These are the sources and citations used to research Cultural Identity of children with parents who are first generation Indian immigrants in England. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

  • Journal

    Benet-Martinez, V., Leu, J., Lee, F. and Morris, M. W.

    Negotiating Biculturalism: Cultural Frame Switching in Biculturals with Oppositional Versus Compatible Cultural Identities

    2002 - Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

    In-text: (Benet-Martinez et al. 492-516)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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    In-text: (Berry 5-34)

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Bradley)

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Bryman)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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    In-text: (de Domanico, Crawford and De Wolfe 197-206)

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  • Journal

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  • Book

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    In-text: (Fisher)

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  • Journal

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  • Journal

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  • Book

    Kvale, S.


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    In-text: (Kvale)

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  • Book

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  • Website

    Office for National Statistics

    Ethnicity and National Identity in England and Wales 2011


    In-text: (Office for National Statistics)

    Your Bibliography: Office for National Statistics. "Ethnicity And National Identity In England And Wales 2011." Office for National Statistics. N.p., 2012. Web. 7 Dec. 2014.

  • Chapter of an ed. book

    Peltz, R.

    Children of Jewish Immigrants Return to Their First Language

    1991 - John Benjamins Publishing - Amsterdam

    In-text: (Peltz 183-206)

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  • Journal

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    In-text: (Phinney and Devich-Navarro 3-32)

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  • Journal

    Stonequist, E. V.

    The Problem of the Marginal Man

    1935 - American Journal of Sociology

    In-text: (Stonequist 1)

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  • Journal

    Stroink, M. L. and Lalonde, R. N.

    Bicultural Identity Conflict in Second-Generation Asian Canadians

    2009 - The Journal of Social Psychology

    In-text: (Stroink and Lalonde 44-65)

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  • Journal

    Sung, B. L.

    Bicultural Conflicts in Chinese Immigrant Children

    1985 - Journal of Comparative Family Studies

    In-text: (Sung 255-269)

    Your Bibliography: Sung, Betty Lee. "Bicultural Conflicts In Chinese Immigrant Children." Journal of Comparative Family Studies 16.2 (1985): 255-269. Print.

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