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  • Journal

    Beardsworth, A., Bryman, A., Keil, T., Goode, J., Haslam, C. and Lancashire, E.

    Women, men and food: the significance of gender for nutritional attitudes and choices

    2002 - British Food Journal

    In-text: (Beardsworth et al. 470-491)

    Your Bibliography: Beardsworth, Alan et al. "Women, Men And Food: The Significance Of Gender For Nutritional Attitudes And Choices." British Food Journal 104.7 (2002): 470-491. Web.

  • Book

    Edwards, A. and Talbot, R.

    The Hard-pressed Researcher: A Research Handbook for the Caring Professions

    1999 - Longman - London

    In-text: (Edwards and Talbot 88)

    Your Bibliography: Edwards, Anne, and Robin Talbot. The Hard-Pressed Researcher: A Research Handbook For The Caring Professions. 2nd ed. London: Longman, 1999. Print.

  • Journal

    Furst, T., Connors, M., Bisogni, C. A., Sobal, J. and Falk, L. W.

    Food Choice: A Conceptual Model of the Process

    1996 - Appetite

    In-text: (Furst et al. 247-266)

    Your Bibliography: Furst, TANIS et al. "Food Choice: A Conceptual Model Of The Process." Appetite 26.3 (1996): 247-266. Web.

  • Journal

    Hassan, L. M., Shiu, E. M. K. and Michaelidou, N.

    The Influence of Nutrition Information on Choice: The Roles of Temptation, Conflict and Self-Control

    2010 - Journal of Consumer Affairs

    In-text: (Hassan, Shiu and Michaelidou 499-515)

    Your Bibliography: Hassan, LOUISE M., EDWARD M. K. Shiu, and NINA Michaelidou. "The Influence Of Nutrition Information On Choice: The Roles Of Temptation, Conflict And Self-Control." Journal of Consumer Affairs 44.3 (2010): 499-515. Web.

  • Journal

    Pollard, T. M., Steptoe, A. and Wardle, J.

    Motives Underlying Healthy Eating: Using the Food Choice Questionnaire to Explain Variation in Dietary Intake

    1998 - Journal of Biosocial Science

    In-text: (Pollard, Steptoe and Wardle 165-179)

    Your Bibliography: Pollard, TESSA M., ANDREW Steptoe, and JANE Wardle. "Motives Underlying Healthy Eating: Using The Food Choice Questionnaire To Explain Variation In Dietary Intake." Journal of Biosocial Science 30.2 (1998): 165-179. Web.

  • Book

    Shepherd, R. and Raats, M.

    The Psychology of Food Choice

    2006 - CABI - Wallingford

    In-text: (Shepherd and Raats)

    Your Bibliography: Shepherd, R, and M Raats. The Psychology Of Food Choice. Wallingford: CABI, 2006. Print.

  • Journal

    Shepherd, R.

    Social determinants of food choice

    1999 - Proc. Nutr. Soc.

    In-text: (Shepherd 807-812)

    Your Bibliography: Shepherd, Richard. "Social Determinants Of Food Choice." Proc. Nutr. Soc. 58.04 (1999): 807-812. Web.

  • Journal

    Steptoe, A., Pollard, T. M. and Wardle, J.

    Development of a Measure of the Motives Underlying the Selection of Food: the Food Choice Questionnaire

    1995 - Appetite

    In-text: (Steptoe, Pollard and Wardle 267-284)

    Your Bibliography: Steptoe, ANDREW, TESSA M. Pollard, and JANE Wardle. "Development Of A Measure Of The Motives Underlying The Selection Of Food: The Food Choice Questionnaire." Appetite 25.3 (1995): 267-284. Web.

  • Journal

    Stroebele, N. and De Castro, J. M.

    Effect of Ambience on Food Intake and Food Choice

    2004 - Nutrition

    In-text: (Stroebele and De Castro 821-838)

    Your Bibliography: Stroebele, Nanette, and John M. De Castro. "Effect Of Ambience On Food Intake And Food Choice." Nutrition 20.9 (2004): 821-838. Web.

  • Journal

    Wardle, J., Haase, A. M., Steptoe, A., Nillapun, M., Jonwutiwes, K. and Bellisie, F.

    Gender Differences in Food Choice: The Contribution of Health Beliefs and Dieting

    2004 - Annals of Behavioral Medicine

    In-text: (Wardle et al. 107-116)

    Your Bibliography: Wardle, Jane et al. "Gender Differences In Food Choice: The Contribution Of Health Beliefs And Dieting." Annals of Behavioral Medicine 27.2 (2004): 107-116. Web.

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