92. Web.

  • Journal

    Lea, E. and Worsley, T.

    Australians' organic food beliefs, demographics and values

    2005 - British Food Journal

    In-text: (Lea and Worsley 855-869)

    Your Bibliography: Lea, Emma, and Tony Worsley. "Australians' Organic Food Beliefs, Demographics And Values." British Food Journal 107.11 (2005): 855-869. Web.

  • Journal

    Loureiro, M. L. and Lotade, J.

    Do fair trade and eco-labels in coffee wake up the consumer conscience?

    2005 - Ecological Economics

    In-text: (Loureiro and Lotade 129-138)

    Your Bibliography: Loureiro, Maria L., and Justus Lotade. "Do Fair Trade And Eco-Labels In Coffee Wake Up The Consumer Conscience?." Ecological Economics 53.1 (2005): 129-138. Web.

  • Journal

    Magnusson, M. K., Arvola, A., Koivisto Hursti, U., Åberg, L. and Sjödén, P.

    Attitudes towards organic foods among Swedish consumers

    2001 - British Food Journal

    In-text: (Magnusson et al. 209-227)

    Your Bibliography: Magnusson, Maria K. et al. "Attitudes Towards Organic Foods Among Swedish Consumers." British Food Journal 103.3 (2001): 209-227. Web.

  • Journal

    Radman, M.

    Consumer consumption and perception of organic products in Croatia

    2005 - British Food Journal

    In-text: (Radman 263-273)

    Your Bibliography: Radman, Marija. "Consumer Consumption And Perception Of Organic Products In Croatia." British Food Journal 107.4 (2005): 263-273. Web.

  • Journal

    Samoggia, A. and Riedel, B.

    Coffee consumption and purchasing behavior review: Insights for further research

    2018 - Appetite

    In-text: (Samoggia and Riedel 70-81)

    Your Bibliography: Samoggia, Antonella, and Bettina Riedel. "Coffee Consumption And Purchasing Behavior Review: Insights For Further Research." Appetite 129 (2018): 70-81. Web.

  • Journal

    Shaw, D. and Shiu, E.

    The role of ethical obligation and self-identity in ethical consumer choice

    2002 - International Journal of Consumer Studies

    In-text: (Shaw and Shiu 109-116)

    Your Bibliography: Shaw, Deirdre, and Edward Shiu. "The Role Of Ethical Obligation And Self-Identity In Ethical Consumer Choice." International Journal of Consumer Studies 26.2 (2002): 109-116. Web.

  • Journal

    Sörqvist, P., Hedblom, D., Holmgren, M., Haga, A., Langeborg, L., Nöstl, A. and Kågström, J.

    Who Needs Cream and Sugar When There Is Eco-Labeling? Taste and Willingness to Pay for “Eco-Friendly” Coffee

    2013 - PLoS ONE

    In-text: (Sörqvist et al. e80719)

    Your Bibliography: Sörqvist, Patrik et al. "Who Needs Cream And Sugar When There Is Eco-Labeling? Taste And Willingness To Pay For “Eco-Friendly” Coffee." PLoS ONE 8.12 (2013): e80719. Web.

  • Journal

    Spinelli, S., Dinnella, C., Masi, C., Zoboli, G. P., Prescott, J. and Monteleone, E.

    Investigating preferred coffee consumption contexts using open-ended questions

    2017 - Food Quality and Preference

    In-text: (Spinelli et al. 63-73)

    Your Bibliography: Spinelli, Sara et al. "Investigating Preferred Coffee Consumption Contexts Using Open-Ended Questions." Food Quality and Preference 61 (2017): 63-73. Web.

  • Journal

    Squires, L., Juric, B. and Bettina Cornwell, T.

    Level of market development and intensity of organic food consumption: cross‐cultural study of Danish and New Zealand consumers

    2001 - Journal of Consumer Marketing

    In-text: (Squires, Juric and Bettina Cornwell 392-409)

    Your Bibliography: Squires, Lisa, Biljana Juric, and T. Bettina Cornwell. "Level Of Market Development And Intensity Of Organic Food Consumption: Cross‐Cultural Study Of Danish And New Zealand Consumers." Journal of Consumer Marketing 18.5 (2001): 392-409. Web.

  • Journal

    van der Merwe, K. and Maree, T.

    The behavioural intentions of specialty coffee consumers in South Africa

    2016 - International Journal of Consumer Studies

    In-text: (van der Merwe and Maree 501-508)

    Your Bibliography: van der Merwe, Kelsey, and Tania Maree. "The Behavioural Intentions Of Specialty Coffee Consumers In South Africa." International Journal of Consumer Studies 40.4 (2016): 501-508. Web.

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