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  • Journal

    Barker, M. L., Mathieson, A. and Wall, G.

    Tourism: Economic, Physical and Social Impacts

    1983 - Geographical Review

    In-text: (Barker, Mathieson and Wall 466)

    Your Bibliography: Barker, Mary L., Alister Mathieson, and Geoffrey Wall. "Tourism: Economic, Physical And Social Impacts." Geographical Review 73.4 (1983): 466. Web.

  • Journal

    Cheong, S. and Miller, M. L.

    Power and tourism

    2000 - Annals of Tourism Research

    In-text: (Cheong and Miller 371-390)

    Your Bibliography: Cheong, So-Min, and Marc L. Miller. "Power And Tourism." Annals of Tourism Research 27.2 (2000): 371-390. Web. 23 Sept. 2019.

  • Journal

    Cohen, E.

    Authenticity and commoditization in tourism

    1988 - Annals of Tourism Research

    In-text: (Cohen 371-386)

    Your Bibliography: Cohen, Erik. "Authenticity And Commoditization In Tourism." Annals of Tourism Research 15.3 (1988): 371-386. Web.

  • Journal

    Cohen, E.

    Backpacking: Diversity and Change

    2003 - Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

    In-text: (Cohen 95-110)

    Your Bibliography: Cohen, Erik. "Backpacking: Diversity And Change." Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change 1.2 (2003): 95-110. Web.

  • Journal

    Cohen, E.

    The Permutations of Thailand’s “Floating Markets”

    2016 - Asian Journal of Tourism Research

    In-text: (Cohen 59-80)

    Your Bibliography: Cohen, Erik. "The Permutations Of Thailand’S “Floating Markets”." Asian Journal of Tourism Research 1.1 (2016): 59-80. Web.

  • Book

    Cole, S. and Morgan, N.

    Tourism and inequality

    2010 - CABI - Wallingford, Oxfordshire

    In-text: (Cole and Morgan 62-127)

    Your Bibliography: Cole, Stroma, and Nigel Morgan. Tourism And Inequality. Wallingford, Oxfordshire: CABI, 2010. Print.

  • Book

    Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

    International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008

    2017 - United Nations

    In-text: (Department of Economic and Social Affairs.)

    Your Bibliography: Department of Economic and Social Affairs. International Recommendations For Tourism Statistics 2008. United Nations, 2017. Print.

  • Book

    Eriksen, T. H.


    2007 - Berg - Oxford

    In-text: (Eriksen 91-105)

    Your Bibliography: Eriksen, Thomas Hylland. Globalization. Oxford: Berg, 2007. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Kruczek, Z.

    Exotic Cultural Tourism (trends, tour operators, participants)

    2011 - Tłumaczenia artykułów - Poland

    In-text: (Kruczek 79)

    Your Bibliography: Kruczek, Zygmunt. Exotic Cultural Tourism (Trends, Tour Operators, Participants). 2nd ed. Poland: Tłumaczenia artykułów, 2011. Web. 23 Sept. 2019.

  • Book

    Mikos von Rohrscheidt, A.

    Turystyka kulturowa

    2016 - - Poznań

    In-text: (Mikos von Rohrscheidt)

    Your Bibliography: Mikos von Rohrscheidt, Armin. Turystyka Kulturowa. 1st ed. Poznań:, 2016. Print.

  • Website


    Global travel and tourism industry - Statistics & Facts

    2018 - Statista Research Department

    In-text: (Statista)

    Your Bibliography: Statista. "Global Travel And Tourism Industry - Statistics & Facts." Statista. N.p., 2018. Web. 23 Sept. 2019.

  • Journal

    URRY, J.

    The Tourist Gaze “Revisited”

    1992 - American Behavioral Scientist

    In-text: (URRY 172-186)

    Your Bibliography: URRY, JOHN. "The Tourist Gaze “Revisited”." American Behavioral Scientist 36.2 (1992): 172-186. Web.

  • Book

    Wahab, S. and Pigram, J. J. J.

    Tourism, development and growth

    1997 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Wahab and Pigram)

    Your Bibliography: Wahab, Salah, and J. J. J Pigram. Tourism, Development And Growth. London: Routledge, 1997. Print.

  • Book

    Williams, S.


    2004 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Williams 102)

    Your Bibliography: Williams, Stephen. Tourism. 1st ed. London: Routledge, 2004. Print.

  • E-book or PDF

    Yasumura, K.

    Ethnic Tourism and the Problem of Social Inequalities in Mass Tourism

    2012 - Nara Prefectural University - Nara

    In-text: (Yasumura 1-3)

    Your Bibliography: Yasumura, Katsumi. Ethnic Tourism And The Problem Of Social Inequalities In Mass Tourism. 1st ed. Nara: Nara Prefectural University, 2012. Web. 23 Sept. 2019.

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