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  • Journal

    Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., Bunn, H., Mabulla, A., Baquedano, E., Uribelarrea, D., Pérez-González, A., Gidna, A., Yravedra, J., Diez-Martin, F., Egeland, C., Barba, R., Arriaza, M., Organista, E. and Ansón, M.

    On meat eating and human evolution: A taphonomic analysis of BK4b (Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania), and its bearing on hominin megafaunal consumption

    2014 - Quaternary International

    In-text: (Domínguez-Rodrigo et al. 129-152)

    Your Bibliography: Domínguez-Rodrigo, M. et al. "On Meat Eating And Human Evolution: A Taphonomic Analysis Of Bk4b (Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania), And Its Bearing On Hominin Megafaunal Consumption." Quaternary International 322-323 (2014): 129-152. Web.

  • Journal

    Finch, C. and Stanford, C.

    Meat‐Adaptive Genes and the Evolution of Slower Aging in Humans

    2004 - The Quarterly Review of Biology

    In-text: (Finch and Stanford 3-50)

    Your Bibliography: Finch, Caleb E, and Craig B Stanford. "Meat‐Adaptive Genes And The Evolution Of Slower Aging In Humans." The Quarterly Review of Biology 79.1 (2004): 3-50. Web.

  • Journal

    Gross, M.

    How our diet changed our evolution

    2017 - Current Biology

    In-text: (Gross R731-R733)

    Your Bibliography: Gross, Michael. "How Our Diet Changed Our Evolution." Current Biology 27.15 (2017): R731-R733. Web.

  • Journal

    Hardus, M. E., Lameira, A. R., Zulfa, A., Atmoko, S. S. U., de Vries, H. and Wich, S. A.

    Behavioral, Ecological, and Evolutionary Aspects of Meat-Eating by Sumatran Orangutans (Pongo abelii)

    2012 - International Journal of Primatology

    In-text: (Hardus et al. 287-304)

    Your Bibliography: Hardus, Madeleine E. et al. "Behavioral, Ecological, And Evolutionary Aspects Of Meat-Eating By Sumatran Orangutans (Pongo Abelii)." International Journal of Primatology 33.2 (2012): 287-304. Web.

  • Journal

    Hardy, K., Brand-Miller, J., Brown, K. D., Thomas, M. G. and Copeland, L.

    The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution

    2015 - The Quarterly Review of Biology

    In-text: (Hardy et al. 251-268)

    Your Bibliography: Hardy, Karen et al. "The Importance Of Dietary Carbohydrate In Human Evolution." The Quarterly Review of Biology 90.3 (2015): 251-268. Web.

  • Journal

    Leroy, F. and Praet, I.

    Meat traditions. The co-evolution of humans and meat

    2015 - Appetite

    In-text: (Leroy and Praet 200-211)

    Your Bibliography: Leroy, Frédéric, and Istvan Praet. "Meat Traditions. The Co-Evolution Of Humans And Meat." Appetite 90 (2015): 200-211. Web.

  • Journal

    Mann, N.

    Human evolution and diet: a modern conundrum of health versus meat consumption, or is it?

    2013 - Animal Production Science

    In-text: (Mann 1135)

    Your Bibliography: Mann, N. "Human Evolution And Diet: A Modern Conundrum Of Health Versus Meat Consumption, Or Is It?." Animal Production Science 53.11 (2013): 1135. Web.

  • Journal

    Milton, K.

    A hypothesis to explain the role of meat‐eating in human evolution

    1999 - Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews

    In-text: (Milton 11-21)

    Your Bibliography: Milton, Katharine. "A Hypothesis To Explain The Role Of Meat‐Eating In Human Evolution." Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews 8.1 (1999): 11-21. Web.

  • Journal

    Milton, K.

    The Critical Role Played by Animal Source Foods in Human (Homo) Evolution

    2003 - The Journal of Nutrition

    In-text: (Milton 3886S-3892S)

    Your Bibliography: Milton, Katharine. "The Critical Role Played By Animal Source Foods In Human (Homo) Evolution." The Journal of Nutrition 133.11 (2003): 3886S-3892S. Web.

  • Journal

    Navarrete, A., van Schaik, C. P. and Isler, K.

    Energetics and the evolution of human brain size

    2011 - Nature

    In-text: (Navarrete, van Schaik and Isler 91-93)

    Your Bibliography: Navarrete, Ana, Carel P. van Schaik, and Karin Isler. "Energetics And The Evolution Of Human Brain Size." Nature 480.7375 (2011): 91-93. Web.

  • Journal

    Smil, V.

    Eating Meat: Evolution, Patterns, and Consequences

    2002 - Population and Development Review

    In-text: (Smil 599-639)

    Your Bibliography: Smil, Vaclav. "Eating Meat: Evolution, Patterns, And Consequences." Population and Development Review 28.4 (2002): 599-639. Web.

  • Journal

    Stiner, M. C., Barkai, R. and Gopher, A.

    Cooperative hunting and meat sharing 400-200 kya at Qesem Cave, Israel

    2009 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

    In-text: (Stiner, Barkai and Gopher 13207-13212)

    Your Bibliography: Stiner, M. C., R. Barkai, and A. Gopher. "Cooperative Hunting And Meat Sharing 400-200 Kya At Qesem Cave, Israel." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106.32 (2009): 13207-13212. Web.

  • Journal

    Zink, K. D. and Lieberman, D. E.

    Impact of meat and Lower Palaeolithic food processing techniques on chewing in humans

    2016 - Nature

    In-text: (Zink and Lieberman 500-503)

    Your Bibliography: Zink, Katherine D., and Daniel E. Lieberman. "Impact Of Meat And Lower Palaeolithic Food Processing Techniques On Chewing In Humans." Nature 531.7595 (2016): 500-503. Web.

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