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  • Journal

    ADLER, N. E. and STEWART, J.

    Reducing Obesity: Motivating Action While Not Blaming the Victim

    2009 - Milbank Quarterly

    In-text: (ADLER and STEWART 49-70)

    Your Bibliography: ADLER, NANCY E., and JUDITH STEWART. "Reducing Obesity: Motivating Action While Not Blaming The Victim." Milbank Quarterly 87.1 (2009): 49-70. Web.

  • Journal

    Alamar, B. and Glantz, S. A.

    Effect of Increased Social Unacceptability of Cigarette Smoking on Reduction in Cigarette Consumption

    2006 - American Journal of Public Health

    In-text: (Alamar and Glantz 1359-1363)

    Your Bibliography: Alamar, Benjamin, and Stanton A. Glantz. "Effect Of Increased Social Unacceptability Of Cigarette Smoking On Reduction In Cigarette Consumption." American Journal of Public Health 96.8 (2006): 1359-1363. Web.

  • Website

    BBC News

    Children of smokers 'risk adult disease'


    In-text: (BBC News)

    Your Bibliography: BBC News. "Children Of Smokers 'Risk Adult Disease'." BBC News. N.p., 2019. Web. 9 Nov. 2019.

  • Journal

    Doyle, S., Kelly-Schwartz, A., Schlossberg, M. and Stockard, J.

    Active Community Environments and Health: The Relationship of Walkable and Safe Communities to Individual Health

    2006 - Journal of the American Planning Association

    In-text: (Doyle et al. 19-31)

    Your Bibliography: Doyle, Scott et al. "Active Community Environments And Health: The Relationship Of Walkable And Safe Communities To Individual Health." Journal of the American Planning Association 72.1 (2006): 19-31. Web.

  • Journal

    Evans-Polce, R. J., Castaldelli-Maia, J. M., Schomerus, G. and Evans-Lacko, S. E.

    The downside of tobacco control? Smoking and self-stigma: A systematic review

    2015 - Social Science & Medicine

    In-text: (Evans-Polce et al. 26-34)

    Your Bibliography: Evans-Polce, Rebecca J. et al. "The Downside Of Tobacco Control? Smoking And Self-Stigma: A Systematic Review." Social Science & Medicine 145 (2015): 26-34. Web.

  • Journal

    Fichtenberg, C. M.

    Effect of smoke-free workplaces on smoking behaviour: systematic review

    2002 - BMJ

    In-text: (Fichtenberg 188-188)

    Your Bibliography: Fichtenberg, C. M. "Effect Of Smoke-Free Workplaces On Smoking Behaviour: Systematic Review." BMJ 325.7357 (2002): 188-188. Web.

  • Journal

    Giles-Corti, B.

    Socioeconomic Status Differences in Recreational Physical Activity Levels and Real and Perceived Access to a Supportive Physical Environment

    2002 - Preventive Medicine

    In-text: (Giles-Corti 601-611)

    Your Bibliography: Giles-Corti, B. "Socioeconomic Status Differences In Recreational Physical Activity Levels And Real And Perceived Access To A Supportive Physical Environment." Preventive Medicine 35.6 (2002): 601-611. Web.

  • Journal

    Riley, K.

    Decreasing Smoking but Increasing Stigma? Anti-tobacco Campaigns, Public Health, and Cancer Care

    2017 - AMA Journal of Ethics

    In-text: (Riley 475-485)

    Your Bibliography: Riley, Kristen. "Decreasing Smoking But Increasing Stigma? Anti-Tobacco Campaigns, Public Health, And Cancer Care." AMA Journal of Ethics 19.5 (2017): 475-485. Web.

  • Journal

    Rosenstock, I. M.

    The Health Belief Model and Preventive Health Behavior

    1974 - Health Education Monographs

    In-text: (Rosenstock 354-386)

    Your Bibliography: Rosenstock, Irwin M. "The Health Belief Model And Preventive Health Behavior." Health Education Monographs 2.4 (1974): 354-386. Web.

  • Journal

    Stuber, J. and Galea, S.

    Who conceals their smoking status from their health care provider?

    2009 - Nicotine & Tobacco Research

    In-text: (Stuber and Galea 303-307)

    Your Bibliography: Stuber, Jennifer, and Sandro Galea. "Who Conceals Their Smoking Status From Their Health Care Provider?." Nicotine & Tobacco Research 11.3 (2009): 303-307. Web.

  • Journal

    Thompson, L., Pearce, J. and Barnett, J. R.

    Moralising geographies: stigma, smoking islands and responsible subjects

    2007 - Area

    In-text: (Thompson, Pearce and Barnett 508-517)

    Your Bibliography: Thompson, Lee, Jamie Pearce, and J Ross Barnett. "Moralising Geographies: Stigma, Smoking Islands And Responsible Subjects." Area 39.4 (2007): 508-517. Web.

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